Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ye Olde Mill

Today the I took the Littles to the Velvet Ice Cream Ice Cream Mill.   Wonderful ice cream.......not sure if it is sold outside of Ohio.  First Goose and C. had to play on the gym set......It was 90 here today.  We could have done this in the back yard.  Next I did get them to pose for pictures. Then inside for ice cream.  Can you believe that I didn't take a picture of that.  Both Littles had to potty.  I told them that the potty was outside.  Not a porta potty but in a separate building.  Goose said, "Do I have to squat."  LOL  Then back inside to the museum part and gift shop.  Don't you love the tea towel.  There was a goose sitting on her eggs.  She had a bunch of them.  (Ooops, I lost some pictures)  It was a fun day abut I think the kids liked the gym set the best.

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Debby your such a sweetheart for checking on me and leaving me get well wishes. I hated reading the part about your son and his ordeal with his kidneys and pain killers. Does he still have a lot of pain.
Yes in answering your question on the comment. They do think it is just time and more rest is what I need. Honestly I never thought I would ever get tired of resting
While here I caught up on a couple of your post and so very sorry to read about your young student passing away in the car accident and you hearing the siren. How sad for you and his family. What a shame 17 years old.
This post is great at the ice cream shoppe with your grandbabies. Love those days and looking forward to being able to do that again one day.
You should consider doing a Blogazine story for me sometime. Everyone would love to read your story