Saturday, August 27, 2011

Praying for my East Coast Friends

Just heard that Irene has hit the shore. I am praying for all of you that will be affected. Please be safe. Hopefully things will not be as bad as they are predicting and power and such can be restored quickly.
My son in law's elderly parents live in the Hamptons and his sibs close by. His parents are in their 80's and live in the same home as their they have been in the Hamptons before it was what it is today.

Also I have my sweet son-in-law on my mind. He lost his job this week. His job loss is much more of a big deal than mine. This guy is a work-a-holic.....will work 80 plus hours on salary. He is not only the kindest person but good at everything he does. My daughter said they will be okay for awhile. Wish they lived closer to us.

I am fine. I just need to settle down a little bit. My son was just here and said, "Mom it has just been two days since you haven't had a job." So true.
But, I have been off for three months and was ready for a paycheck. I think all the caffeine I am on for these headaches (There backkkkkkkk, only gone a couple of days) has me a little on the hyper side.

My dear best friend is back in the hospital. She had her knee replaced in July. Two weeks later they reopened the incision due to a bleed.......two days ago again more surgery.....reopened for infection. They put a drain in and also a port for antibiotics for 6 weeks. Her husband is disabled and is to have heart surgery this month to replace a battery for his pace maker and also the wires on his defibrilator. She is out of sick leave. Then to top this all off.....they may be loosing their home. My son said maybe they could move into our house. Possiblity. They have Izzy's parents.......3 Yorkies in one house and a Springer.

Today, after I go see my friend in the hospital I am headed to Doodles house to help her Mama. She is about to deliver any day now.....very sick......already dilating. Her husband is "in" a wedding tonight. She said if she doesn't go to the wedding (hah), she needs me to take care of Doodle and
Baby B. anyway. (overnight) Just hoping we don't have to make a run to the hospital. Imagine me driving, a mom in labor and two kids in the back seat. Dad better meet us there. My son said (our families are so intertwined) maybe this time off will be need to help my friend and Doodle's family. Hmmmmm, thinking the same thing.

Izzy slept in bed all night last night,. She wanted down once and then didn't move and wanted back in bed. She slept well and seems a bit hoping she is going to get better. She still will not take her meds in her Yorkie sized peanut butter sandwich until her big brother Piper has one. He is loving the PB sandwiches. I showed my Hubby how to make the sandwiches.....and he questioned why Piper has to have one. He will find out when he takes over for me.

Okay this spazzy hyper Grammy is going to sign off. Praying for Irene to be kind.


Cindy said...

Haliburton is hiring here in San Antonio Tues. They are opening an Massive workforce here. Just thought I would let your hubby are son-in-law know.

I wish your migranes would go away...I think some of it is What us

We are moving the house on wheels today...or at least by in the morning. Then I can set it up.

He got a call for Irene..he has to call them Monday..we might be headed up

Hugs Cindy

Scrappy Grams said...

oh, my, you have a lot on your plate! hoping blessings will soon come your way...

quiltjude said...

I too am thinking of all the people waiting for Irene to hit and I do hope all are safe :)

NanaDiana said...

I am praying for all those in Irene's path too, Debby. And, maybe your son is right and the job didn't work out because you are needed someplace else.

I am so sorry to hear that your headaches are back. I don't know how you manage! xo Diana

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

How are you son-in-law's parents? Did they need to evacuate?

My hubby is like your sil - will work horribly long hours even though salaried. No one can call them lazy.

Here's hoping your stress lets up and both you and your sil get the right jobs at just the right time.

Gabriela said...

HI Debby! Thanks for coming to my blog! I live in Canfield, Ohio. You can email me at treasuregab(at) Would love to meet but I know Ohio is a big State! Where are you?