Thursday, November 18, 2010

My thankful list

I am starting my thankful list. Be prepared this may get personal.
I am so thankful for this little girl. She was my first born grandchild. When I had cancer over 2o years ago my biggest fear was not to live to be a grandmother. I can't believe that my kids made me wait so long to experience this heaven sent gift of this granddaughter. I was so excited anticipating her birth. When Hubby and I arrived at the hospital that day we never dreamed what was happening. On Palm Sunday 7 years ago this sweet girls' Mama had a contraction that never ended. It was called a Titanic. Sweet baby was born in an emergency c-section by a passing doctor. This doctor had no idea what to do when she was born. She hadn't had a heart beat for 8 minutes. Her little legs were all bent and frog like. The nurses said one was broken or dislocated. She was an Apgar of 1. If you don't know about
Apgar scores, that means she was warm and that was all. I did a scrapbook page of her birth. The title was from a Carpenters' song, "On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true." I truly feel those angels were headed to heaven with our Sweet baby and saw our faces and decided to give her back to us. Told you this might get personal. This wonderful child is about as perfect as they come. She has no problems from her birth. She is just perfect to this Grammy.

Another note......her Mama demanded to be taken to the NICU a.s.a.p. to see her baby. When she saw her and stroked her, Sweet Baby literally started talking to her Mama. I have NEVER seen anything like it. Okay, I must stop as this is making me a bit emotional.
On another note........thanks for all your comments. Thanks for not laughing at my stressed out self. Thanks for the suggestions, that I will be taking. I think it's not the days before Christmas that stress me but the paychecks and that is just not going to change. So, I need to just chill.

Nan, that winter ice storm was so bad that the mall was closed on Dec.23 and 24. I cried when we would return to our home to get essentials. It looked like a war zone. Many of our neighbors have gotten generators since. We were only able to get to a hotel because we have a short driveway. Others were so blocked in by the downed trees. Our cars all had get repairs on the roofs.
For those who think I am organized......not at all. I just get myself into too much at one time. I have always done that. Then I feel I have to finish something before starting something else. Then at the last minute I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Why do we use that saying, it's a bit gross.
So Thanksgiving dinner will be here Sunday........I will be the chicken on Sunday morning. It will get done. I am shampooing carpets now before I return to work. Thank you furry babies for the muddy footprints.
On another, another note.......Hubby had an MRI on his knee yesterday.....they called him in a hour.
Not good news.....he has a large tear on his meniscus. He has been in so much pain and so stubborn about going to the docor. We may need some prayers here......most likely he will need surgery.
No sick leave where he works and his office is up two flights of steps. It isn't going to be easy for him.
Be prepared, their will be more thankful posts coming your way............(((((HUGS))))


Creative Breathing said...

Oh Debby, Truly there are miracles, and we are so blessed by them! Your tags came in the mail, and I just love their minty, pinky colors! I will posting them when I receive a few more. Thank you also for the sweet ME tuck-ins. My crafting now slows down a the holidays near, and I do hope a visit your way will truly happen. Elizabeth

Nan said...

Oh what a moving story about your sweet little grand daughter.
I've never been in an ice storm like that or any other for that matter. You're in the Midwest where you have a different kind of weather than we have up here.
I had to laugh about you and the organization comment. I think a lot of us are just like this with trying to finish up something we started.
About the gift giving Debby. Our family is small and both my adult kids are well off and lack for nothing really so what do I give? I have two grown grandsons and that's all. What I've found the best at this time in my life, which by the way is totally different than when we started out, is home made things by me. The last two years I've been making felt ornaments, something they would keep for years. Nan

Cindy said...

Debbie.I am making the little girls in my family..Christmas keep for-evah. And I have found old table runners for 25 cents..and I am making matching dress aprons for them and their American Dolls. I will try to make some bonnets also. I will be making NANA coupon books also.They love these.For the two tiny ones..I will make some soft toys for them to play with.
Last year I made recipe books for my girls and mine is for Lance.
I made copies of their favorite holiday meals recipes..then I added pictures to the colored paper..of our holidays when they were little.
I used plain colored paper for each chapter in the book.Then I glued the recipes and the pictures on the paper.slid the finished paper between clear page protectors..and put them is a school notebook for their kitchens..they loved them!!

I hope this helps some. I do understand!! Boy do I!! Hugs and squeezes..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

PS. I will keep your hubby in our prayers.

Home and Heart said...

Bless your hearts. My oldest son had an apgar of 3, and I thought THAT was scary!! Best of wishes to you all, and the stubborn hubby!!

Donna said...

Wow Debby, what an incredible story! I'm so glad your granddaughter made it. Isn't God good?

I'm making sleep bags out of 75% off fleece for my five grandchildren and three neices and nephews (all about the same age.)

BTW, I would love for you to link to my post today. It's on Thanksgiving memories. This story is so special!

Donna @ Comin' Home

I'll be praying for hubby..mine is having unexplained chest pains..for two months now..and they say it isn't his heart. He has to sleep on the couch sitting up.

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

A beautiful story about your granddaughter and prayers definitely going up for your hubby.

Beverly @ said...

Hi Debby!! What a special story about your grandbaby - thanks for sharing that. :)
My hubby has had 2 different surgeries on his knee for that - I know - it's not fun. We'll keep him in our prayers. :(