Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A caring heart

I had breakfast with a dear friend this morning. Actually she was my instructor when I was in college for my Early Childhood Degree. We were the same age and became friends and still are. She made this quilt for me. She said she was worried about me. Knowing she couldn't be with me after having two foot surgeries she said she made this quilt. She called it a "quilt as you go". She said she would gather scraps and sew as she was able to after her surgery. She wanted me to cover myself when I needed to feel loved. She says that when someone she cares about needs her prayers that she does something like this. Sometimes she sees something that reminds her of that person. She will place it where she sees it often and when she does it reminds her to pray for them. She says when the person no longer needs her prayers she gives them the item. She also said if that person doesn't pull through she gifts the family with the item. Isn't this just the greatest way to pray for someone. I just had to share with you.
We try to meet half way between our homes every couple of months. Sometimes our husbands go as well. One of us will most likely have a present for each other. It's funny because it just happens......not really for an occassion but "just because". She is going to be a grandma for the first time soon. I already have some gifts in mind that I would love to make for her.


Anonymous said...

How clever and what a wonderful way to remember to pray for someone and then to pass the gift sweet. The quilt is beautiful. I am glad you have such a loving and kind friend sweet Debby. Hugs

Genie said...

Debby...What a dear sweet friend you have. I cannot imagine any more meaningful gift at a time like this in your life as a handmade quilt. I know you are going to treasure for your lifetime. Take care and remember we area all thinking of you. G

Katherines Corner said...

What a beautiful gesture the quilt is gorgeous!Your blog is lovely, I'm so happy I found you! I'm following you now. Wishing you happiness, Katherine