Monday, April 16, 2012

Angry Birds Part One (Make lemonaide out of lemons)

My girls all dressed up for the Angry Bird party at the game room at Easton Mall.
What, the party is cancelled? Yep, that's right. Supposedly the air conditioner blew up and ruined all the games. Lots of phone calls to cancel the guests. It's a good thing that Grampy and Grammy showed up with Doodle. There is always a party when these three get together. They were asked how they got to be such good friends. They said when we were babies and looked at me. My heart swelled a bit. Caring for these three from the time they were tiny, has made a bond that makes me so proud. So, what do you do after your party is cancelled? (After getting $30 worth of coupons for pizza, free toys, free rescheduled birthday party, all from the game room party people) You carry the angry bird cake and you" think as you go" forward.
So you go to Max and Erma's. The girls got to have their own booth. So funny as they all sat on the same side of the booth. We were in the booth behind them. The giggled and giggled. Three times, at least, Goose would fall out of the booth to the floor. So had to be there and know Goose. Hope and the girls got a special cookie, ice cream bar, and everyone singing to her.
Then you go to Build-a-Bear with your gift certificate from Grammy and Grampy. All three girls got just about everything they could have wanted.
On the way to Build-a-Bear, My DIL and I walked by a Bath and Body Works store. The lilac smell made us walk right in. The little girls followed, grabbing candles from the shelf just like the adults. Thank goodness there wasn't a disaster. Then we asked the guys for some money to buy the lilac candles. Then on to Build-a-Bear. We parted our ways after this stop. I think my son was tired of carrying the cake. Yes, he carried it everywhere. I suggested they take it home and freeze it since we would probably have the party again soon.
Hubby and I took Doodle and headed towards her home. Her parents were at another party so we went to the movies. Hubby wanted to see Hunger Games.......Doodle and I went to see The Lorax.
What a day.
The day before was Goose's first soccer game..........cancelled. Too much rain......a bit of a sad face. I can't wait to see her play. Her Daddy said she gets the ball and takes off.......all over the place.......and not towards the goal, hah.
These last two pictures were taken at Bob Evans where both sets of grandparents met on Hope's real birthday for dinner. You know your grandbabies are growing up when they do this when you take pictures and they ask for gift cards.
Hope's new hair style.......still makes me laugh. Okay my next picture went off into space. I will post it on another post as it deserves it's own post.
Out in Colorado, Eve was also having her 6th birthday party. (Waiting to get pictures to post)
It was the Big Foot party. Her Daddy had a special made pinata that looked like Big Foot........only to find out that the candy that was supposed to be inside wasn't in there. The first melt down. I guess there was a couple of meltdowns. I made Big Foot finger puppets for all the guests.....they will arrive tomorrow. Yes, you heard right, tomorrow......a day after the party. So as the saying goes..........When life gives you lemons make lemonaide..........that doesn't sound right.
PRAYING for all of you in the wake of the tornados. Wow, this weather is scary.



Julia said...

Aye Debby, I like your kind of lemonade. Who needs to go to movies with these cute little girls as entertainers. Sorry that the party got cancelled but it sure looks like they had plenty of fun on their own. JB

Kimberly said...

Seems like you had a great and busy day even though the party was cancelled. You made the best of it. I hope you have a good week, Debby!

Sue said...

I think you more than made up for the mishap with your alternate plans because it sure looks as if you had a blast! Grammy is a fun gal. :-) So are you ready to meet us at the Mt Vernon sale? I need to shop! LOL

NanaDiana said...

Well, it sounds like you had a great time in spite of some inconveniences! I love those kids, Debby! They are all just so danged cute. Love that your heart just "swelled a bit" to take them all in.

Our little SweetCheeks just signed u for soccer. Neither of her other older sisters play soccer. I asked her why she wanted to play and she said, "Cuz I like to KICK THINGS"..uh-oh...

Have a great week, Debby! xo Diana

Nan said...

I see that weather going on there and it's scary so many tornadoes. I hope you all will be safe.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Sounds like fun times.