Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Goofy little santas

One of the things I wasn't going to do this year was Christmas cards.  I have always done them.  I usually write a Christmas letter as well.  Even though there were some "hey, look what my kid did" there was also all the downer things.  I always used humor to tell my story.  I used to think all year long about things I would write in my Christmas letter.  I think when I started blogging and using Facebook, I don't think I needed to do the letter.  I did such a small one last year .  I have nothing new to tell friends and family this year.  Not worth writing about.
Then figure in that my address book has gone missing or months now, I decided to skip the cards and letter.
So, what happens yesterday when I got my first card.  The friend sending the card,  told me how much she enjoyed both.  Oh man.  So, of course, I spent all night last night looking online for photo cards.  I was going to put my dogs on my cards this year.  When I put the grands on the card all the parents say they didn't like a certain picture of their child.  It was also hard finding the pics.  I only use ones taken on my cameras (usually).  That way  I look at it, it's my picture to do what I want to.  I sound pretty tough don't I.
So I didn't find anything that worked for me.  After looking at prices and not looking forward to waiting on the pictures to come in the mail, I used Pic Monkey to edit  this picture.  It was the best of the bunch.  I had them sent to Walgreens and they will be ready in a couple of hours.  I am a little afraid that fishing guy on the left, may have been cut off.  When I viewed it, it looked okay, but I have had that problem in the past.
You can see the outtakes of this session farther down. 
I decided I had a few cute note cards that I had already purchased and I would send a few cards to those I heard from.  You know, because of the address book thing.
I couldn't crop out all that food on the table because I needed the width.  So I will cut off as much of the food as possible and then take it in the inside of my cards with washi tape.
I think that I wrote that pitiful post yesterday about not letting the stress get to you,   well, I think I wrote that because I can control that stress.  I'm not a "have to be in control" kind of person.  I am one that likes to know what the future holds.  But sometimes I feel it's useless to plan ahead.  So to be really honest there are things going on that I have no control over.  I can't go into detail but most have to do with my adopted son.  I'll just say because of his ability to not make good decisions (which he so thinks he's able) he can let people control him and not see where that is headed.
I was so distracted yesterday that I forgot to pick my grands up from school.  Their mom hadn't told me where to get them and she usually calls the day I am on duty.  She was home so it was ok.  I felt really bad.  My DIL said she would take them to her studio and I could pick them up there.  So I rushed out the door grabbing my cell phone and the charger.  The charger felt like my car key.  Guess what happened next.  I was locked out of my house and my car.  It was cold out but thank heavens , my neighbor had a spare key for our house.  So glad she was home  Soon I was on my way.  So I pull into a parking spot and my little darlings ran to my car and hopped in the back seat and buckled up  They had their winter hats on and their backpacks.  They didn't care.  Then when I took them to their house, Rudy the puppy was so excited to see me.  This dog loves me and is so silly around me.  Of course, I love that.
So today I sat at home and didn't answer the phone everytime that certain person called.  Nope, I didn't answer.  I didn't go anywhere.  I do need to get ready to head out the door to go to K. Bug's musical tonight.  That will help.
But here is the good news...........all of my tests have come out okay.  Even my sleep study.  I don't have apnea.  It did show the low oxygen levels but they aren't from apnea.  At the bottom of the 4 page report it stated that the oxygen level reader wasn't working right.  All I can say is that's what they always tell me in the hospital, they take the pulse ox thingie off and say it isn't working.  I will address that sometime in the near future with the doctor.
Here are the outtakes....................

Trust me, there were a lot more.  Little stinkers.


Susie said...

Good for you Debby...getting good reports. I bet you almost died when your remembered the kids....I probably would have cried. I don't like if I forget something important. LOL. It worked out okay. God is watching you Debby. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

They look like they're having a good time - such cuties. That's great that you don't have sleep apnea!

Cozy Little House said...

Wow, you've had a streak of bad luck! Hopefully good times ahead.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

It is difficult to break with tradition - good luck and Merry Christmas!

vivian said...

oh that dreadful sinking panicked feeling when you suddenly remember something important that youve forgotten! hate that! lol! alls well that ends well though!Im glad your tests have come back good. You dont need to have to worry about your health on top of the other stressors! Have a great day my friend

Art and Sand said...

I am sorry for laughing at the keys and locked house story, but after everything you had already said, it was obvious that something more would go wrong. If we saw it in a movie we would think it was contrived. But, in real life when a few things go wrong, then it seems like a bunch more crazy things happen.

Have a great day today!

Jane said...

Hope things will pick up soon! Glad your health reports were good. Such a cute photo for your Christmas card!

Edna B said...

Debby, your photo of the children wearing Santa hats is adorable. It will make a great card! I'm so glad your tests came out good. This must be quite a relief off your mind.

Hopefully your son will be able to figure things out soon. Meanwhile, enjoy all these beautiful little ones. They are such treasures. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.