Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life happens

Let's start with Miss Mabel.  Here she is going into school for the reading night.
Here she is listening to a story read by the principal.  She brought her favorite doll and her Peppa Pig.  This is her friend.  I could tell right away that Mabel was the follower, I know these things.  So what was funny isn't so funny now.  Well, that cell phone thing was pretty funny.  The event went well.  I know there was at least one other grandparent.  It's hard to tell anymore with parents waiting til they are older to have children.  I think some of the parents thought I worked there.  Well, I did and I volunteer there.  Guess, I have that look.  No, I didn't wear my jammies.  Mabel wasn't too happy with me about that.  I told her I didn't because they had monkeys on them.  She thought that her friends would like them.

Now my son.  He is back to his apartment.  My, oh my, is what Hubby said about the pickup.  Just as I figured the birth mom is still the same person just older.  Like my husband said, "It's just not right that people live like that."  A run down trailer, no water or heat. and who knows what else.  She does have an I phone.  I don't have one.  She just isn't able to be more than what she is.  It's just too bad.  Now to keep our son realizing this is the life that he came from and that we have protected him from.  I could write a book about what we have been through.  I will spare you.  It's hard to explain but when this happened this week-end, it was like he was 4 years old again and we had to protect him.  Another worry is that he will try to take care of her.  I feel bad for her life.  But when he refers to her as mom......that hurts.  I am wondering if I should ask him not to call her that to me???????

Okay, here are some cuties to help make you smile.
Our little neighbor girl.  I heard her crying over  balloon that she had just gotten that had burst.  Her 3 year old sister was trying to tell me all about it.  So, what's a good neighbor to do.  I made them all balloon dogs and put them by their door.  When I got online here was this picture thanking me on FaceBook. 
And here is our cutie pie little great nephew again.  His mom said this is what happens when your baby has man hair and takes a nap. This new face is when he isn't happy.  He does it when they sing to him.   I am a little worried that he isn't eating well enough.  Isn't he just precious.
My little bug is in the repair shop.  Now it really has a boo boo.  My son accidently backed into it.  He felt so bad.  Same son has a big birthday tomorrow.  How can my kids be this old. 
Thank you all again for coming to my rescue with great advice about the house and comforting words about my adopted son.  I'd probably be in therapy if it wasn't for you.  Thanks so much.


Sue said...

You are under no obligation to remain with this bozo of a real estate agent! You have his many shortcomings to cite as justification for firing him. You know my feelings on all this, toots! :-) I'll call you tonight to firm up plans for Friday, ok? ☺️

Julia said...

So sorry about your bug having a boo-Boo. It can be repaired I hope.

Your granddaughter looks so cute sitting on the blanket with her little friend. So you chickened out from wearing pyjamas. That's OK... I don't think that the kids would mind except maybe your little grand daughter.

Was the teacher wearing PJs?

I think you got lots of great advice in your previous post about the open house not selling houses.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Susie said...

Debby, Those kids are adorable.I love the baby with man hair. LOL I pray your son will not try to tend to his birth mother....she sounds like trouble. Blessings to you and your good heart Debby. xoxo,Susie

Gina said...

Such sweet kiddos! The hair on the little man makes me laugh...so cute!

I feel so bad for you regarding your son. I hope he figures out the truth soon.

Carla from The River said...

Sending prayers, I too will pray your son will not try to help his birth mother. I agree, he should not call her mom, I can see how this has to hurt.
Sending prayers...xx oo

Thanks for the cute photos...love that hair!

Edna B said...

Debby, your Mabel is such a cutie pie. With Izzy's potty problem, I would probably cover the sofa cushion with a plastic trash bag, then cover the bag with a scatter rug. When my Tootsie had a seizure or trouble walking, I stocked up on small scatter rugs so that her accidents would not be such a problem. Another thing that I found was good to cover the sofa - an old fashioned flannel backed plastic table cloth. They are very cheap and can be washed for a while.

As for this new relationship your son has with his birth mother, I worry that he does not realize how much he is hurting you. This is a really difficult time for you and your hubby, but just remember that you both gave your son the love and care he needed to be able to grow and live a good life. The rest is in His hands. I will pray that this all works out well.

As for your house, I agree about no more open houses. If someone wants to look over your home, just step to another room and let them look. Your life really shouldn't have to be disrupted so many times for so very little. This is your home. Anyone coming in is merely a guest. Maybe like everything else that is going on, this will need a little time too. I'm praying for you that things start turning out good for you. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Relyn Lawson said...

Mabel's right. Next time I think you should wear the monkey jammies.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Goodness..there are always so many decisions when it comes to families. The little ones are adorable! The chunky little doll in the last picture made me smile. SO cute!