Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sadie Mae, Rufus and ToTo Visit Cozy Blanket

The gang arrived in Granville via B. from White House Tenn. (I will show pics of the goodies that were sent in the next post.) Here are the pups meeting my pups. Izzy could have cared less.

Poor Piper was a little scared . Piper loved smelling Sadie Mae (The Friendship Bag).

Or first road trip was to see the World's Largest basket. This is the office of Longaberger Basket.

When Rufus and ToTo saw this they said they had to go really bad.

And go they did.

Then we all went to see my bestie that was just released from the hospital her second time after having her knee replaced. Unfortunately she is back in the hospital again and had surgery (again) yesterday. Wasn't she a good sport about getting her picture taken. Please say some prayers for her recovery.

Then we went to an Antique Fair in downtown Newark.......Ohio not N.J.

White Cottage was one of my stops. Oh, I love that store. Everything is white. I will share another time the paint she uses.

I found the cutest little girls that posed for me with ToTo and Rufus. Aren't they just the cutest little girls.

They were with their Mommy that had set up her wares in front of the best chocolate store in Licking County.
Thier Mommy, Keely, and Polly (of Sassafras Stuff) sell under the name of Motley Junk. I bought an awesome mirror there. I also used to teach at Montessori with Keely.

On another day we went to Pickerington to see Doodle. We were going to go to this festival but we passed.....too hot.

Here is Doodle with Rufus, ToTo and the Little Black Dog from Hilton Head that Nanny gave her.

She wanted to take a picture of me. I will miss this Friendship Bag. It went with all of my clothes and was so soft and held so much.

On the way home we decided to take a tour of Granville, where I live. Lots of historical homes.

We toured the Denison Campus.

Green Velvet and Coffee Shop

Our new Mexican Restaurant. Granville usually doesn't allow the buildings to be painted this bright. I love it. This year we lost several restaurants this year due to the ecomony. I know the owners of this one, so I hope it does really well.

Another new restaurant, Bella.

This is the Buxton Inn. It is known to be haunted. I had an experience there........I'll post some day.

We stopped for Whit's Custard. Just let me tell you it is unbelievable. This flavor is Carmel Sea Salt. It was raining so we ate in the car. Rufus loved it.Yesterday we went on another road trip. This time we went to meet Elisabeth from Creative
Breathing. She is next on the list to take Sadie Mae on her adventures. I have always wanted to meet E.
Being that this is a friendship bag...... Sadie Mae brought two bloggers together as friends. E. is the sweetest person with such a big heart. I had so much fun just chatting with her. We had a little lunch then went to an antique store down the road. It was okay but so hot inside. We liked her sign and fairy gardens the best. We melted and then hit the road.

Thank you Sadie Mae, Rufus and ToTo for coming to visit. Thank you for my new friend E.


Polly said...

So nice to meet you Debby! You are just about the sweetest thing! And yes, those are the cutest little girls!!


Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Looks like a GREAT time with your friends. And wow you even hit Pickerington..... Is your blog look new again??? LOVIN it.....

E said...

Hi Debby,
WOW you guys were certainly busy :) How sweet of you all to visit your friend, I'm sure the pups cheered her up So glad that you and Elizabeth met, the pups probably enjoyed spending the day with the two of you ! Thanks again to Cindy for giving us this fun summer adventure. E in TN

Nan said...

When I saw the photo of you and E I said I know this women who is she? That was before reading who it was. My gosh you got to meet our sweet E. and she got to meet you I'm thrilled for you both.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Debby! so many familiar sights on your post! Looks like a fun visit on a very hot weekend! I wish I could have went to the antique show in Newark but it was my birthday weekend and the family was visiting. Have a great weekend!~Hugs, Patti

Relyn said...

That basket has always cracked me up though I have only seen it in pictures. That's a gorgeous package you have there, my friend. I've been a blogging slacker lately because I am on a long trip of my own. We're in Arizona now and I have a bit of time on the computer - finally! I was having withdrawls from being away from my blogger buddies so long, I tell you. I hope your summer gets better and better as it wears on. Love to you and yours.

Kimberly said...

I did think you were in Newark, NJ! I would have met you!

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

I love your blog redesign! And that custard looks amazing... now I'm hungry!! :)

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh my goodness how have I not been here before. What a treat. You lucky lady. You met with Miss E. and you have the friendship bag. What a treat to have such great ladies together. Loving all your pictures and your post. Nice to have found your blog...I can't wait to see what's next. Smiles...Renee

Pam said...

I was going to ask if you had run into Polly and I guess you did! I ate at the Buxton Inn way back in 1980 (I think). We sat outside in the back and had a cat hang out with us. Very cute.

vivian said...

HI Debby, looks like you had a nice trip! and the cherry on the top was meeting Elizabeth! thats awesome! Yes, I am coming to OHio in sept and I would love to meet you. we'll have to touch base on this when it gets a little closer!
such fun!

debbie @ happy little cottage said...

Hi Debby!

I definitely need to visit Granville! You live in a lovely town!

hilary @ the upcycle furniture co. said...

fun! thanks for stopping by today! : )