Monday, March 30, 2015

Where did the week-end go

This happened Friday night.  I was babysitting just a little ways from home.  It was a heavy snow and I slid most of the way home.  It was so cold Saturday morning.  We went to see our moms about 2 hours away.  Hubby's mom is not good.  My mom who is one year older, is very independent.  We took her out to lunch and then headed home.  I will admit to sleeping some both ways.  We stopped at the grocery to get a few things.  Got home and settled in and we kept saying that neither of us was looking forward to getting started to get the house ready for a 9 a.m. showing.  There was also a 12:30 showing.  Well at 4:51 p.m. the centralized showing people called wanted to schedule a showing for 6:30.  I said what date did you say and she said today.  Are you kidding.  We had turned down another showing for Saturday because we didn't think we would be home.  This was for someone else.  Well, we flew.  We did it all in an hour and we were out the door.  The comments from that showing were okay.  The good thing was we had very little to do in the morning. Really good thing as we were worn out.

This is Little Dog wrapped up in my jacket in 20 degree weather while they show our house at 9 a.m. on Sunday.  For both showings I took Little Dog and Hubby took Big Dog.  We would meet at a park after one of us went to McD's for a drink and a treat.  Poor Little Dog never moved while we were gone but when she got home she could not walk. Today she is a little better
We did go to the movie and saw the second Marigold Hotel movie.  It has been awhile since the first one.  I wished we had watched that first. The second one was not as good as the first.  It was okay, just hard to follow.  Wasn't Meryl Streep in the first one.  She wasn't in this one.

The comments from the 9 a.m. showing were really positive.  Then we just heard from the last one.  No comments on the questions just in the comment section that the people couldn't see past the hot water heater and well pump being in a concrete pit outside and the one electric wire being low in the back yard.  Yes, the pit is unusual but really not any different than being in a basement.  Now the wire, we had already talked about calling the electric company to raise it.  You can't jump high enough to touch it but it does look low.  Heaven forbid these houses that have a substation in their backyards.  But that's how it goes. 

Today my body is tired.  Unless I start on closets or hidden stashes, everything is clean.  It is dark and windy out.  Rain is on it's way.  It is a little warmer.  So, I go get the mail, long after it is usually here.  No mail.  There is trash from some one's trash can all over our yard.  Then I see the trash cans all out to the curb.  I think someone is playing with my mind.  Trash day is Thursday.  We all had to change to a new company and trash day must be on Mondays now.  I finally did hear the mail man.  I went out but didn't make it all the way to the box again......but look what I found. 
A package from Dorothy of Hens rule.  I had her in the Easter Swap that Viv hosted. This was a fun surprise.

I had to laugh as I pulled this clown out first.  Dorothy posted pictures awhile back of some clowns that she had found.  I am so excited that she sent me this cute clown bank.
Do you see some peeps.......a couple of them barely made this picture.
What do I see with my little eye, well, I think it's a bride and groom chicky couple.  I think they will have to stay out all year with my other couples.

Vintage cards and tags, oh my.
Oh clowny, you are so fine.
A bunny and a sweet girly bunny.  I dozed off today and woke up to something hitting the floor.  Big dog had gotten her off the table.   She escaped any injury.  She the juggling bunny?
( Notice how I mention sleep a lot, it's because I get very little at night)
A cute little basket.  See that chocolate bunny, no I didn't eat him.  Only because he was plastic.
And there you have it.  What a sweet package of goodies.  Thank you Dorothy.  You might have to go to her blog to see what I sent her as well, I forgot, to take pictures.  I sent her some of my minis that I have made.  I also sent her a porcelain hen.
After rescuing bunny girl I quickly put my goodies in the blue shelf.  (Yes, my house is staged but know one will notice)
Then I had to post this dance picture of Miss Mabel Ann.  Yes, this is the spunky one.  But she looks so sweet in this picture and she is sweet.  I posted it on Facebook this week-end.  My heart was warmed by all the friends that liked and commented about her.  Do you know that P. Buckley Moss, the artist commented "Beautiful."  I am friends on Facebook as a fan.  That was so sweet of her to take time to do that.

So that's my week-end. 
Just minutes ago the doorbell rang.  Little dog ran down the steps almost falling to get there.  Now she won't be able to walk.  It was a little girl that I bought girl scout cookies from.  I asked her if she wanted to step in and she looked at me and shook her head no.  You would too if you could see me in my homeless painting clothes.  I must have looked scary to her.


Julia said...

What a cutie that Miss Mabel Ann. She looks like a little starlette. So pretty and bright eyes.

I don't know how you can manage with all the showing in one day with the dogs. Poor little small dog.

I sure hope that one will buy the house very soon. You're getting a lot of showing in a short time.

Enjoy your swap Debby and get some rest.

Anonymous said...

its such a stressful time selling, I remember going through it,
what a beautiful swap package, yummy too!

Sue said...

I found it so bizarre that someone wanted to see the house at 9 am. No way, Jose!! I told our agent that I wanted a 24-hour notice any time someone wanted to see the house. But then, you know how ornery I can be! Getting animals taken care of takes organization and time- and since it was MY time that was important to me- I set the guidelines. Plus- had to get those monitors set up.... LOL

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Such cute items you received from Dorothy. She is quite a talented crafter. This was a fun swap. Happy Easter!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

I feel badly about complaining of 60 degree temps when you are dealing with snow, Debby!! I guess we are just never happy temp wise!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fun package to open and I know you love the cute clown! Have a good week my friend! Hugs, Diane

NanaDiana said...

That little Mabel is just beautiful!!! She is your SweetCheeks, I think! DARLING!!!

I am glad the first showing went well. We ended up burying our wires-ti wasn't much more than having them raised and now they are not an issue at all.

Good luck...Debbie--hang in there. God is working for you! xo Diana

Edna B said...

Gosh, I feel so bad for your little doggie. This whole things must be so hard for him. Deb, I have to give you credit. I get very crabby when I am annoyed, and I would never get through this ordeal of selling a house and having to pick up and leave all the time. You have so much patience.

Especially with folks wanting you out of your home before 9 am on a weekend. As for the wire, can you tell the real estate to explain that the wire will be raised if and when someone actually buys the house?

I don't know much about these things so I'll just stay put.

Your Miss Mabel is so adorable. It's wonderful that you get to enjoy the little ones so much.

We are not quite into Spring yet. We still have lots of snow all around our yard. It's going to be so good to see green once again.

It's 3:30 a.m. and I should be asleep but we just had an issue with some power outages (did not last very long) and by the time I figured out what was happening, I was wide awake. I guess I'll be re-scheduling my doctor appointment later this morming to another day. I'll be too tired to go out.

Ah well, I think I'm going to have a cup of cocoa to see if that will help me get sleepy again. You have a wonderful day, and I hope your house sells soon. Hugs, Edna B.

Junebug said...

I don't know anyone that like showing their house on short notice! Hopefully an offer will come in soon. Oh goodness, hope pupster is okay! OMGosh what a cutie Miss Mabel is! Enjoy your day, hugs, June

20 North Ora said...

Great swap gifts. I don't know how you handle so many showings so close together. Miss Mabel looks like a little movie star. So cute.

Am really enjoying my birthday present. Thanks again sweet friend.