Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Last week and random pictures.

 I found this cute little Vera Bradley baby set online for $14 shipped.  The tag says $60,  I loved the box.  You can't see, but the sides look like a bed.  For the new baby, of course.  They have nothing.
 Quinny with his Crawlfish with many babies attached.
Tea Cup swap from Australia.  My daughter and I.
What a crazy week last week was. Monday I
took new things to my little vending "closet".  I also went to the bank and post office and unpacked.
Tuesday I met my mother at her oncologist appointment.
As far as mom's leukemia, she is stable.  She is one tough cookie.  Last year she was on death's door.  But I hadn't seen her for a couple months.  It was a little shocking as she didn't look well.  She looked her age, 89, and just not well.
 I just got home and started to rest and the phone rang.  The other grandma forgot to get Mabel and her brother.  So both parents were calling me and the kids.  Grammy off to the rescue.
On the way home I picked up a cute little white cabinet I got on the selling wall.  I will show a picture another time.  I have been warned to not bring home any more shelves or cabinets.  I also brought the cabinet home in my bug.  I'm going to put my Steiff collection in the glass shelves.  So  I just made it home in time  to get Mabel scooped up and taken to dance class.  Her mommy is/was in Vegas for Arbonne.  She is getting a Mercedes so that might explain how well she is doing.
Wednesday my friend made a two hour trip each way to see our cottage and catch up.  She started out as my college teacher and we became close friends.  She has Lupus and has to have an 8 hour fusion of chemo once a month .  She looks amazing.  She brought me a little plant and a pretty necklace that she bought on her travels.  We had a nice visit.  
Thursday was my doll club meeting .  It's a little drive for me as it is for others.  This was my third meeting so I was voted in as a member.  It's a national organization, so I am official, he he.  Once again the house where we met was full of beautiful dolls.  
I got home in time to let the dogs out.  I decided to take them with me to pick up Mabel from her LaCrosse practice.  She is six.  Well there must have been three hundred kids coming and going.  I know my son has 50 on the team he is coaching.  The dogs went crazy and I didn't dare get out.  A friend of my grandson's mom captured Mabel for me.  We just headed back here.
While I was at doll club, Bernice my elder friend needed me to get her mail.  Also my friend that moved south was in town and wanted to get together.  So that day was crazy.  Hubby came home and took Mabel to eat, and I joined them after my errands.
Friday I was meeting my friend Cindy at Panera.  She has stage 4 cancer after a long battle.  She is sad and worried about her adult daughters and her husband.  We talked about Heaven.  Another friend  that I will be loosing.  My friend that was in town was also Cindy's friend.  So I told her about meeting at Panera and she stopped by.  While we were there my friend from another town ended up being there.  So I got to see her.  We screamed and hugged each other.  I haven't seen her for about a year.  Our friends are so important and I want to see more of them not less.  
So, since I was in the same town as my Doodle, Laken, I went an picked her up and brought her back home with me.  Her mom came to get her and we went to Olive Garden for dinner.
We waited to see if Mabel needed to be rescued before we made plans on Saturday.  There was a doll show in Columbus from the national group.  So Larry went with me.  He didn't last long before he went and sat in the lobby.  Most were antique premier dolls.  Not many vintage.  But great little bears 
and Steiff.  The dolls were so expensive as I knew they would be.  One tiny bear that was 3" tall was $595.  Well hubby made a purchase from that lady  while I wasn't looking.  I got a Steiff dog puppet and a wonderful Steiff elephant.   He's a Disney from The Jungle Book.  So these will join my others in the new cabinet.  We also had lunch at the hotel where the show was.  We ran into several members of my club.
Sunday we had the church nursery and went out for lunch.  My son and our oldest granddaughter stopped by.  K. Bug turned 13 last week.  My granddaughter in Colorado turned 10 yesterday.
So today groceries were a priority and we will be dining in tonight.  Very little on the agenda this week, yippee.  Of course I could never not have a list of things to do in the cottage but I will enjoy not having to run.
I know this is a busy time of the year for all of us.  We haven't even gotten to any of the grands sport games.  But we will soon.  Most are an hour away for them and us.
Happy Spring!

A cute little baby and wagon I got online. 


Consider It All Joy said...

One of my nieces' was in LV as well, she has Mercedes and loves the company! You have been a busy woman! Hope you share pics of your new steiff pieces! Lots of people to pray for in your community of friend/family! Praying for peace! Blessings, Cindy xo

bj said...

Sounds like you've been busy...and your mom, still driving at 89 is amazing..glad she is doing better....

Betsy said...

My goodness you had a busy week. Mine was busy too, but there is no comparison. What fun to be able to be close enough to help out family when needed.