Monday, March 14, 2011

Oh Gnomeo Oh Gnomeo

The girls took Grammy and Grampy to the movie.........even though it was the other way around..........what a cute movie. At first I thought, oh my we spent all this $$$$$ on a movie with yard ornaments that don't move. It wasn't long til we were all laughing. It was a cute movie. The girls are 5 and 7 but and they loved it. The best part was Elton John as a Gnome. Not to spoil the movie but the ending wasn't tragic.
The movie might have been cheaper if we didn't have to buy two icy drinks, two diet cokes, a large tub of popcorn, a big bag of Skittles and a big bag of Life Savor Gummies. Oh well, we had fun......lots of fun.


Donna said...

How sweet Debby! Makes me want to go to the movie embarassing! I'd have to go alone--tee-hee!


koralee said...

What great memories you are making for your grandaughters...they I am sure were thrilled with your date!

Thank you for visiting me the other day....your blog is so filled with LOVE and joy. xooxo Happy new week. xoxo

Creative Breathing said...

Happy Anniversary Debby! What a milestone. You have truly given us a wonderful glimpse into your life filled with such cuties as these two little ones. What a fun day you had. Please do let me know how I can help NO,NO NO thoughts of little ones here! I just knew someone might think this with my recent baby posts. Too funny! Thinking of you, Elizabeth

Barbara said...

I think it's absolutely wonderful that you took your granddaughters to the see Gnomio! I know it was fun.

Hugs XX

Genie said...

Debby, Debby, Debby.....I do not believe you did all that. You all are just tooooo sweet. I know the girls had the times of their lives, and I hope you ate your ### worth of that popcorn. All is well here in VA. I am FINALLY over the flu. Loved seeing the photos of the big event. Hugs, G

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a good time and I bet worth every penny spent. The girls look so sweet and cute! Hugs

Elly-My Everyday Things said...

Hi Debby! First of all, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment!
My daughter has been to this movie too, and she loved it!
Elly (from the Netherlands)

Emma Burgess said...

Hi Debby,

Sounds like lots of fun, I love it taking Bella to the movies. Special memories there. Hugs to you. Emma.