Monday, November 3, 2014

What a bunch of characters

Halloween is so much fun for the kids.  They get so excited just thinking about it.  And then after the candy, they are really EXCITED.  Our elementary school has a parade every year.  They all walk around the block and the parents and grandparents gather to watch them.  This year it  turned suddenly cold and rainy.  They couldn't decide whether to have it inside or outside.  Most of the spectators went inside the school.  We all stood their as the kindies and the first graders paraded by, then nothing.  Here the parade was going on outside and we didn't know.  So it was very confusing.  No chance for good pictures.  So these pics were done very quickly.  Afterwards,  I went to all three grandchildren's classes to say hi and to get another picture.
Of course we had an Elsa.  Isn't her teacher pretty.  I swear Mabel was truly playing the part of a princess.  Her mom got her dress on sale before Halloween.  It wasn't really a costume just a pretend dress.  So imagine Mabel's surprise when her best friend had the same dress.

Miss Goose was a cat.  She's such a petite eight year old.

Here we all are standing waiting on the parade that was already happening and we didn't know it.  And Mabel and her new BFF.  Thank goodness she has found other friends.

Here is M. coming back from the parade.  He's the one in the rainbow wig.  I don't like these costumes but the guys sure do.

He is much cuter in this picture.  Of course he is being behaved.  (Hah, his words)

I didn't get to see the oldest in her costume.  They don't dress at her school.  She dressed as Spiderman, that's our K.T. Bug.  Once she was batman.
After the parade I headed out to some barn sales that were going on together.  There was one at Antebellum Farm.  No wonder I never found it before, since I was going to wrong way.  This time I almost didn't make it either.  Now, this isn't really funny but it kinda is.  I knew I wasn't going in the right direction, so I pulled into a church and turned around.  There is a traffic light there, so I waited til the cars went by.  Then one car stopped and motioned for me to go.  I swear I did look to see if someone was coming.  When I started out this lady started going crazy inside her car.  I thought, wow,  I must have made her mad for some reason.  Then she took both hands and slapped the side of her face.  I was like .....what the heck.  I turned and looked behind me and there was a huge semi.  He must have seen me because he was going slowly and not bearing down the brakes or honking at me.  So the kind lady that let me out was trying to stop me from getting hit by a semi.  Anyhow, I kept thinking of her face and sorry, I thought it was funny.  Of course, it could have been really not funny.
So, I went to one of the other sales, shopped and then got directions.  I went to two of the barn sales and to another décor shops that I had a birthday coupon to use.  I got a few items and decided to forgo the industrial barn sale.  It was cold and it was time for trick or treaters at home.

This picture is out of place.  These are my Colorado kids.  I think you can guess what my granddaughter was.  She looks pretty good.  That girl loves to wear makeup at 8.  Mom is always telling her to go back in the house and wash her face.  I think it comes from being in dance recitals.  Now Little Q. our avid fisherman, was a angler fish.  His teeth lit up. Well the fish's teeth.  Not sure what happened to his eyes, hah.
Last year we didn't have one beggar.  They all go into the village and go down one street.  But this year we had our neighbors. So glad they stopped over.  They got all the candy.
This person was a Grandma.  The shirt says "This is my grandma costume".  I had a camera and pictures.  So like all grandmas, I would ask, "Would you like to see my pictures."  I wore this to my son and dil's house after the kids were done going house to house.  They had a party where all there friends gathered after that.  Talk about cold little kids.  They were wet and had freezing hands.  It's so funny as different dads (moms stayed at the house nice and warm) came back with different kids.  They all went to high school together and have remained great friends.  Even after being gone for so many years attending and graduating college, military service and 7 years in Colorado, my son and his wife just took off right where they left off.  Hubby and I were the oldies at the party but it was fun talking to these now grown ups.
Mabel and Grammy ended up being a little croupy after the cold day on Friday.  Mabel spent most of the week-end with us.  Lots was going on at the Fitness studio and she wanted to come and spend five days with us.  Well, it was only one overnight but she'll be back next week-end.
Loved the "fall back".  A little extra rest helped me bounce back.
Back soon with what I found on that rainy day.
I will leave you with this picture.  Underneath that mask was a sweet little girl in a princess costume, hah.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh the costumes are such fun and you look very pretty in your cute shirt. I love the photo of the 2 girls dressed alike, from the sweet! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs!

Susie said...

Debby, A lot of thought in some of those costumes. My favorites are the little princesses and the cat. xoxo,Susie

Julia said...

Your granddaughter looks just like a reel princess.
Having the kids dress up for Halloween is so much fun.
I didn't even had time to decorate for Halloween this year. Maybe next year. It all takes time but so much fun.

My daughter Christine sure makes up for what I lack, even working full time and with two small kids, she still finds time to make costumes every year. This year she didn't had time to make a new one for her husband so he wore one of his old costumes. he's got quite a few.

We have snow and it's cold.
Stay warm and cosy.

NanaDiana said...

You got some good pictures. I think it is funny that your grand and her best friend both had the same outfit and it wasn't even really a costume. lol

We did not get a single trick or treater this year. We are just out too far.

Love YOUR costume, too. I am surprised you didn't go as a clown!!!! xo Diana

Edna B said...

What wonderful photos of the kids enjoying their Halloween. I miss this. We don't have kids close by where I live so I don't get to see many costumes or trick or treaters.

We had snow yesterday, but today is just gorgeous. Pogo and I will go out for lunch and visit with a friend. Can't waste this beautiful day.

You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Darling costumes. Glad everyone enjoyed Halloween (and you didn't get harmed by the semi). It certainly was a cold and wet Halloween at our house but we made the most of it! Happy November!

Sue said...

Know you like Halloween! Kiddos all looked cute. Friday nite was a bust for trick-or-treaters here. I had about 16 kids- it was cold and rainy. Murph was home or I would've just turned out the lites and hidden. LOL
Think of a Friday to meet up at Polly's, ok? M wants to go on an outing. He had another quickie eye surgery on Wed. but is wanting to get out of town. Call me soon. :-)

Junebug said...

Don't kids have fun dressing up!! I love your costume, my style!! I don't eve get any kids trick or treating at my house. They like the new developments.

Can't wait to see what you got at the sales!! Hugs!!

Kelly said...

All of your grandkids look so cute in their costumes! I expected Elsa to be a popular this year.

White Lace and Promises said...

What a fun night. Don't we just love our kiddos. Cute, cute, cute. That little man is going to be a heartthrob. Probably already is.

Relyn Lawson said...

He's actually really cute. It's a shame to cover up those gorgeous peepers.

bj said...

How cute they all are. What would we do without grands??:)

Little Susie Home Maker said...

What wonderful costumes. Sounds like to ask enjoyed yourselves so much! I for one am glad you didn't get hit by that truck!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

What wonderful costumes. Sounds like to ask enjoyed yourselves so much! I for one am glad you didn't get hit by that truck!