Monday, September 13, 2010

Piper's First Birthday

Balloon dogs in the chandy.  Muffin cups with Scooby Do Bones treats.  The girls thought they were for the dogs and the dogs thought they were for them as well.  ME decorations, hah.  On Clearance, love the colors.

I bought this Woof set with the cupcake papers and doggies at a cute store in our town.  They also had cats, ballerinas and princesses.
(A new bone and a a new toy.)(Father and son)(Piper's special iced bone)
 little bone for Izzy, too)
(Mama and her babies.  I am so sorry Izzy that I cut your bangs and made you look funny)
Let me explain, hah, about these cupcakes. These are chocolate gluten free cupcakes.  Real Simple magazine had a tip for frosting cupcakes by placing a marshmellow on top of the cupcake when it was almost finished baking.  They were okay but not excellent.  I think icing would be better and also not as sticky.  This was a Betty Crocker gluten free cake mix.  Let me tell you.......soooo good.  No gritty taste.
Birthday Piper.  We love you bunches.


Sherri B. said...

Happy Birthday Piper and many more!

Genie Robinson said...

Debby...What a cute post.....and the M.E. stuff added to the ambiance of the celebration. You put a big smile on my face. ]


Hilary @ Sweet as June said...

so cute! I love animal lovers! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Piper! Love the pictures. Lots of hugs and nose kisses from Chancy, Angel, Baby Boy and Mumsy

Beverly @ said...

Ok - how cute is this??? What great photos! Happy Birthday Piper!!! :)

Nan said...

Happy Birthday to Piper from Pan and Kalen.

Gabriele Agustini said...

What a wonderful birthday party!! And so many deeelicious treats!! Piper is one lucky-dog!!
Great pics! :)
Thanks for sharing.

Denise Marie said...

Waaayyyyy cute, Debby!!

Donna said...

Debby, This is so cute! I never thought about doing a birthday party for your dog..but that is so sweet! OH, now I get it! You are referring to Mary Englebreit! I love her art--don't you? I'm learning how to do crafts from a book of hers and glass painting. Her style is so cheerful. What sweet doggies!


B said...

You are so adorable and kind! A party for your dog. I love it! :)

Happy Birthday to Piper!!