Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Stuffies

This is the new cabinet I bought off the selling wall.  We have several online selling walls.  They are all local.  This was an IKEA cabinet. I had so many built in bookshelves in our old house.  I knew I would miss them and I do.  This cabinet is perfect for my little Steiff collection. It has grown this year.
My friend brought me the bunny and chipmunk from her travels to Germany.
The white teddy bear was a gift from my elder friend .  She brought it back from Germany for me ages ago.
The bigger bear we bought in St. Thomas while we were on a cruise.There wasn't a tag on it.  So we just agreed on $25.  The day after we returned my neighbor drug me out the door with sea legs from the cruise to a local toy store.  Hans Otto Steiff, nephew of Margaret Steiff was there autographing bears.  I don't think that store exists anymore.  They had the greatest section of Steiff.
The other bears were gifts from my Hubby.
The new Steiffs came from the doll show last weekend.  Hubby surprised me with the colorful duck.  I got the elephant because he was adorable.  He is a Disney Steiff from Junle Book.  I can't wait to see the movie.
I also got the Spaniel puppet for obvious reasons.
The teddy bear puppet I found in some play clothes.
I was a collector of bears before I collected dolls.  I have some dolls from my childhood.  I loved all my stuffies.  (My grandson calls them stuffies). When I was little at nighttime, I would put my dolls and stuffies in my bed.  Since there was no room left for me, I would sleep on the floor.  Then my dad would clear the bed and put me back in.
So that's how my doll and stuffie collection started.  Many moons ago.

A little funny...........
When I picked up Mabel from practice the other night, this happened.
A little girl and her dad were walking up the hill.  She was carrying her sports bag and he had her LaCrosse stick.  They both looked like they were a little tired and stressed.  The little girl said, "I am coming ALREADY."  Dad turned around and whacked her sports bag with the stick.  No, I would not have thought this was funny if he hit her.  But it was so funny.  Good for him.  Kids can be so rude and he nipped that in the butt, well in the back pack.



Betsy said...

I like your new cabinet to hold your stuffies. I would like one for my knitting supplies! I also like how that Dad didn't take any stuff off of his daughter. I agree about the rudeness and it's nice to see someone actually trying to stop it. Have a wonderful day.

Miss Merry said...

I am in love with your cabinet - what a find. Your collection of Stuffies are just precious.

Consider It All Joy said...

You do have a nice little collection of Steiff, Debby! The cabinet is perfect! Many Blessings, Cindy xo

vivian said...

nice cabinet! perfect place to keep some treasures. I have just a couple old steiffs, a lamb and a bear. both are pretty old. Theres a doll show coming up beginning of may and there is always a steiff dealer there. I love to see what she has. I would like to find an old steiff monkey! have a great day Deb! xoxo

Edna B said...

I love your new cabinet and all your stuffies. Phew! I am exhausted after reading how super busy you are. I applaud you! I remember days gone by when I used to be busy like that, but lately I'm sort of like a hermit. It's wonderful how you enjoy your family and friends. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

E said...

Love your Steiffs I have a bunny, a gift years ago from long gone boyfriend, not attached to it but cant seem to part with it, really nice stuffed animal! I can't believe you got the cabinet in your wee little car ! Keeping up with you on facebook, you doing any mini-ing? You got me started, and I am really having fun with my minis THX !! E