Friday, August 19, 2011

The last two days

The last two days were busy with little most days. Yesterday I watched my granddaughters and Doodle and her baby brother. They were all dancing (yes, I was as well). The music was a bit loud for Grammy's headache. (They are getting better) The picture below is really blurry but Baby B was dancing away.

The day before, I just had Doodle and Baby Ben. I promised Build a Bear for Dodddle's birthday. She choose a BFF Peace Kitty. They had a special for the animal, an outfit and a pair of shoes. Baby B. was just content hanging out in his stroller drinking some water.
Afterwards we went to California Pizza Kitchen. Do you know they have gluten-free pizza. It was yummy. Doodle loves their mac and cheese. I mean she really loves it.......she loves to go there just for that.

On our way back to their house a car passed me. It had logos all over it. I wanted a picture but couldn't try to with the little ones in tow. It said "Canadian Goose Relocaters" ( I think)......and things like "got goose" and pictures on it. Have you ever seen or heard of a company that does this. I sure haven't. Wonder if my husband would like that job, hah.

You just never know what you will see.

Today I am resting up. I start my new job on Monday. Just talked to the mom and she told me the little girl has been really clingy and super attached.
Another new beginning......keeps life interesting......and it's fun.


Anonymous said...

Build A Bear....who knew that would be SO popular? My grandson has one, too! Sad we didn't think of it, huh?

Glad to hear your head is getting better. You're brave to have so many kiddos in the house AND playing music.

Let me know how your new job is!


Sherri B. said...

Wow you sure have your hands full with that busy group! It might make your new job seem like a breeze! xo

E said...

Lots of energy in these pics, not sure I could keep up with this group, but what sweet little faces ! E in TN

Nan said...

Well my youngest of 2 grandsons will be going to Fairbanks University and I'll go along to move him next week! Obviously I don't know anymore about such things as build a bear. How did my grands grow up so fast ???Well maybe I'll be around to have great grands!! Good luck and I hope you like your new position Debby. Take care my friend.

Ruby Jean said...

Oh your day sounds LOVELY...WOW I didn't know that the California Pizza Kitchen had Gluten Free Pizza....Oh and Mac and Cheese is ALWAYS what my daughter orders...I'll have to take her there so she can try there's....I pray your days at your new job are blessed..

NanaDiana said...

God Bless You as you start your new job on Monday! Amazing where life takes us, isn't it?

I am glad to hear that your headaches are lessening. They are horrible to live with! Have a great weekend and get LOTS of rest! xo Diana

Heather said...

How cute they all are! My kids loved going to Build A Bear. I haven't been for many years, but I remember it being a very fun place.

Good luck with your new job. It sounds like you may have to have a few tricks up your sleeve, but I'm sure with all your experience, you'll know just what to do. You are Super Grandma, after all!

Isabelle Thornton said...

I enjoyed your last posts too. You are so much fun!! My girls love built a bear.
Enjoy a relaxing week end!
I am still sick but keeping the faith! hahaha

bj said...

I keep thinking that one of these days, I am going to have a super, money making idea like Build A Bear and all the others out there. *heavy sigh...

Hope your headaches stop before you start work...
xoxo bj

Blue Sky Farm said...

Cute kids.. And You had all of the m at one time.....Brave gal.. Grandkids sure can wear me out.. and I only have two who I am around most often. Hope your head ache is better and good luck at the new job.

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

What fun! I'm guessing your new job might be a bit easier than keeping up w/so many little ones! LOL

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I do hope you are well soon an best of luck in your new job.