Friday, March 25, 2011

Few Words Today

I am finishing up loose ends before I take off early Monday. Working today and going to visit with Doodle tonight. (Since our sleep over got cancelled last week-end) Tomorrow a 31 meeting and saying goodbye to Goose and K. Bug. Sunday a trip to see the Mom's. That takes a whole day. So laundry, house chores, phone calls are going to be squeezed in between. Wish the Hubby was going. I am sure Piper and Izzy will give him lots of attention while I am away.


The Bear's Blog said...

Oh, so sweet. They will all be fine.

Have fun & safe travel.


Cindy said...

Call me if you need anything in the prayer way. Hugs and have a great time!!

Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Home and Heart said...

Your "family" pics are lovely!! Love the one of you and hubby too!! Happy Spring!

Nan said...

Have a great trip.

Genie said...

My dear friend...Have a wonderful trip...those left at home will take care of themselves. I love it when you post the family photos. Some gals never even let us see what they look like so this is special. Take care and have a well earned happy respite from work. I had Thursday and Friday off for YWD’s Went to hematologist and blood work came back low but within the lowest of the normal range...oh, happy day! Dr. Mellidii is now having me return every 3 months and does not want the blood worked being done here in town. She wants to see me to keep a closer check on it, I made her a cup cozy in India’s colors and a little felt embroidered coaster for her tea cup and she was so happy. I just adore her and the feeling is mutual. If the blood goes south, I know I am in the best and most compassionate hands possible. Love you and think of you all the time....especially when at work. Hugs and XOXOXOX

Kimberly said...

Have a good trip!
doggies are sweet.

Relyn said...

Have lots of fun. I know you will. Happy spring.

paige said...

have a super day!!
thanks for the blog love this morning xo

Julia said...

Hi Debbie,

You have a fun week planned!! Hope you really have a good time. Thank you so much for the gifts!! I received them the other day and was so tickled. I just love it all! I posted about you on my blog:).


Donna said...

Have a nice trip Debby!

Donna said...

OH..That is so sweet the bunny from your hubby. Darling!

Denise Marie said...

fun stuff! Blessings on your 31 ventures.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wait..I remember visiting your blog just yesterday and left a comment. I admired that adorable photo of you and your handsome husband...and now I don't see it. I came over to see if you had posted again...and decided to read your comments...and...NO ME!
Hmm...this happens to me now and then...and I cannot for the life of me figure out why!
Hugs, and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my! :) I have heard from others about snow also..
It is supposed to cool down a bit for the weekend. I hope so!