Saturday, October 18, 2014

A beautiful fall n

I really thought this fall wouldn't have the colors as years past.  It seemed everything turned so quickly, like just a week ago.  The colors are amazing.  I heard on the radio that because of the cooler  temps that it is more colorful this year.  It may only last a couple of week's but it really is breathtaking.  I tried getting pictures but  today was dark and rainy and they just didn't turn out well.
I saw this dog and thought he was a statue.  He stayed in this position the whole time I was taking his picture.  Isn't he handsome.
Here it looks like most of the leaves have fallen, but they haven't.
We have mostly pines and spruce trees but this is our backyard.
My favorite road in the fall.  Wish the picture was better.
I tore down the fairy gardens.  These little goodies were a birthday gift.  See the witches legs.
Most of my plants have seen better days.  It's too cold now for them to grow.  The chair, little bench and plant stand were all "finds".
Just a little bit of my porch.  I will add some Halloween soon.
I have been hearing a lot about Christmas lately.  Geez, it is getting closer.  I sure would love to hear ideas on homemade gift ideas.
Our Hobby Lobby took over our Michaels' store.  It has doubled in size.  Neither store was ever very busy, but you should have seen the people there today.  I miss Michaels'.   The new HL was nice but pretty much the same as the other one.

I imagine most of you are following the Ebola crisis.  It is scary.  I think we will know in a couple of weeks how contagious it is.  If no more cases come up or if those exposed come down with it.  I can't believe how many were exposed when the nurse flew from Texas to Ohio and then back again.  So far all you hear about is Ohio and Texas.  Yep, I am from Ohio.  Then when I heard about the guy on the cruise ship.  Are you kidding me.  That would spread it all over the world.  I was just looking online for tickets to go see our family in Colorado at Christmas.  I'm holding off booking til we know more.

Well, I think I will start my Christmas list........only kidding.


NanaDiana said...

The color really is beautiful this year, Debby. Your area is pretty and I always love to see your photos.

That ebola is a scary thing. I am hoping that they are erring on the side of being over-protective and that it does not turn into a nation wide thing. It is scary when you think about how interactive the whole world is now.....and how easily we get from point a to point b.

Hanging on here, too. xo Diana

Julia said...

The colors are spectacular and I wish they would last longer. All the leaves have fallen off my huge tree on the front lawn but there are still some beautiful colors to be seen around.

The ebola crisis is indeed scary. My daughter travels all over the world very often and I do worry... I hope that she stays put until they have this crisis under control. One little slip-up and that's all it takes. She just flew to Virginia from the UK before we heard about the ebola outbreak.



Pretty photos! Just remember that God is in control and doesn't want us to worry!

Donna said...

What pretty pictures, Debbie! That dog is so pretty! The colors are amazing here, too! You mentioned ideas for handmade Christmas gifts. Those to me are the best gifts of all. I plan on making some bath fizzies (bath bombs) for gifts. They are easy to make. store bought ones are way too $$! I also love making card sets to give as gifts. Everyone could always use cards, and they are so fun to make!

Susie said...

Debby, Your photos are very nice. I loved seeing your porch decorations.
I wish you on the ebola. It's almost to scary to go anywhere.
I liked the dog sitting watching you take his picture. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

vivian said...

love the sweet little fairy garden decorations. I really need to get outside and cut back some stuff and clean up the "gardens". My fairy garden is so overgrown.. it is a hidden fairy garden. And Im pretty sure that one of the dinosaurs in teh dinosaur garden found his way into the yard and lost a leg or two in a lawn mower accident! lol!
have a great day my friend

Edna B said...

The Fall colors are beautiful. I'm with you on this Ebola thing. It's really quite scary. I'm supposed to be flying to Florida towards the end of winter, and I'm hoping that it is all under control by then. I take Pogo with me on the plane, so I worry for him too.

I think home made gifts are the best Christmas gifts. My little fingers are working overtime to get all my holiday crocheting done in time.

Enjoy the gorgeous foliage, and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

Kimberly said...

I agree with the color of the leaves this year. They are amazing. I thought that dog was a statue also. I am nervous about Ebola with Kevin flying every week.

bj said...

Yes, Ebola is scaring the heck out of everyone. I wouldn't travel until we find out more.

Your colors there are magnificent. We don't have much color change here as we don't have all that many trees.

Carol said...

I think your photos are beautiful, Debby! Our son and his family moved to VA this past summer and are experiencing their first Fall of colors. He has sent me several pictures. I'm just a wee-bit! Here in our area of the AZ desert, we have an Ash Tree (Red Push) that gives us some beautiful Fall color -- but that doesn't happen until usually January!

Your grands are just adorable, Debby! I have six little darlings, too, ranging in age from 3 to 15. Being "Nana" is the best job ever!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The colors are so beautiful. We don't get any color changes her in Southern California so I love seeing the photos everyone shares. Yes the ebola scare is troubling. I pray it gets contained and that our country is more careful about who they let in.

Sue said...

Colors here are great, as well. The drive down to NC was pretty in West VA and Virginia. NC has been too warm for the leaves to turn yet. Furniture Market was a blur- lots of cool things to see, though. I ate waaay too much, BTW. Healthy diet begins today. LOL
I see that cute fuschia chair on your porch! Looking good..... Tell me you have better news about your real estate agent! I sure hope it's a new one!!! Call me soon. :-)

A Joyful Cottage said...

Fall is beautiful here, too. Your photos are quite good, Debby. I can see it's pretty where you are. We don't travel by plane and don't go on cruises, so I guess that cuts down on our Ebola risk. I agree with Garage Sale Gal, though. God is in control. Instead of worrying, I choose to pray. God bless you. ~ Nancy

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

I can emagine the colours must be wonderful, not easy to take a picture that truly shows it. Colours have been lovely here too, but a lot of wind the past week has blown off a lot of the leaves. Hope your week will be a good one, in every way possible, blessings, Pam xx

Musings from Kim K. said...

What beautiful pictures. The color has been absolutely gorgeous this year. I love it so much and am dreading all the raking that we'll need to do at the lake house and our own home in a few weeks.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the picture of the dog, and the house is pretty, too. Lovely fall have lots more color than we do right now.

I think now is a good time to start Christmas crafts. I always run out of time after Thanksgiving and that's only weeks away.

I hear you on the Ebola crisis. As much as we are being saturated with the news on it, I think we have to pay attention. So many people have said that it has been blown out of proportion. That is an insult to all of the people working day and night to educate us and keep us safe. Just my opinion.

Thank you for your get well wishes. Yes, I'm very infected and on antibiotics. My doctor said that some people just react differently to the stitches. I personally think they should have stayed covered and dry. But he's the doctor!!!
Jane xx

Anonymous said...

such beautiful photos, amazing color this year, the Ebola is such a scary situation,