Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A trip to the garden center

A trip to our garden center, Wilsons.  It sits across the street from the huge Longaberger basket office.  I was out and about taking my son places yesterday.  I can't get less than a couple of miles from here without stopping in.  Besides I need some fairy supplies.  Plants actually and some stones.  While my son scooped three small bags of stones, I took pictures.  Needless to say this was not fun for him.  But he did enjoy going out to lunch with me.

I love their little tiny pots of plants.  Some are expensive.  I buy the $2.99 ones.  Since I have a brown thumb, I have to replace a lot of them.  Like for my tool box garden,  I didn't plant them soon enough and one won't make it.  Plus we are still having freeze warnings this week.
The birdies aren't going to get a bath here.
This is my favorite hardy plant.  The furniture reminds me of the set that I just got.  I still see that set for $50 and I paid $17.  Mine has 6 pieces.
I just loved these guys. I forgot to check the price.
You can kinda tell that the same person has done all their samples, can't you.
Something else I spied.
It's just a pretty place to visit on a cloudy, cold day.  Trust me, when it is just a bit warm, this place can be a hot box.
What's happening here
Our daughter in law is feeling better.  She is home now and loving being with her family.  She has lots of restrictions and receiving meds, shots and blood test daily right now.  Thank you so much for praying.  Thank you Diana for asking for prayers.  I know they work.  Sometimes when you are caught up in it all, you need help on the outside.  It seemed that things were at a stand still until the prayer warriors took over.  Thank you so much.
Our little Church in the Mall, has a saying "Where hope is found."  This Sunday there was someone there for Compassion Sunday about adopting needy children abroad.  They shared a video of the children waiting for sponsors and how excited they get when they are sponsored. Our oldest granddaughter was there and her middle name just happens to be Hope.  She and her friend spent the whole sermon going over 15 applicants to choose one to adopt.  It was so heartwarming to watch them read and compare the children.  At  first my granddaughter choose this little boy because he wasn't cute and looked so sad.  I thought she would go for a cute little toddler.  After reading and talking it over with her friend she choose a five year old girl with the saddest face.  She said she choose her because she was one of seven and probably needed this more than others.  The money each month goes for all kinds of things.  Grampy and I said we would pay the monthly donation for her.  They have the child write letters and our granddaughter will get letters and pictures and she will write to her. 
Life is returning to normal, whatever that is.  Showings are slowing down but there has been interest.  Nothing available to buy though.  Homes are going into contract fast.  Condos, one floor plans, prices all around our price.  Of course, here if you live in the village and your home is 100 years old, it will sell right away.  We live in a sub division in the country and have a well and septic.  Our house was built in the 60's.  Buyers want everything brand new for any price range that they are in.  We are starting to question, why we are selling.  We want smaller but we don't want to just "settle."  We are discouraged as soon it will be two months without an offer.  We will receive great feedback and interest and then reviews that bring you to tears. 
Yesterday one of my good friends that moved to South Carolina was back for a couple of days for a funeral. She had little time to visit.  She drove from her hotel 40 minutes away just to have coffee for less than a hour with me.  Wasn't that sweet.
They're doing construction all over our little.  Right next to the coffee shop they had the sidewalk torn out (gas line, I think) and they were getting ready to pour concrete.  There was a plank to cross.  It was about 4 feet.  I walked up and said to the construction guy, "Do you want me to jump across or walk the plank."  He was really serious and said yes, you can cross.  Then on the other side about 5 of his co-workers said they wanted to see me jump.  As I walked away, one of them was telling the others that the other day a lady, that was younger.......  I didn't here the rest but thought that was funny.  When we left the coffee shop we had to walk in the street around the trucks in the road.  Today you probably won't be able to even see where they were working.
So today is going to be a good day, the sun is shining, and I am going to chase away the blues.


Julia said...

I'm so glad your daughter in law is home with her family. Prayers do work... Sorry you have some blues to chase away but I can understand that not selling your house would be a downer over all your other troubles.

I was wondering the same as you, why do you feel the need to sell? I can understand the need to down size as we grow older.
Maybe you've been around miniatures too long, hehe, I couldn't resist.... No, seriously, those miniature fairy gardens are all the rage, aren't they. Some are really irresistible.

The weather is stalling our roof crew and it's been so bad, they have started working in the sun and it turned to rain, hail and snow and wind. Seriously, not good weather for roofing a large house.

They have the upper roof in the front done and new soffit. It will look a lot better than the rotten trim we had before.

Have a great day Debbie.

NanaDiana said...

So many GOOD things, Debby. Glad your DIL is improving (and you are most welcome for the prayer request I did)....your friend came to see you....your house hasn't sold because there is nothing that is "right" for you to be found just yet...all in good time!

Your fairy stuff is so sweet and I love that shop and all the flowers and things they have.

Have a blessed day, Debby-xo Diana

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm so glad your daughter in law continues to improve. She'll really have to take care. Love the sweet fairy garden pretties. I've always wanted to make on of these. Enjoy your week my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

Musings from Kim K. said...

Such wonderful news about your DIL.
What a relief that she is home with her family.

I'm glad you are finding time to get out. All those fairy garden accessories are just darling!

Continued well wishes about your home.

Consider It All Joy said...

Every day is a good day when we get to wake up! Yes!!
So happy to read your DIL is doing better!
Such cute little fairy gardens, seems like a bit of work to put them together and my grands would probably take them apart to play with the pieces, but they are sure fun to look at!
Have yourself a beautiful day!
Blessings, Cindy xoxo

vivian said...

so glad your DIL is home. I always count on the prayers of others when something is going on. we need to hold each other up. I wish things with your house were going the way you want them too. maybe God wants you to stay put.. or maybe just at least for now. Id love to move out of my little old falling apart house.. but I shall probably live here for the rest of my life. lol! (I do hope thats a long time! lo.!)
have a great day Deb!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

I love the miniature gardens. Glad your daughter-in-law is doing better. Enjoy your spring!

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, you have been busy. You are so creative. I love it.

Edna B said...

I wondered when you might start to wonder why you want to sell. You have a really lovely home, and you are quite comfy in it. It has room for all the things you love. I may have mentioned this before, but have you looked into a reverse mortgage? I don't know your age, but if you are in the right age bracket, it would be worth it to look into it.

I love your little gardens. Those photos from the garden center are wonderful. I have to stay away from these places because I tend to go cuckoo with the buying. I love plants and garden things.

I'm so glad to hear that your DIL is doing better now. You are right, it is a beautiful day!! Hugs, Edna B.

tammy j said...

such good news about your lovely daughter in law.
and as to the blues....
i expect you might just be exhausted.
you've had some very heavy things to endure lately. often worry over someone we love is harder than having it ourselves!
and as to selling...
perhaps you really want to stay...
in your deepest heart of hearts.
sometimes the universe sends us what we truly want... rather than what we think we want!
just a thought! LOL.
and your little miniature gardens... enchanting.

Jill said...

Love all the delightful displays! Fairy gardens are the most fun thing to do, so many ways to get creative. We do them every year. I've always wanted to see the Longerberger basket place. Perhaps one day we will take a drive out that way.
So happy your daughter in law continues to improve!


tammy j said...

oh debby
as the others... i'm SO glad your beautiful daughter in law is better.
it's sometimes harder to worry about someone and hurt for them than if we had the illness ourselves.
i suspect your feeling of blues might have to do with simple exhaustion!
the tiny gardens are enchanting.
and your selling your home...
maybe deep in your heart it's not what you truly want. sometimes the universe gives us what we want rather than what we think we want! maybe. i don't know.
but it's a lovely home and with all your grandchildren and children coming over ... it must be nice to feel it's the 'homeplace' of the family!
XOXO♥ rest dear bean. rest some.

tammy j said...

i was on here earlier and left a message and my computer kicked me off the network! i thought it didn't take it.
it is now obvious that my message was there ... and i didn't check when i came back to leave a new one.
so NOW you have THREE messages from me!!!

Jen @ The Light Laughed said...

I'm glad to hear that your DIL is getting better. And thanks to Diana for mentioning it on her blog.

Those fairy gardens certainly are the rage, even our local pharmacy is selling trinkets for them. Who ever started that trend is raking in the big bucks.


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

That is cheerful nursery, and I love your fanciful fairy gardens. That's good news in regards to your DIL as well. That's too bad about the house. Some people are not realistic about what money buys. Just keep in mind when shopping for a condo/town home that there are monthly fees, and some have external deferred maintenance, and one could get hit hard with an assessment. xoxo Su

20 North Ora said...

So glad your DIL is doing better and is at home. Being at home means so much. Love all of the fairy garden photos.


A Joyful Cottage said...

I love to go to garden centers when it's still too cold to plant. It inspires me. I'm glad your daughter-in-law is doing better. Nice of Diana to ask for prayers. Two months without an offer on your home isn't all that long. I've known people here who have had their houses on the market for years. It will happen when the time is right. Take care. ~ Nancy

Anonymous said...

where hope is found, thats beautiful, what a relief you daughter inlaw is recovering, what a scare, I was wondering how she was.
That is such a lovely garden centre , I love the up turned mushrooms with the dwarf swinging on swings, thats so cute!