Thursday, October 23, 2014

I ran across this picture , so I took a pic of the pic.  This was our little cottage.  The picture is about 10 years old.  The other side is cuter as it had some gingerbread trim and a screened in porch.  The cottage was on 2 lots, the one on the right that you can't see was the yard and drive.  We were a short walk from our boat dock.  We had a new wonderful boat.  Having the cottage and the boat were so much fun.  It got so the last year we just didn't get to go there.  It was only a few minutes from our home.  At the time our youngest was still living with us.   The neighborhood close to the cottage wasn't the best of places for him to find friends.  The lake there is dirty, shallow but pretty.  It was a one bedroom.  Only 700 square feet but oh so cute.  A bay window in the bedroom.  Beautiful woodwork in kitchen and family room and with a fireplace.  It had been redone soon before we bought it.  The utility bills were so high in the winter even with very little heat on.  The cottage was 100 years old and needed better insulation.  I don't think I was sad when we sold it but have been ever since.  The new people redid everything and it doesn't look like it did before.  So there it is, the cottage we used to have.

I thought I better get these pictures posted as the fall sports have ended and we are going into basketball. 

This is our little football star.  He's the little orange guy closest to the camera.  Do you know what he is doing.  He is watching the quarterback to see where he is throwing the ball so he can catch it.  He was really good at interceptions.  He made the last couple of games pretty exciting.

These guys are my sons.
And these darlings are their kids, except for the tallest.  She is our K. Bug's best friend.  So funny because I was her big sister's pre-school teacher and I took care of her in Kindy.  Her mom and are are good friends.  She is a lot younger than I am but just the sweetest person ever.

And here they are again.  Oh to be 11 again.  Such nice young girls.
Let's see where I left off from the last post.  if you are in a hurry maybe you should skip this.
Sunday as a birthday present my DIL was going to take me shopping.  She had to cancel and then I had to cancel our rescheduled date today.  (I have this bug that is just hanging on and it doesn't get better or worse.  I have been getting dizzy.  My chest feels tight.  It's not a cold maybe bronchial asthma.  I found my inhaler that hadn't expired,  so I am trying that.  Maybe I will call the doctor if that doesn't work.)  Okay my DIL, the fitness nutrition one , wants me to get new shoes (what, no crocs), a fitted bra (hmmm, no sports bra, but they are so comfortable) and a new outfit.(I'm sure she means something that isn't comfortable)  Anywhooooo.......I wanted to go to see the movie (I know, 2 in a month) "The Best of Me".   As we are waiting to see if the Ebola virus spreads,  if it does, I won't be going to the movies.  We heard how sad it was.  We didn't cry. But I did scream outloud and jumped out of my seat.  Hubby said I was the only one acting like that.  I doubt that.  I have only done this one other time at the movie "Wait until Dark", many moons ago.  But you have to factor in that I don't go to scary movies.   That might be the reason why.  It was a really good movie........not really scary, just one part.
After we returned home and were just about to go to bed, I get a phone call.  Talk about a shock.  It was my son's birth sister.  This has nothing to do with him just finding his birth mom.  He actually found this sister a couple years ago.  She was told she didn't have a brother.  I think I may have told you this story before.  She was upset and wanting to know what I knew about her and her adoption.  Her adopted mother said she didn't even know where she was born.  Well K. (his sister) found the birth certificate and knew that was another lie.  The lies went on and on.  These all coming to her the past few years because didn't know before.  She certainly was told things about our son that weren't the truth.  I didn't say things about her mother just stated the facts.  It was an hour long conversation, with her crying the entire time.  I wanted to reach through that phone and love the little girl we had known and loved.  She was promised to be a part of our lives.  As soon as her parents adopted her we were not allowed to see her.  Also about three years ago her adoptive father was murdered.  I have mentioned that before as well.  K. knows how to reach me but I don't know how to get ahold of her.  She doesn't remember that we were close to her and probably not looking for a relationship.  Once again, I see a little three year old that I want to protect.  If she never calls again, I will be okay.  I'd love to see her but she has to make that move.  I don't get why educated people don't realize that this is 2014 and they can find things out easily.  I might just be a tad bit afraid of what her mother might say or do to me.  I am not joking.
Also, not joking, I am a little worried about another thing that happened.  Not sure how to explain this.  Someone that was sent to our house to do services by another company is under investigation.  He was so nice.  He also came back to see if everything was okay just a couple weeks ago when he was at the neighbor's house.  That is the scary part.  So since I haven't left the house all week, I am locking my doors.
Geez Louise.  I don't have to even leave the house to get myself in trouble.
So sorry for what has happened in Canada.  Another tragedy.  So sad.
This is a long post for someone that never left the house, isn't it?


Connie said...

Hello Debby, your grand-kids are adorable, but you don't me to tell you that, right, LOL. I love your cottage; I am sure that it was an amazing place to get away from it all. So cute. Your photos make me think of Indiana (the place of my birth) I haven't been back there in about ten years, but I have such fond memories of growing up in a part of the country that I think is so beautiful, especially this time of the year:) Here in Washington there is a green side of the state and a desert side, we live on the desert side, so I really miss all the trees and fall color. We have trees, but the trees we have, have all been planted at one time or another, no forest and woodlands. Thank you for sharing your family and bits of your life. This was a lovely and interesting post.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Your blogging sister,

Cozy Little House said...

Well, I don't hear much news, so guess I had better start googling. I'm not much for tv and I don't have a radio and never listen to it in the car. Your little cottage...oh, your little cottage. I would have loved to have that sweet little abode!

Julia said...

Oh my goodness Debby, there's never a dull moment in your life.
Too bad the mom has been lying so much and destroying what's left of your son's sister identity. The mom sounds like a pathological liar.

You son's sister really needs counselling by professionals.

I love that little cottage. A great little get away.
What a beautiful family you have.

I hope that all will turn out all right.

Anonymous said...

so much going on in your lie and I don't blame you for feeling nervous, that was a lovely cottage but hey are an expense aren't they,,, take are, hope you feel better soon,

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Life does get so very complicated. I enjoyed seeing a photo of the cottage, too. Time just keeps going on, doesn't it? Enjoy your sweet family. And I hope you feel much better tonight! Hugs, Diane

Jann Olson said...

Love the little cottage. I'm sure you do miss it, but you have the cherished memories. the grands are too cute!! Hope you're feeling better!

NanaDiana said...

Well, it was a long post but I read every word. I am so sorry about that thing with K...and we talked about it before. It is just awful and I hope that she does contact you again (except for her "mother" being around). She does sound scary.

I hope that you start feeling better so you can get out and buy that new bra that you so desperately need. lol and some REAL shoes!

Your old cottage was just adorable. We let ours go to another family member several years ago and I still miss it at times.

Your sons and grandkids are all just lovely, Debby. You are so blessed to have some sweet family that loves you that you can loe back.

For being "housebound" you are living a pretty exciting life!!!! xo Diana

Musings from Kim K. said...

Now I understand why you've shared your cottage with me as we've been working on our a-frame remodel. It was adorable. I'm sure you had lovely memories there. Take good care of yourself. You have enough stress right now and I don't like hearing that you have a lingering chest cold. Love up those grands. Halloween hugs!!!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Oh my, Debby. I read all the way through your post and am baffled at how people complicate their lives. And then it overflows into other lives, like yours. Well, I hope you will not let it get to you. Your little cottage was sweet. I'm sure you had good times there. xxx ~ Nancy

Delena said...

Your cabin was so cozy looking and I am sure you made lots of wonderful memories there. Thanks for visiting my blog often and your sweet comments. We are lucky to go south but I sure do miss my grandchildren and now that I have a great grandchild it is getting even harder. I know they all have their own lifes but my tummy still hurts at this time of the year when leave.