Saturday, March 21, 2015

Starting to feel like spring

This isn't my wagon.  I do have a similar one.  I don't remember where this picture came from.  Hope I took it and I don't get sued.  I really don't need to have that happen right now.  There is enough going on.
Now what you read may have you thinking I should be committed or you might feel bad for me.  Don't.  I'm sharing because it is quite the life right now for this white haired grammy.  And look at it as humor.

Since we relisted with the new person, I call her a shark, we have had six showings.  I know to some that may not be many.  It hasn't been two weeks yet.  The first week there was still a ton of snow.  We have had some nice days.  Like days without jacket days.  I am so ready to start my fairy gardens. 
Now for a story.....
Our realtor uses this centralized showing service.  They contact you by email, cell phone and home phone to schedule and to cancel appointments.  The realtors  that show the house also can fill in a survey and comments about how their clients liked the house.  They can be cruel.  They can make you feel just down right awful.  I'd say between bad and good with only 6 is about equal.  Standard stuff.....update, too much work, too little yard, (We only have 3/4 of an acre), on and on.  But let me tell you, no one has said it isn't clean.  This place is so freaking clean I can't even tell where I clean anymore.  No spring cleaning for me.  I still have lots to get rid of.  Just when you think you will tear into something you get another showing.  Let me tell you about our last showing.

It was scheduled for 3:00 on Thursday.  I try to leave a half hour ahead.  I turn on all the lights, make sure every room is good to go, I hide all the dog related items and the dogs and I take off.  This is where it gets complicated.  Little dog is struggling.  After every showing she can't walk.  I mean her back legs won't work.  So out the door we go.  We got in the car okay.  Big dog just about drags me while I am carrying little dog, their care items, a purse and whatever trash that needs to go out.  We drove around for awhile then went to get their French fries and me something to drink.  This time we get a call.  Client had to cancel as they were rushing their child to urgent care.  Okay, so we go home.
The next day they want to come at 4:15.  Okay all day I knew this time.  Somewhere around noon, I decided in my mind that it was the old time, 3.  So off we go about 2:30.  We get the French fries and drive and drive.  I got tired of driving so went back about 20 minutes earlier than usual.   We get out of the car and little dog that can't even walk half the time takes off.  I scream and scare my neighbor the very smart professor.  I doubt anyone yells at his house.  And I watch their kids once in a while.  Well, maybe not anymore.  But bless his heart he goes and scoops little dog up.  All the way to him she is looses her back legs and falling over.  He brought her to me as big dog is dragging me all over the place.   So in the house, turn off the lights, get all the dog stuff out.  Oh no,  it didn't look like anyone had been here.  So I go online and realize my mistake  I had already turned all the lights off and gotten all the dog things back out.  When I realize it's time they are already here.  (I should say this is actually the second time I messed up)  I run out to the car with little and big dog and big dog gets away from me.  This is only the second time in his life.  So he takes off.  I put little dog in the car and apologize as everyone is arriving.  I run back in and stash the dog items and turn on all the lights.  The whole time I am worried about big dog.  I go out and there he is.  He came home and the realtor has his leash. Now I have never met any of these people.  I must look like a looney tune in my pink Minnie Mouse sweatshirt having a hot flash.  SO off we go.  No French fries this time.  I am exhausted.  I drive a little bit and circle back home.  They are still in the house.  So I go to a neighborhood across the street and park.  Then we finally go back and in the house and you guessed it, lights off and dog stuff out and I crash.   ( I should mention both doggies got sick today, no more fries)
Why are we selling..........our house is real close to being paid off.  We want a small place with no mortgage and no yard work.  We are looking into our future.  We want to retire.  Well, I kinda already have.
Why is our house not selling.......who knows.  It's priced really low.  Actually one of the lowest price in our town.  Look it up if you want.  158 Spruce Drive, Granville, Ohio.  Yep, I just gave all of you in bloggy world my address.  But my home is splashed all over the place anyway.  If you search other Granville homes you will see how high priced they are.  If they aren't you will notice that the school isn't a Granville school.
Our house is a bi-level or it could be called a hillside ranch.  it was built in the 60's.  I have an aqua sink.  People don't think that is cool.  We don't have granite or stainless.  But it is a nice house. And notice it is a clean house.  My daughter in law says it isn't staged enough.  I am about staged out.  The little room with the porta crib has since been somewhat decluttered.
Okay that's about it about the house.
I should say that Miss Mabel was helping me look for a new house on Zillow.  She wants us to move next door to her.  I said we couldn't buy that house because it cost too much.  She said, "I've got ten dollars Grammy."  Then she said that she had a lot of money.  Two of her friends live next door to their grandparents.  And I lived next door to mine.  It's a good thing.  We are going to try to find something in the village.  Right now there is only one two bedroom condo.  It is a middle floor condo in an old house.  Another must is NO steps.
Now, I know this is long but you can stop anytime.  There isn't a quiz at the end.
Since our son vacated his little condo we are stuck with another 10 months on the lease.  NO, we aren't moving into it.  But we are looking for someone to rent it.  They can move in without a deposit because we paid that.  The landlady has to do a credit check and are you sitting down......WE have to show the apartment.  IS that crazy.  If the new tenant signs a year lease then we can get out of ours.  We loose the deposit of course.  We have paid the rent til April 15. 
Now, I told you, don't feel sorry for me or call the white jackets.  Life has always been like this for some reason.   It could be so much worse. 
I promise to keep you updated.....I'm sure you will be happy to hear that.  So come on spring and fairy gardens I am ready.  And hey, if we do sell and move, I can wheel that wagon with my fairy garden to my new little place.
Toodles says the crazy white haired lady.

Big Dog and Little Dog


Patti said...

Ok - I was really entertained reading this - and, I did think it was funny. But, not. You know what I mean. My little house is sitting empty while hubs is readying it for sale. The realtor said we needed to install granite. The white kitchen and beadboard is dated. WHAT! I can't wait to beadboard my new house and paint the kitchen cabs white. Things are beginning to sale here and prices are up a bit - now is the time, IMO. PRAYERS for your house to sell! Hugs, Patti

Julia said...

Hi Debbie, I just took a virtual tour of your house and the rooms all look very spacious and very clean and shiny... You should come and clean at my house...

I noticed that the furniture are light as opposed to be bulky and maybe they look out of proportion with the size of the rooms.

Today modern furnitures are heavy, sleek line and they all look the same to me. I can't get excited about the modern furniture but that's what the younger people want I guess.

I feel bad that your dog is having problem with his legs as you're trying to get away for the showing. I really hope someone will buy soon. You'll go nuts if this continue for to long.
Keeping my fingers crossed. for a quick sale.

Please don't take offence at my comment. It's ONLY MY opinion for what it's worth.

Thanks for the tour.


Blondie's Journal said...

You really know how to write an interesting post, Debby. First, I hope you make more progress in the selling. I remember having a home to sell after going through a divorce (shhhh, I've never mentioned this on my blog...I was veeeeery young). The house was being foreclosed on (Ex never helped at all after he left)and the realtor was telling me to fix this, change that and I was like...get real...if I had the money to fix it up I wouldn't be selling it!!

I know your story is different...I just thing realtors can be blind and insensitive sometimes.

So hurting over your pup and sending prayers.

Jane xxx

NanaDiana said...

Well, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry reading this post, Debby. Poor girl...and the worst was getting back to the house only to realize that you were home too early and had to leave again. I hope they gave you a good report anyway!

I hope your little dog is alright and the legs don't get worse.

I hope that the house sells quick and if you want to buy the house next to Mabel I will send you another $10. to match hers! So cute!

Have a good night, Debby- Hope the upcoming week is a better one! x Diana

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I hope your home sells quickly. I looked. It is very clean and spacious, and the lot is huge. Like you said, it needs a little updating, but it looks maintained, and you priced it accordingly. I really think that many buyers lack imagination, and some are a bit delusional about what money buys. xoxo

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know how hard it is my friend. We finally moved out of our house and sold it empty. It still took a long time but it was easier on us. I'm wishing you the very best and sending you some extra hugs. Sweet hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

oh my,,, stressful times, I hope it soon sells, and you can put this all behind you, I love your honesty, its refreshing!

vivian said...

lol.. oh dear! the humor.. the humor.. yes.. look on the bright side.. a good story to tell. worried about little dog though!
fingers crossed that someone finds your house to be the perfect home for them.
hang in there Deb!! ((hugs))
have a great week

Mereknits said...

Debby, my heart goes out to you with your selling the house and having to get someone to rent to condo. The right buyer will come, unfortunately it takes time. Selling a house and keeping it clean is never an easy time. Bless your heart! I am sending you good selling vibes.
Hang in there and thank you for being real and honest with all of us.

Edna B said...

What a wonderful story Deb. I feel so bad for Izzy. All this in and out of the house must be unsettling for her. Especially where she has problems with the hind legs. You are so patient and good to go along with all of this. I sure do hope you find a buyer for your house and a tenant for the condo.

I would have a really hard time if I were selling my house because I would not be leaving it or remodeling. I'm a take it or leave it person.

I did check out and order the BOOM. So far, it has done wonders for my elbows. Thanks.

Now I'm off to find some mischief for Pogo and me to get into. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I know it's stressful, but the whole time I was reading this post I was picturing this as a television comedy sit-com. Continued prayers for you and your sweet pups! The weather is breaking and I know it's just going to sell!!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

I just had to chuckle when I read the part about how you might not be watching the neighbor's children anymore. What a few days you've had!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

thank you for your comment on my blog. you are someone else, who has to eat Gluten Free. oh wow, you can understand how I miss real bread! -grin-

but you also know, how much below-the-waist-line troubles, we can have, if we go back to eating Gluten.


Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

you gave me an address, so of course, I went to your real estate listing! I love to see inside homes! :-))) but then, who doesn't?

lovely lot and green belt area. everything spick and span. good curb appeal, as they say.

my only thought, to move it along, is... take down and pack away _every_ bit of personal stuff.

mmmm, did you faint, at that one???? >,-) yes, you probably did! :-))))

but the idea of selling, is to let people picture their own stuff, in a house. a blank page, as it were. and with any of the present owner's personal stuff around, they see that. and can't picture their own stuff... in its place.

you love your personal stuff. it will be hard to do, I'm sure. but pack it up. when you sell, you can put it back out, in your new place. :-)

and I will now take my "busy-body-ness" elsewhere. :-)

gentle hugs,

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

-chuckle- by your stuff, I did not mean all the furniture! eeeek no! I mean all family photos, knick-knacks, wall hangings, door hangings, little chairs with teddy bears in them.... that kind of your stuff. easily portable.

I re-read my comment and had the awful thought.... perhaps it sounded as if I meant for you to clean out everything! and sleep on the floor! and eat take out, off of paper plates, till it sells! mmmmmmmm... no!



Arlene said...

The joys of having a house on the market!!Oh My. My Dear Husband says the next time we move it will be to the nursing home or the

Linda said...

You, my dear, are a lovely kind of crazy and I enjoyed this post so very much!!!!
Now I am off to stalk your world!! HAHAHA!!!

Linda said...

Okay! I'm back and I LOVE your house!!! I am praying the perfect owners show up soon and claim this gem!!