Sunday, May 30, 2010

A special thanks to all that have and will serve our Country and their families.

I wonder why people say "Happy Memorial Day."  I believe it is more of a day of thanks than of celebration.  Those families that have lost their loved ones don't feel like celebrating.  I know when our son was serving in the Middle East for two years, our lives felt like they were on hold.  While we were so proud of him we were so fearful. 
One day we were eating out.  A group of National Guard members were in the same restaurant .  My husband told the waitress that he wanted to pick up their tab.  She came back to our table and said she was sorry someone else had already asked to do the same BUT the restaurant wanted to pick up our tab.  My husband began to cry.  I explained to the waitress about our son being overseas.  Our son returned safely.  He continues to protect our Country in a different way now.  My heart goes out to those that their loved ones didn't return.  I pray that we will be able to bring our sons and daughters home in the near future.
Again.......Thank You!


Sherri B. said...

Thank you for the service that your family gave for all of us when your son was so far away. May god bless you.

Sherri B. said...

Ooops. May GOD bless you.

Cornflake said...

Hi Debby, thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you're having a very thankful and proud Memorial Day! :-)

GRAMS said...

That is such a wonderful story. I have two sons who are in the military. One spend 15 months in Afghanistan. We live right by Hill Air force Base so we have lots of military around everywhere. Maybe I'll try paying for their meal next time. That's a great idea

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said. I am glad you son was returned safely to you. The other Debby w/ a "y" ~ Don't come across that spelling to much! xo

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wonderful story Debby and glad you shared this with us.
I have a surprise for you over at my site