Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Girl Story

When I was a little girl........2 and a Mother bought me some new panties.  Actually 7 pairs of panties.  They each had a day of the week printed on them.  So cool, I know.  Well I put them on.  Them meaning every single one of them....7.  One on top of another.......I had nothing else on but those 7 pair of panties.  I then decided to walk (alone) down the street to the grain elevator.  That was probably two football fields in length including crossing the rail road track.  I lived out in the boonies but near a teeny town.  This road was somewhat busy.  Now I doubt my mother had ever taken me there.  Not her kind of place as she is still pretty prissy.  All the farmers hung out there.  Nice old men.  They sat in the office and drank coke from a bottles and only a nickel.  Can you imagine when little ole me walked in with my just my "days of the weeks" on.  Someone called my mother and asked her if she was missing someone.  She came to get she was embarased.
Are you wondering why she didn't know where I was........yeah, me too.  When I was little I was always playing alone and did some really silly things.  We watch our kids so closely these days.  It's a wonder all of us "back in the old days" girls ever made it to be Grammies.


Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Wow, wish I had memories like this. Or someone telling me stories about when I was that age. It is a wonder she let you out of her sight that way. Yet, you were lucky to have made it to those old men.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

LOL! I had some of those panties too. When I was really small about three me and my cousins wore just those heavy white panties around all summer long. We lived in the sticks and ran bare foot and almost all bare. Your Mama would have been embarrassed to see us too.It was another age and time I guess. ;-)

B said...

What a cute story Debby! Thanks for the smile today. :)