Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas cuties

I just got this as a gift from Doodle.  I have never seen one of these.  I have tried to show several views so that you could make one yourself.  If not you can see the card and you can order one.
Can you guess what it is?  It's a vintage kindle holder.  I could see it adapted for a other electronics, or a Bible.  The outside is an old book cover.  It is held together with a ribbon or fabric like a strap or a belt.
I like the words on this book.

 Can you read what the other side of the tag says.  Sorry the price must have been on the last word.
The inside reminds me of the pillow cases that my grandmother used to make.  See those Velcro square........they are used so your kindle will attach to the book.  The page is to show you how it can look.

So easy and a fun gift.  Let me know if you make one.
Next is something Santa just send me.  He He.  I love this artist and have purchased prints from her. She made this ornament from a print of hers.  That's me and Hubby in front of our "someday" camper.  Check out the back.  Class.  I love woodburning.  I want to get a set.  I love the smell.

and one last photo (Oh don't worry, I have more to say.)  I have never done this before but I was drawn into this Go Fund Me project.  I donated a small amount and this was sent to me.    They rescue goats and have started a goat farm.  They are a young couple with a little baby.  What a great way to start a business.  They were different gifts for different levels of donating.  But, I did it because of what they are doing.  Once my uncle gave me two goats as a joke to my parents.  I loved them.  They were left in our basement as a surprise.  We had nothing prepared to take care of them.  They ate clothes of the clothes lines and helped themselves to the neighbors roses.  I think we had them for two weeks.  I was attached but my parents saw them as a pain in the neck.  I remember going next door to my grandparents and crying, " Dad said the damn goats have to go."  Those were his words.  I didn't know he was in their house as well.  So on a Sunday we took them to a goat farm.  My parents took me to some little amusement park afterwards.  That was a rare occasion since we had Indian Lake Amusement Park so close to home.  I was sad.  Bad joke to play on a little kid.  I was only about 5.  So rescuing goats kinda touched my heart.

I must go for now.  Lots to do.  Not sure if we are having a showing tomorrow or not, since I told them I needed more time. 


NanaDiana said...

Oh- That is sad, Debby. Glad you did a donation for the goats. We had a goat on the farm for several years. He would chew himself loose from his tether and eat the clothes that were on the line. One day we looked out and he was standing on top of my Dad's truck. I have a picture of that somewhere. lol xo Diana

Gina said...

The kindle holder is so pretty!

I think it's great that you donated to the goats. It's funny how things that happen to us when we're kids, never leave us.

Consider It All Joy said...

You got some Fun things in the mail, didn't you?!?! I love the camper picture, so fun! Blessings to you Debby!