Monday, May 11, 2015

Week-end Recap

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle a showing and a garage sale and Mothers Day all in the same time frame.  But as usual things happen and you get what you need done and then you rest.
We had the showing.  It is hard to get ready for a garage sale and keep your house clean and not cluttered.  I managed.  The dogs and I went on our usual ride.  I'm pretty sure they came.  We didn't get back before the left.  No reviews or card left.  I could tell a couple of doors were different.  Isn't it strange that they don't leave their business cards.  Meanwhile more houses are coming on the market.  Our pastor's house is a new listing.  There is no rhyme or reason to pricing.  I thought it would be around $160.  It's $279, 000.  It's a cape cod with one bedroom and a loft.  Stairs going into the front door, and the garage is underneath the house, so lots of steps.  But it is what it is and what happens happens. 
Now, the garage sale.  It was a community sale .  The downtown village had all kinds of sales.  They were so busy that the streets were jammed up.  People would venture out our way at the end, tired and done shopping.  We really didn't have any big items or furniture.  We sold at total of $32.  Yep.  And twenty went to register the sale.  It's all right, really.  Once things were in the garage I didn't have to do much.  We gave away a whole bunch of things like we did last year.  So we weren't even disappointed. 
Yesterday was a busy day.  Our son and his family took us to brunch at our favorite Mexican place in the village.  We know the owners.  The chef is from Mexico so you can imagine how good the food was.  My grandson scarfed down his pancakes with his eyes shut and saying mmmmmm, the whole time.  I took a tiny bite and oh my they were good.
Next we took off for the almost 2 hour drive to see our mothers.  Hubby dropped me off at mine and went to see his mother at the nursing home.  She sleeps most of the time and doesn't seem to know anyone.  My mother had fixed a picnic for us.  We were going to take her out to eat.  It was good that we didn't have to go anywhere to wait in line.  We also stopped to see Hubby's sister and husband.  It was good to visit for a few minutes.  We always have to worry to get back to our doggies, esp. when one isn't well.
I got to face time with my daughter in Colorado.  (It was cold and snowy there yesterday)
Our youngest had gone to see his birth mother on his birthday through Mothers Day.  How did I feel about that very mixed emotions.  I know that she can't help how she is, but still it was a weird feeling.  Well, he called yesterday to come home a day early.  He couldn't take it anymore.  So after my husband had driven the 4 hours to see our moms, he had to drive another 2 hours to bring him back.  This all happened the first time he went to see her.
Then when Hubby finally got home, I had to leave.  I spent the night at our other son's house.  He and his wife left around 5 a.m. to go to Cleveland Clinic.  They will be there a couple of days.  Hoping to get answers to the medical issues that my DIL had while in the ICU.  She is doing okay but needs some answers.  I got the girls off to school and will be there when they get off the bus.  Then I will take them to my other son's for them to spend the night.
Do I have you confused yet.  Now I am headed to the doctor for a med check. 
Besides brunch my daughter gave me these beautiful flowers and I got a spa card from my other son.  I got my mother a Shirley Temple doll.  She had saved her doll from childhood.  My brother destroyed it when he was a toddler.  She said it was her only doll growing up.  Yesterday she said that she can remember going to see "On a good ship lollypop" at the theater that has recently being restored.  It's beautiful.  Then sides of the theater look like the streets of Holland at night.  House and lights and the street.....amazing.  She said they sat on the floor in the front of the theater.  She said she will never forget it.  She thought her gift was a bottle of wine hah, not a doll.

I tried to crop out her TV.  Not sure what was on it, hah.  Yes, that is her hair and her little dog.
Off to the doctor.  Hate going to the doctor when I am well.  Toodles


Julia said...

Your mom looks fantastic and she had a cute little dog.

You had a busy Mother's day. Garage sales are not as profitable as they were once now with all the thrift stores that pops up everywhere and people have way too much stuff. I stopped having garage sales and just give my unwanted stiff to Charitable organizations.

Sure wish your house would sell now.


Simple and serene living Laura Walker said...

My goodness, you really were busy. Sorry that your garage sell didn't do better. xo Laura

Miss Merry said...

Your flowers are beautiful! And your gift for your mom is so special. I bet she loved it. The good thing about the garage sale is that you were able to separate and sort some stuff you wanted to get rid of. A lot for $12 net, but the stuff is gone and that is a good thing. Every year I swear I am leaving town and hiding for Mother's Day. My weekend started at 6 a.m. Saturday with an emergency run to Walmart. Only one of my 7 grandkids went to the ER -so I guess this year had more pluses than minuses. Accommodating elderly, in laws, children and grandchildren as well as functions at church and with friends made my weekend ALMOST as frantic as yours. If I had to keep my house clean - well, that would have been impossible!!!! Hopefully May Flowers will bring some green cash from a buyer!!!!


I think the day at the spa is the perfect gift and to use it right away!!
Hoping things will slow down soon for you.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your mom is precious. I'm sure she just loved her Shirley Temple doll. You are such a thoughtful daughter.

Prayers for your DIL and the continued real estate drama!

Susie said...

Debby, Do you ever feel like you could use a rest after some holidays? I sure do. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Linda said...

YUP! I am confused but I am a new reader so I shall do my part and go back to past posts to figure things out! Somehow I feel that ALL of us have complicated and confusing lives. And still we have such glorious times!
Still praying for your home to sell....

Edna B said...

My goodness, you had a super busy and rewarding Mother's Day. I'll bet your mom was thrilled with her new doll.

My hubby and I used to love going yard saling every weekend. I don't do it much any more, but it was a lot of fun.

Our weather is super, and now that I'm getting better, I'm hoping to get out and about soon. Our cherry tree is covered with beautiful pink blossoms, and oh so pretty.

I hope your check up is a good one. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna b.

Mereknits said...

You are so busy taking care of everyone you have my head spinning. You are a blessing to your entire family.
Happy Mother's Day and the doll was a great idea for your Mom.

Marissa said...

Loved the doll you gave to your mom.. You are such a blessing to so many..
You deserve a Gold metal..

vivian said...

Your mom is lovely Deb. Im sure she loved the doll. what a sweet gift. I wish my mom wasnt so far away.
too bad I hate traveling. I sure could use a vacation! lol!
have a great day my friend

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

That was some busy weekend! :) How nice that you got to spend time with all of your family and your beautiful mom :)