Friday, November 19, 2010

My thankful list con't.

I am thankful today for these three darling 4 year olds. They were born in March, April and May. What a busy time we had. This Grammy was thrilled to have so many sweet babies to cuddle and kiss and smell their baby feet. Yep, you read that right, I love the smell of teeny, tiny baby feet.
I think Little Miss Goose is thankful for her bubbie.
Miss Snow White is thankful for princess dresses.
Little Fella is thankful for sports.....any kind, the more the merrier.
I am busy getting ready to host our Thanksgiving dinner here on Sunday. I am headed out West for Thanksgiving for a visit with my darlings . Today I got a pedicure....a birthday gift (from Oct.) and a haircut. I got the sweetest surprise in the mailbox, a sweet gift from a blogging friend, Jan. One of those just because gifts. It sure made my day. Thanks Jan.

Now, I must return to work. Oh my, some days it is hard to do. Once I get there it is okay. Some days, I just want to wrap up in my cozy blanket and not have to leave my furry babies.
Have a great week-end my friends.


Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

hahahah on the little ones feet... I love to sniff em too... makes the little ones giggle.

Junebug said...

Busy, busy Grammy but look at all those sweet faces!!!

Anonymous said...

u almost made me cry now stop it sniff sniff love ya........................

Anonymous said...

What adorable grandchildren you have! Lucky you to be able to see them and cuddle and spoil them!

Be careful heading West. BIG old storm is headed here starting Saturday night and continues through Tuesday. Maybe not alot on the Front Range, but you can never be TOO cautious.

And, you're welcome. I had fun making the gift and sending it.

BTW, do you know where your keys are????? :)