Saturday, November 20, 2010

My thankful list con't. con't.

Today on my thankful list are the babies. I haven't seen them since July. This Grammy is going to see them on Wednesday and I can't wait to kiss their sweet faces and see how they have changed. I will (of course) have some more recent pictures to share. They both have alot more hair now. Baby Q will be one in Dec. and Mabel will be 2. Yep, that is her real name.
Please be aware that my thankful list has no real order to it.
All those on this list are loved the same and will always be.
P.S. Jan, I have not found my keys. I really think I have thrown them away but possibly the grandaughters stashed them somewhere. They put my things in some of the weirdest places. Maybe they are waiting to be found.


Blue Sky Farm said...

Oh I know how you feel about the babies & how they change.. I have not seen my youngest grandson since June and it will be May at least before I get my hands on him.. Give yours an extra big hug and yes be thankful.Enjoy every minute...

Nan said...

Have fun and enjoy them while you can as once they turn 11 or 12 it's pretty much over. I adore the toddler stage and miss that so much. Of course you will still have a wonderful relationship with the kids as they age but those cute baby toddler days are gone so darn fast. My two grandsons (ages 17 and 22) don't even want to hear about when they were toddlers lol.. Have a great weekend Debby.

Le Chateau des fleurs by Frenchy said...

Dear Debby,
Your grand kids are so adorable !
So beautiful.
I will pray for your hubby. Hope all goes well for him.
Hope you are ok too.
Big hugs

koralee said...

It is so important to be thankful....I am thankful for your sweet caring comment you left me conerning my teeth...what a comfort it was to read that you made it through all that dental work...I now know all will be fine...thanks for taking the time to visit me....Love your blog and your sweet sweet grandbabies. oxoxxo Hugs

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

OH MY soooo sweet.. So excited you get to go find them.

Kimberly said...

All the grandkids are beautiful! Enjoy and have fun in Colorado!