Friday, October 24, 2014

Advice for 5 Cents (That's about all it's worth)

If anyone needs advice on how to sit and do nothing, I'm your gal.  This may or not be a whine session.  Well, the inhaler I started using, makes it easier to breathe.  I still feel the same other than that.  Not sick enough to even call the doctor.  But not well enough to do anything.
My poor doggies.  They are sunning themselves.  I know they love me being home with them and they will be crushed when I return to normal.  Poor Piper (the springer) had his ears layered at his last groom.  I really don't like what they did to those ears.  He has such nice long ears but layered, just not the best look.  Now Miss Izzy (the yorkie), short for Izabella, she just had a hair cut.  It's already getting long. 
Our days have consisted of non-stop barking at the resident squirrel.  This comes on top of all the non-stop truck running and the beep beep beep of backing trucks going on outside.   Our neighbor took down trees, removed the stumps, had a new driveway poured, and new brick walks, and now the yeard graded. I actually walked to the mail box yesterday and saw the neighbor.  I told her I can't stand it anymore, yep, I did.  She loves me anyway.  I also told her one of the men working there peed on my shrub.  I saw him.  Well, I didn't actually see the ----------, I knew what he was doing.  She called the company and told them.  There response was, "Well they usually open the truck door."  I told her with that comment, things won't be achanging soon.  The owner wanted my phone number and she told them that she didn't think I wanted to hear from them at this time.  Told you, she loves me.  (They are wonderful neighbors and  we love them back.)  All I need is some other company to fear that they are coming after me.
Our neighbor, that we don't ever see, has gotten annoyed with the buzzards trying to return.  HE is shooting at them and setting off fireworks.  Now that gives the dogs something else to bark at.  But you go neighbor.
Do you like it when someone mows the grass and the cuttings go on the road.  That irritates me.  Sorry, that was just random.
Now, if I wasn't grumpy enough........I went to roll over in bed last night and extended my arm.  Something happens in my upper arm.  Oh my goodness, the pain.  I got up to put ice on it.  Then when I tried to get out of the recliner, I couldn't.  I couldn't use the arm.  I can move my arm from the elbow but that's it.  I still can let the dogs in and out so they can scare the squirrel.  That would be a big problem if I couldn't.  So, I cancelled a lunch date and a dinner date.  Friends, of course.  There is pain now radiating down my neck and shoulder but mild compared to the rest of my arm..  Please tell me this isn't a rotary cuff injury.  Okay, the rest of my Halloween stays in the box.  And I don't even care.
I did want to start my things for the next mini swap but I need my arm for that.
We are running out of groceries.  we need dog food and honey.  The honey is for my Sleepy Time Tea in the evenings.  I am out of two of my meds.  Hubby is going to the store after work.  He also has to work tomorrow, which is rare.
I made some pumpkin pasta this week.  Hubby didn't like it.  It was so good.  It was a Kroger brand of Pumpkin pasta sauce.  I know Kroger is King Super, or Souper, or Sooper (whatever) in Colorado.  I finished it today.

Here is where the dogs have been all week.  This is my lap.  No the gray white thing is not my hair but Izzy's.  She got my genes.  (Which reminds me, when Doodle was little whenever she say a picture of Einstein on his baby videos she would point and say, "Nanny, Nanny".  Yep, that's true.
I am really bad, I do proof read my posts but I don't edit my pictures.  They are straight from the ole point n shoot.  If I was to ask Santa for a really good point and shoot, what would you suggest. 

See that thing in the middle of this picture.  It's my sock.  My feet have been ice cold all week.

Who knew that tea bags could be used as a marinade or for a bee sting.   Thanks Dr. Oz.   Oh, please don't tell him about the root beer and the jelly beans. I am watching too much TV but it drowns out the beep, beep, beep.  Dr. Phil is my favorite right now.  Where does he find these people.  They are so far out there, that it's my comedy time.  Yeah, they have cancelled Honey Boo Boo.  They need intervention.  Well, maybe I need that as well.
I did get dressed today......that's my tie dyed clown shirt in the rainbow colors.
I said that I was out of groceries.  Hubby brought this root beer home......its not diet but better than boring water.  And those jelly beans.....they were to be mailed to my Disney best friend for her birthday.......2 1/2 weeks ago.  Mabel and I collected leaves and acorns to send her in Florida, in case she misses them down there.  Since the jellybeans were sitting there, I decided to have some.  Now, I told Mr. Cozy that he couldn't eat them last night.  Did you know 35 beans are a serving which is 120 calories.  Now to break this down for you.....4 calories for each bean.  These are the teeny beans.  (They gave some free samples out at the Country Living Fair)  I didn't eat 35.  Not telling what I did eat, but not that much.  Yes, I will share with him now.  But, he doesn't get the white ones.  Mmmmm, they are yummy.
Would you believe that I am getting sleepy.  With all that sugar.  Could it be what I took for the pain. 
Now I don't want you all to be worried about me, this I a minor set back.  But maybe you could pray for my sanity.  I know that has you all worried.  I think the furry ones and I will take a snooze before the shooting starts.


Susie said...

My gosh, it is a wonder you are in your right mind Debby. Or are you? LOL. Bless your heart, you need a break girlfriend. I am hoping you are starting to feel better. You looked so cute in yesterday photo. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Shirley said...

Sweetie, We all have our moments. I am tired of the prescribing pain pills instead of checking things out.I finally got my internet back. I got just my internet cancelled my house phone. They kept trying to sell me what I didn't want. Sending you hugs and prayers that you feel better. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

Julia said...

Dear Debby, I can see that the stress is mounting at a steady rate. It accumulate in the body because it doesn't get released. I read something about it somewhere.
When I get stressed it pains in my neck and shoulders. I wonder if you got a therapeutic massage to release the tension, I'm sure it would feel a lot better.

It has been one thing after another it seems lately.No wonder you're not feeling the best.

I hope the Buzzards doesn't return again this year and I hope things calms down for you.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope you feel better and things settle down for the weekend. You need some good rest! Hugs, Diane

NanaDiana said...

Wow, Debby- YOu really have a lot going on and you need to take care of yourself and not get too stressed out. I hope that you feel better soon and that your life smooths out a bit.

Love the pictures of the sweet pups enjoying the sunshine.

Off to bed here- too tired to think any more tonight- xo Diana

Nan said...

Checking in after a very long break and a couple trips out into the world away from Alaska, Paris being one of them. I see you are not doing well. Sorry to hear this, aging is a challenge and takes a special plan to get through it. Problem is most people don't want to hear the plan so there you have it. I will say prayers for you dear Lady in hopes life will again pick up for you SOON. Hugs and Love Nan

vivian said...

OH my... dear Deb... you need a vacation! lol! but your doggies are cute and the sun shines into your house nicely. And you have nice neighbors. ANd really the man peeing in your bushes is sort of funny.. at least it makes a kind of funny story to tell. And the arm.. well, thats just not a nice thing at all. I hope it feels better. I hope you feel better. but I think you need a change of scenery.

Donna said...

I hope you are feeling better soon, Debby! Wow, when it rains, it pours, right? Love the pics of your cute pups! That is really gross about the worker "watering" your shrub. Ugh!!
Feel better soon!

At Home in English Valley said...

sending hugs and wishing for some peace and quiet for you. take care my friend. Love, Penny

Poppy said...

Debby, hope you are feeling better! My feet have been ice cold too!


White Lace and Promises said...

Debby, I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time. I've been lazy about reading posts lately. I'm sorry. I should have been keeping up with you better. I hope you feel like yourself again soon.