Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holiday Photo Cards

Hello my Blogger friends. Do you send photo cards to your friends and family for Christmas. I do and I love to receive photo cards as well. In fact, I have sent photo cards now for 38 years. Yes, you read that right. I started when my first baby was born. I also send Christmas letters. My friends and family actually tell me they look forward to those letters. I know, what you have all heard is that they are full of bragging and etc.
Not mine, at least I don't think so. I am straight to the truth. Ups and downs , happy and sad.

My first photos were of our family as it grew. Now it is of our grandchildren. Our oldest is 7 and our youngest 11 months. We have six little darlings. Sending photo cards let's me show my friends how my family is growing. Ooops, I hope they don't think it is bragging.

I am scheduling a photo shoot from my talented Daughter-in-law to take photos of my husband and myself and our little furry babies this year. We celebrated some big milestones since last Christmas. We both turned 60 and celebrated our 40th anniversary. I want to include a photo from this shoot plus new pictures of my little grands. You used to only be able to get one photo on a card, but now there are many choices. Check out .
And guess can choose a card that will show multiple photos. This works best for me. With one half of my family living in the West and the other have in East we haven't been able to get a group shot of the entire family. I really need the multiple photo cards.

I also love getting calendars from my adult children as gifts.
All year long I get to look at the photos they chose of their children to bring big smiles to my face all year long. You can check these out at .
And while you are checking these sites out here is another one that you won't want to miss

Also my dear friends.......
Bloggers can get 50 free cards by sharing this information. Just go to

Crazy fun, right.

This photo was taken last Christmas by my DIL.........I told you she was good.

Happy Holidays.


Nan said...

Hi Debby,
We need to get our photo done too for our Christmas card. We usually go across the bay and I set up the tripod and do one there but we didn't do that trip this Fall with all we had going on here with construction. So I'm thinking we need to try this very soon as I like to sit and get all my cards addressed early so I'm not rushed. I usually include a photo in with a card but there is a local shop which does a reasonable card on their in-house machine which you work personally. You pick the designs, etc. and it's very reasonable. I might go with that for something different this year if I get a good photo of the 4 of us.
Hope your session goes well. Nan

Kim - A Creative Spirit said...

I have not sent cards in YEARS... long story... but was thinking of photo cards with me and my little grandkids this hear... love the jammie pic as we like getting pics of the lil ones in their Christmas jams...

Denise Marie said...

Wow, Debby...very cute pic!! Can't wait to see what ya come up with this year. I love doing the photos too. I feel incomplete if I don't get it out each year. Hated to have missed the 31 Oct special and still gotta look up the Nov deal again and try to place an order. Still working on final details of my box swap. fun!


Hi Debby,
I also enjoy receiving photo Christmas cards and letters! Nice photo!
It's been snowing all day! Lots of pretty white snow.
deb :)

Creative Breathing said...

Oh Debby, you had me going with the new couch! What a charming living space you have. Mine is so dark and dreary. The paint can sits on the dinning room floor as I type. Promises, promises! I think it is so wonderful that you have so many years of photo cards saved. It is just so wonderful! Waiting with baited breath to see the new arrangement! Elizabeth

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Just read a comment by you, over in 'A Cottage In The Woods' blog and loved it. You said that you got rid of 2 dumpsters full of "stuff." Plus more. Wonderful!!! You give me inspiration! We are constantly "wanting" to do it. "Trying" to. Not completing it. -sigh-

But I will take Courage, from what you did! :-)

Oh and I too would love it, if Zuzu would share lots of pictures of the inside of their precious, tiny home!!! I understand if she doesn't want to do so. But I sooooooooooo wish she would. We can "wish," together. :-)

Gentle hugs...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE receiving photo cards full of smiles for Christmas! How wonderful that you have done this for 38 years!!!
And thanks for popping by my little blog and leaving a comment. We moved from a 4bdrm, 2.5 bath, full basement, dbl garage home to a 375 sq. ft. cottage! But we are happier living without all that stuff! :)
Have a happy one today, Debby!

pogonip said...

Cute! I love to look back over my yearly holiday newletters from when the boys were small.

Thanks for stopping by--the cottage is NOT mine although I wouldn't turn it down if someone offered it to me, lol!

Julie Harward said...

I love them too and have sent them for about as long as you have! :D

Florrie said...

I love the idea of photo cards and Christmas letters........never heard of that before.......your photo's are so sweet.
florrie x

Cindy said...

This is a great card!I love getting them and the letters too-just not the nonstop bragging ones, hehehe. Thanks for the support about my son. I still get upset so I try not to think about it too much. Have a wonderful week!

Relyn said...

Congratulations on your milestone birthdays. Even more, on your 40th anniversary. That is truly a rare accomplishment, and one to be proud of.

B said...

What a fantastic photo! I love the red accents!

I've never sent pictures with my Christmas cards but I know I sure love receiving them. I should look into that a bit more. How wonderful that you've made people smile for 38 years with your cards. You are amazing!

Kimberly said...

One of my favorite things is getting Christmas cards! Your card is so cute and I hope to do that one day-a card like that-when I have grandkids!!!