Thursday, September 25, 2014

Oh My Dear, Miss Mabel

I know most of the time I brag about my little grands.  This time is a little different.   Here is Little Miss Mabel at two years old.  We were all walking back to our cars after eating dinner while vacationing.  She is way behind the rest of us.  Her daddy tried to carry her.  Her words for just about everything were, " I CAN do it MYSELF."  We all thought she was so funny when she threw her little tantrums. 
Here is what happened when we got in our cars.  She was so mad because we put her younger cousin in the car seat to go back to our vacation house. 
her brother loos a little annoyed, hah.
Here is a picture of her at Clown Academy.  I never got around to showing you these before.  Lewie The Clown and Mabel met the year before and became friends.  He asked her to come to his clown show.
Now the story behind the post.  Little Miss Mabel has been getting in trouble at school.  She likes to socialize with the other little girls.  She has been moved at circle time from sitting with her friend.  BUT, when a sub was there this week, She and the little friend sat by each other.  Another kindy told on them.  Yesterday, she was in a little assembly and something fell on the floor.  It was her cell phone.  Now, she really doesn't have a cell phone.  Her Uncle B. gave her one that was an old one and not being used.  Well, you know you can't have cell phones at school, esp. when you are 5 and in kindergarten.  They go by a color behavior system.  It goes (I think) from red, orange, green, blue and purple.  Purple is an excellent day, and red is a "go to the principal's office" kind of day.  With that being said, she has been a purple most days but now she is down to orange this week.  I can't imagine how a principal would be able to handle talking to her.  I would not be able to keep from smiling or laughing.  I know, I am a softie and I should take this seriously, right.  Well, Miss Mabel's brother M. is so perfect at school.  So was her daddy.  We got called into conferences because he was an "over achiever,"  seriously.  Her parents expect good behavior.  We knew this one was going to be a corker from early on.  With a name like Mabel and such a cute little face, now how could you get mad at her. 
Well, tonight is a special reading meeting where the kids wear their jammies and bring their parents.  Mom has a class to teach and she told Mabel she couldn't go. Well Mabel said, "That's okay because Grammy will go."  So guess who is going.  She wants me to wear jammies.  Oh my, if I walk in and I am the only adult wearing jammies, oh my. (This is from a clown that wears a red nose and funny clothes) Just to note, her daddy has to take her brother to his football game.  He has been out of town for a couple of weeks,  so he does need to be there.
Hmmmmm, hoping I am not going to talked to by the teacher for my sweet granddaughter's behavior.  I asked her mom to please let me know if she had an orange day or worse a red day.
Grampy asked me what I would say to the teacher.  I said,  I would tell her, "Just give her some love." 
So wish me luck tonight.  Oh, and I might add.....Grampy said it is genetic from her mom, Grammy, and other grandmother.  Oh and her Aunt Heidi, too.  Maybe that's why, I think this is a tiny bit funny.

Oh a little side note, that last picture.....I was talked into taking them there for lunch when all they really wanted was the Frostie.  Yep, I got played.


Jo said...

That's what Grandmas are for. Kara has started having hissies when told no. I for see a lot of conferences in her future - hard for this grandmother not to laugh and flashback to her mother (Kara has worse ones than Devon ever had)Apparently my throwing out in the universe when she was having one "I hope you get a child like you" worked lol

NanaDiana said...

Well- She is just adorable..and so is her brother. EVERY family needs at least ONE Mabel. lol I love the stories about her. She is just a hoot. You have your Mabel and I have SweetCheeks. lol

Listen -wear baby doll pjs tonight- UNDER your regular clothes- You can always strip down if you need to then. lol Now wouldn't THAT be something? xo Diana

Susie said...

Debby, I hope you don't get in trouble too. :):) That little face is so cute. I could see where you'd be a softie. LOL. xoxo,Susie

PatC - All is Bright said...

Oh Debby

This is such a cute story. Grand kids are the best! And those little ones are so very lucky to have you.

Sweet hugs

Kelly said...

Oh goodness! Hopefully, you're not getting played to show up in your jammies when no one else is! LOL! I guess it's hard to silence a social butterfly.

Brandi said...

Awe, this was such a cute post. Your granddaughter has such a sweet face. She reminds me of my cousin's daughter. She was getting into a bit of trouble her first year of school too. It's a big adjustment for them. By the time first grade came along she was fine and her behavior completely changed. I laughed out loud at pajamas and reading aloud to the class! LOL

Julia said...

Oh go ahead and wear the jammies, you're just a kid at heart anyway, lol... and just bring the red nose just in case.

Mabel is going to be interesting to follow.
Have fun with the teacher... and let uss know how you make out.

vivian said...

aww! mabel sounds like a girl after my own heart. I always got in trouble for being a "social butterfly" so did my daughters. and then my son Robert always got in trouble for being just a little resistent! lol!
hope you had fun!

Edna B said...

Your Mabel sounds very precious indeed. When my brother was in the first and second grades, the teachers could not bring themselves to discipline him when he acted up. They would tell my mother that "one look at his beautiful blue eyes and I would melt". So I understand how you can smile at Mabel's antics. I would too. Enjoy her. She's a treasure. Hugs, Edna B.