Sunday, March 1, 2015

The beach is calling......

I wasn't able to copy the video.  Perhaps you have seen this.  If not, I copied to my timeline on Face Book.  I hope you can find the video.  The other photos show the clothesline and lighthouse.  Love the background music.  I want to make one of these.   I have the houses but I need driftwood.     Maybe it is the beach calling.  Our every other family vacation to Hilton Head is coming up in June.  We are all looking forward to it.
Of course it is snowing here.  I stayed over and my son's last night and watched my granddaughter and grandson and two of their friends.  It all went really well until bedtime.  That was a bit of a nightmare.  But my son came home to get something at the perfect time.  He got them settled a little.  After he left the arguing on where everyone was sleeping started again.  Everyone wanted to be on the blow up mattress.  Yes, all four.  We had a couple of meltdowns.  I finally said that if I came up the stairs everyone would be in a different bedroom.  Luckily they have four, lol.  Well they decided that they didn't want to sleep alone.  Then it was quiet.....for about 30 minutes.  Here comes my grandson crying. He had a weird look on his face and wasn't making sense.  I finally said would you like me to come upstairs and sleep beside you  He did.  He was sleep walking.  So upstairs we find the little girls on the blow up and the little boy in my grandson's bed.  So M and I went into Mable's bedroom and slept.  When my son came home he closed the blind and pulled the covers up on both of us (hah).  As he walked out of the room M. said, "Thanks."  Of course all the kids were up at 7 a.m.  I had to wait til the big guys got up and shoveled the driveway that's up a hill.  I might add that my son's overnight guest went to help him in a coat, shoes, and a towel wrapped around his waist.  No pants.  Now, I really mean no pants because I asked his wife.  I guess that it got a little rowdy when my son started throwing snow up the towel. 
I made it home at about 20 mph.  I was able to get up our hills.  Hubby made me breakfast and I took a nap.  I got to get busy as the realtor comes tomorrow.  I never listed a house covered in snow before.
Enjoy your Sunday.



vivian said...

does not sound like fun getting all four kids to calm down to go to sleep! glad you made it home safe and got to get a little nap in! enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

That little village is adorable! I'm not on Facebook, so I can't see the rest, but what you've shown us is just so darn cute!

Your evening sounds like most of the overnight stays we have with our grandchildren. It's all good until bedtime. I hope you feel rested after your nap today.

NanaDiana said...

LOL- I love that "If I have to come up there" line. I might have used that a few times myself
Glad you got home safe and sound and could take a nap!!!!! Good luck with the listing tomorrow. xo Diana

nanniepannie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today, I'm trying to get it up again, but its slow going. It's great to see some familiar faces. I will use it primarily to promote my things on least until gardening season starts. Thanks again for visiting.

Consider It All Joy said...

Always love spending time with the grands, I'm sure, even with a few bits of sibling rivalry, you enjoyed your time with them! Glad you made it home safely!!! Blessings to you for a super week!

Julia said...

Oh dear, putting the kids to bed was quite a challenge. I'm glad everyone settled down after a while.
I hope that you rested and the house showing will go well this time.

Love the little village.


Shirley said...

Debby, It might be the right time for your house. I will say a prayer. My brother sold his house in the city and didn't have it listed very long at all. They are building a new house at the farm.
Little ones can try your patience at times, but you have to love them I am glad that you made it home o.k. I stayed home the last two days because of the snow. We didn't get what they said we were going to that is for sure. Take care Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Patti said...

Ohhhhh, if only my grandchildren oould spend the night with me. Colorado is so far away! I am so glad to hear you had a fun time with your sweeties. Now, shoveling snow in a towel? I read that again, but I still don't get it! LOL!

Nan said...

We have no snow here Debby I guess you guys down in the lower 48 got it all this year, nothing at all up here but Spring temps all winter.

Anonymous said...

I want to make one of those too, how cool! I miss the beach too. Oh the beauty!

Kelly said...

That sounds like a wild night! I think listing your house in the snow could have its advantages. It will make your yard look fresh and pretty (not that it isn't already) and make your home seem lighter inside. I know whenever it snows here, the house takes on a different color inside. It seems brighter.

Edna B said...

What a great grandma you are! These children will love you forever. I love your little doll house. Good luck with the house showing. This is not the most fun time of year to be showing it when there is so much snow around. Maybe it will work in your favor though. Wouldn't that be nice.

In answer to your question about Joe, he is one of my tenants who does a lot of things around the house and yard for me. I invited him to come with me and Pogo to Florida for a week because I felt he deserved a nice vacation after all the snow shoveling he has been doing this past month.

He has been having a wonderful time, going for walks and spending a few hours each day at the pool. Today he even got a bit of a sunburn.

My daughter and one of her friends is here too, so he has folks closer to his age to talk with.

The weather here is simply gorgeous. We took in one of the flea markets today, and tomorrow we'll take in another one.

It's late now and they've all gone to bed. So I think I'll take Pogo and turn in too. You have a super night. Hugs, Edna B.