Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Clouds are parting and some good news

Yeah, my DIL is coming home from the "hostable" (quote from Goose).  Finally ruled out MRSA , cellulitis instead.  Hubby said she isn't even chubby.  Sorry, honey but that's a totally different thing.  Why do some things have such similar names.  It's like the cancer I had was liposarcomas.... nothing like a lipoma.  Geez, our English language is confusing.
Humpty Dumpty, son with the head injury, is grumpy big time.  Hubby is going to check on him today.  I decided that was a perfect name for him.  He has cracked his head way too many times.  Luckily all the kings horses and men have fixed him up for the most part.
The girls got to go to the "hostable" to see their Mama, they love her so much, but Daddy said it wasn't the greatest of ideas. My clown friend and my best friend, same person, works at the ER.  She is their adopted Grammy and they got to go visit her.  (Her clown name is Holly Bell)   Daddy and the girls slept at their house last night.  Grammy and Grampy went to the steakhouse for a dinner out.  I was exhausted last night.  Turned on the A/C for the first time and SLEPT.
Okay, my spell check is not my friend today....sorry, I am probably not making sense anyway. Thanks everyone for your prayers, kind thoughts and wishes.

Our village is mourning the loss of  Auston.  There was a huge number 32 painted on the field at the high school.  Also a sign on the fence.  I have to drive past the site of the accident every day.  My son asked if I wanted to go to calling hours.  I have decided I just want to remember Auston as my favorite toddler.  I am gathering pictures of him that I had saved and will make a little book for his Mama.  Please remind your young drivers to wear their seat belts.


B said...

Again, I'm sorry Debby. I hope you find some comfort and fond memories when you are able to gather your pictures together of Austin. I hope your heart heals soon.

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I remember when my oldest daughter (now 35) was a teen, she didn't want to wear her seat belt. Fussed with her over it all the time. Now she has two young ones, and she can't imagine how silly she was being so stubborn over something that could save her life.

Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com said...

I'm glad things for you family are looking up. We're continuing to keep Austin's family and you in our prayers.
I was in an accident in high school and my best friend in the passenger seat wasn't wearing a seat belt. She was hurt but not seriously - but I am still vigilant about it today. So scary.

Cindy said...

Praise the Lord!! I will keep her in our prayers still.And your son! And of course my new clown friend..who makes others smile..she needs a smile too!!

Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

John said...

We should try and be positive always, especially in difficult situations. MRSA is a very serious infection and is much harder to heal than cellulitis. Try to think positive and everything will pass, you'll see ..