Sunday, November 21, 2010

My thankful list con't. con't. con't

I am thankful for all of these members of our family as well. There are still a couple missing.......because of security reasons I can't show some of my family. They are in my heart all the time.
We had our Thanksgiving dinner today. Goose was sick so she and her Mama had to stay home. My Mom drove an hour and 45 minutes each way by herself.....She is 83. My youngest brought his first girlfriend ever to a family dinner. Hubby didn't feel well but managed......knee and a cold.
I am ready to decorate before I leave to go out West. Hopefully I will get some energy to do that. Still have two days of work to do before my trip. I think it would be nice to come home to a decorated house.
It was sunny and warm again today. Beautiful outside. I have been reading all your posts about "snow"......not a flake to be seen.
I ordered my Christmas photo cards from Shutterfly tonight. Remember my post about getting 5o free. It took awhile but I think they will be really nice. I had a picture of each one of the grandbabies and the one photo at the top of my husband and I. I had my DIL take a photos shoot of us last week-end. Thought since we both turned 60 and had our 40th anniversary, we needed a good picture of the two of us. Goose and K.
Bug joined us after a few snaps. Should have seen them running down the hill after us. They were told if they cooperated they got to put up their Christmas trees in their rooms. They were so funny. The one Christmas photo that I posted when I told about the Shutterfly special........was not our Christmas card picture last year.
I couldn't put just two of the grands on a card.
My Mom questioned the pie in the glass pie pan.....the one I bought at the store......the Marie Callendar one. It popped right out of the tin and fit nicely in the glass pie pan. She wondered why the crust didn't go all the way to the edge. Hmmmmmmm..........The Honey Baked Ham was sooooo good. Hubby was watching over me as I dealt out leftovers for everyone. He needs some left for him while I am out West.
So you all be THANKFUL out there.


pogonip said...

I love the nice photo of you and your sweetie, Debby. It's a keeper!

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit..,Looks like you got some fun family pictures here..and I did the Christmas card! :D

Susie Q said...

I have so enjoyed getting to know you Debby, through your wonderful blog! It seems we may be meeting, on the 4th, thanks to Sue Sullivan!
I sure hope to see you in Marysville!
Till then, wishing you many blessings and a sweet Thanksgiving!