Monday, August 11, 2014

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The winner of my destash giveaway with lots of cardmaking and scrapbooking supplies IS............. Diana of Welcome to Lavendar Dreams. We share a lot of the same interests in Golden Books, Pat C.'s beautiful dolls, bears, etc.  I know that she makes cards so this will be a perfect winner.  If I had money for postage all of you that entered would get a big box of goodies.
Now when I originally stated the rules, I said that everyone commenting in July would be entered.  But as usual, I changed the rules.  I can do that, right?  Well, I thought the July commenters deserved their own giveaway.  You were all there for me when I was worried sick that my cancer had returned with positive thoughts, prayers and hugs.  My blog was my sounding board and you were there to listen and take the time to leave a comment.  So thank you all.  My Hubby helped fold all the names and he drew the name.  And the winner of this giveaway is Shirley from Shirley Stitches.  What will she receive.  I have no idea, yet.  I thought I would customize something special for who's name was drawn.  Let me tell you about Shirley.  She is a special lady indeed.  She is a devoted wife to her husband of many years.  He is in a nursing home.  Shirley visits almost every day and has a time dealing with all the issues that come with insurance and staff.  I can just see a smile across her hubby's face everytime she is there. 
Shirley never complains.  I have never know her to want something as far as material items.  She loves needlework, her family and esp. that hubby and her grandsons.  She always signs her comments as "your friend in Missouri".  This will be hard coming up with her gift.  I wish I could shower her with something just for her to make her know how special she is.  I am open for suggestions.
Well, that's about it for today.  I am watching the View as they say good-bye to Sherri.  I don't know who's decision that was but they are making a big mistake.  She is such a sweet person and so funny.  I also liked Jenny.  Not before the View but while she was on the View.  Sometimes the networks loose ratings and the first thing they do is get rid of someone.  This time I think they will be sorry that they let these ladies go.
Just my opinion and I have a lot of opinions, hah.
Have a great start to this new week.
(oh, this is my new Mary E book about friendship.  I took the pictures with my Kinde and it is hard to line up pictures without a view finder)


Edna B said...

Congrats to the winners. Your friend Shirley sounds like a lovely lady. I'm sure that anything you make for her will be oh so appreciated.

Were you lucky enough to see that gorgeous moon last night? It was awesome. Pogo and I went to the ocean and watched it rise up over the water. There was quite a bit of mist over the water, but I was lucky to be able to get some good photos. (at least, they are good to me.)

Now I'm off to rustle up some lunch for my little guy. You have a wonderful day. Hugs Edna B.

ImSoVintage Laura Walker said...

Congrats to the winners. Have a wonderful day. my friend. xo Laura

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am so thrilled! I'm in "ecstacy"! heehee! (you'll be the only one to get this joke, Debby!) But I really am so blessed to win all of these wonderful supplies to use and enjoy! It comes at the perfect time, too! I'm not sewing right now so I can be working on cards and all. Congrats to Shirley, too! You are so sweet and generous my friend! Lots of hugs, Diane

Susie said...

Debby, Your two winners are two of my favorites too.LOL. Love those ladies. We sure have made some great friends blogging. :):) Wishing you a great day. We finally got a bit more rain this afternoon. xoxo,Susie

genie said...

I adore the ME books. This is a special one. Am back in the land of the living, but it is a continuing struggle. This is my first post in 3 months. Was babysitting Eloise this weeks and they are all fine. Gene has gained gobs of weight which is very good. They are leaving for Seattle to see his brother and family for a week. They gave them the tickets. Now, that is real brotherly love. Love ya, g

Julia said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners and I'm sure that you have made Shirley's day with this giveaway.

Have a great weekHugs,

PatC - All is Bright said...

Congrats to the winners! Yea, Diane - just something else to keep you busy.

You are so sweet to mention loving my dolls In fact you are one sweet doll yourself.

Take care

Sweet hugs

Shirley said...

Debby, You made my day so very special for me. I love anything that my friends make for me. You can call my winning an early birthday present because the 19th will be my special day. I am not hard to please, just knowing getting something special from a special friend makes me happy so surprise me. You truly are special with all of the ups and downs that we have been through in our lives. We pray for one and another which I am sure that helps us get through the hard times as well as the good. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Congrats to Diana & Shirley! What a fun giveaway. We are all so glad you are doing well Debbie! :)

Nancy Reinke said...

Congratulations to Diane on winning the card makingsupplies. I just recently started following her blog and she sure is a sweet person. I'm sorry you had a cancer scare, Debby. I've been out of touch for awhile, and didn't know. I'm glad you're doing well. Hugs, Nancy P.S. Thanks for the sweet comment you left on Emma's Quilt.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope you've had a good week my friend! I'm showing off my goodies today on my blog! Hope you can stop by for a visit! Sweet hugs, Diane

Relyn Lawson said...

Hey, you. YOu've got a lucky winner, too. Thank you for participating at the giveaway over at my blog. Grace Gal won my give away, but I loved reading all the comments. Thanks for playing along.