Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday, Monday

Good day my friends.  Can you tell that I am struggling with my banner.  I will get it right one of these times

How was your week-end.
Last night Hubby said he didn't feel we had a week-end.  It rained, poured, Saturday.  I managed a last minute trip to the farmers market to get flowers for our open house that was held yesterday.  I can never find a parking place close by.  It was 5 minutes til closing so I made my own parking place.  Well, it was kinda like one just not marked.  It was really close to the flower stand so I parked and walked quickly to the sunflowers that I spied.  I parked my little self in front of the flowers so no one else would barge in and get them before me.  The flower guy was so sweet.  He bundled up about 10 of them and some filling and wrapped it all in twine and tissue paper.  I also spied this little blue mason jar (yes, I can use another one) with these beautiful flowers.  I asked how much and the flower lady said $8.  Sold.  So I got all the flowers for $15.  I split them up and ended up with 3 arrangements and two teeny vases.  I just love having the flowers in our house.
The rest of Saturday was working to get ready for the open house.  Even though things are ready to go, it still takes forever to polish and shine everything just right.
We finished the last minute things on Sunday and went to church.  We got home a little before the open house was to start so we did more things.  The realtor arrived.  We decided on an incentive of $$$$$$ at closing to a buyer.  Off we went.  Moi in one car with the little doggy and Hubby in the other car with the bigger doggy.  The one that rides well but wants out immediately when you apply the brakes.  Hubby goes to McD's for sweet tea and nuggets for us to have while we wait out the 2 hours at the park.  (In the rain , same as last time)  Both dogs got loose once.  Little doggy came right back.  Bigger doggy took off.  He smelled the dog park close by.  Then he realized his best friend and his devoting parents were getting smaller in the distance and he came right back.  Whew.  We then ran into another person that we knew that was having an open house as well.  The dad and the three small children and two giant Great Dane one year old puppies.  Then his puppies got loose.  Oh my.  I was able to capture one as he came to see our dog.  I held him down, hah, for time enough for his littles to get him to hold still.  He took a lunge at me, all in fun, but for a moment I thought I was going down.  Those dogs are huge.  Well we parting saying, "This is the last open house for us".  Both of us agreeing.  They hit the path for the dog park.  We loaded up to head to the car.  Oh by the way, I should mention Mc.D's gave me unsweetened tea and honey mustard sauce instead of honey.  I dislike mustard.  Okay, back to leaving the park.  We got to the car, got our dogs in and it poured.....even hailed......dogs were in......we were almost in the car.  The poor dad and his kids and Danes were far away from shelter.  Poor kids.
We came back home and asked the realtor if he had a contract.  He said that no one came.  No one.  Oh my, I know it happens.  I do know there was a glitch in the advertising.  We called and they reentered the info but it might not have been in time.  Can you believe he said, " Let's try it again next week."  Are you kidding me.  No thanks. So we got the doggies  settled and left to go out for dinner.
Exhausted but trying to still be positive.  It will happen, it will.  Not going to give up.  Not sure why the market is so slow right now but we will ride it out. 
So sorry that you have to hear this time and time again.  We will party when we sell, promise.
Until then, sign up for my giveaway.  It will make me feel better that you have some comfort from hanging in there with me.
I like to take pictures when the house is all tidy.  My doggies sit at the top of the stairs every time we leave or come back.  They look so cute.  Try getting a picture of them doing it.  Here are the takes and outtakes.  I erased the really blurry ones.......oh my.  I have said that a lot in this post, haven't I.


Susie said...

Debby, You house will sell when you least expect it...that is usually what happens. The weather could have been a major factor. You dogs are cute. Take care, xoxo,Susie

Julia said...

How disappointing for both of you. Those dogs sure are beautiful. I thought that the US economy was on the up swing as our Canadian dollar is shrinking. Maybe in the fall your house will sell.
So much pressure to go through.

Don't give up hope.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I am so sorry that things went so bad for your open house. I just read your post to my hubby. We always wondered about the value of doing an open house. What a lot of work! But I know your home will be perfect for another family. Try not to get will happen at the right time. Sweet hugs...extra hugs to you both, Diane


I love the fresh flowers too! I bought some at the farmer's market on Saturday. Try not to be discourage about the real estate market. Just be sure that your house is on the MLS and other avenues that are in your area.

Jeannie Marie said...

The right family just hasn't seen it yet. It's so hard to wait. Loved your pictures of the cutest doggies ever!!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I know how hard it is to be patient when trying to sell your house. Our home was on the market 10 months before it finally sold. It felt like an eternity at the time and I was so discouraged. Your house will sell when you least expect it. Thinking of you!! Hugs to you and your sweet furbabies.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Don't feel bad, Debby, I had the same thing happen when we were selling our house. I think I did two open houses and that was it. It was not worth dealing with the dog.

Anonymous said...

you have a lovely home and it will sell, it can all happen so fast, so many are on holiday right now, I think hen school starts everyone will be on the hunt again, beautiful dogs,

Lynnie CottageGalstyle said...

Hi Debby,

There's a house for every buyer and a buyer for every house. I wouldn't do another open house. Not worth your time. You might need to go with another realtor, have you tried Coldwell bankers? They sell the most houses of any others in the USA.

Keep your chin ups.
Hugs, Lynnie

At Home in English Valley said...

Don't give up, there is someone who will find your charming home perfect. When we were selling our house in the city, I never knew what to do with 3 kids for 4 hours for a open house. I guess because we had to, all they wanted was to go home. Take care my faithful friend. Wishing you all the best. Love, Penny

pogonip said...

Don't get discouraged! Patience is so hard but I know you'll soon be partying and packing.

NanaNor's said...

Hi Debby, O.k so I came to see your dogs and read about your selling your home(not sure why, guess I need to keep reading past posts). So your pups are beautiful-let's see, a Yorkie(or Silkie)and a English Springer or maybe Brittany. We moved in May-and are all settled in. Here in Colorado the market is so hot-our house sold three days after it was lifted. Our daughter's house sold before it was listed. I also saw something on Google+ about being gluten free-but maybe it was another reader. I am and always glad to meet others who have to be.
Can't wait to read more.
Hugs, Noreen