Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a Grammy thing

Follow the brick road to the American Girl store in Denver. Dancing Girl (a.k.a. Snow White) going to get her birthday present.

Lots of Bitty Babies.

And accessories to go with the babies

American Girls. We couldn't find one that looked like our Dancing Girl. Light skin, curly dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, nope there isn't a look-a-like.

Loading up........so much to choose from

sweet moment........a tender pat for the doll in a wheelchair.

Sorry for the blur........She choose the twins........and had to have nightgowns

A happy little five year old. Just in case you are wondering. Grammy bought one doll and Mama the other. (they come in a set) But wait.........someone else had a birthday...........

K. Bug was turning EIGHT, how can that be.......

So Grammy got her new Julie girl a new outfit.......with boots.........and

and an
American Girl Dog. K. Bug's favorite sleeping item is a Huskie.....so she had to have this as well.

Happy Birthday to my sweet granddaughters.

Take note:

Yes, these dolls are way over priced esp. in this economy.
And they are made in China not

But it's a Grammy thing.

They will remember this better than a plastic toy that will break in a few months.
And if they don't remember.........Grammy will .


bj said...

During spring break, my daughter and I took her girls to Dallas and the first place we went..AMERICAN GIRL store. It was sooo awesome. Had lunch and Deeds got a new doll. Makes her 4 now. The dolls are so awesome and sooo expensive.
I had such fun with them and, like you, I know Deeds will always remember that trip...and that doll.
xo bj

Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com said...

Look at your sweet girls!!! They are both so cute and they look so happy. ;)
Sorry I haven't been by in a while - it has been soooo busy!

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderfully sweet Grammy and your sweet grand-girls must love you very much. How cute they are!
Don't have any grand-girls, so missed out on buying over-priced dollies. But, I would have!!!!!
An American Girl DOG? Whew knew?


Nan said...

I have never heard of an American Girl store but I do know these dolls and for someone who loves dolls and was born in the early 40's when Madame Alexander and many other companies made the most beautiful dolls these dolls are not attractive to me. But I know the little girls seem to love them, yeah gone are the days when the dolls were made in the USA. I notice your posts are way spaced out. If you did not want them that way when posting use the back up key on your keyboard to bring everything closer together in the posting area. Nan

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to both your sweet grands. What a fun birthday that must have been. They will remember that day always. The pictures are adorable and both girls look very happy with their birthday gifts. Hugs

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Debby honey I have missed you!
Love your post about your babies Big Birthdays.
They both are just beautiful like their grandma
Love ya

Genie said...

Hi Grammy....Baga here....I need to take an hour and hit the email. Have so much to tell you...good , bad, and in-between. So glad to hear your mom is about to get her freedom back. I am happy for both of you. Thank heaven spring is here and our rough winter is behind us. I have totally neglected my Buttons blog for the photography one. The 2 photoshop courses about killed me, but they are finally over. I am off this week...oh happy day. My back is in spasms tonight so am flat on my back trying to touch bases with all of my blogging pals. It is WONDERFUL hearing good news from you. Take care and I will try to get to the email. XOXOXXO Genie

Donna said...

Hi Debby, Thanks so much for stopping by. I LOVE these sweet photos of your granddaughters. I didn't know they had an American Girls doll store. My daughter ADORED her Kirsten doll. At the time they only had seven styles. Rebekah looked just like her doll! She often dressed alike.

They are pretty overpriced, but I was so tired of the doll hair going bad on cheaper ones. Kirsten lasted for years and you can always send them back for hair repair. We made lots of clothes for them both..and collected furniture. This brings back so many memories!

You are a very GOOD grammy!

Julie Harward said...

Ohhh. I can feel that grandma heart thing going on here...it's the best isn't it..nothing compares to the joy of being the grandma! ;D