Thursday, September 11, 2014

Country Living Fair

The Country Living Fair starts tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio.  Anyone going.  I hope to go tomorrow and on Saturday.  The shopping, lectures, food, atmosphere are so much fun.  If you are going, let me know and I will try to meet you and say hi.  The weather is supposed to be perfect.  (It doesn't look so great today but tomorrow is another day)

Today is 9-11, a date we won't forget.  We all remember where we were and how we felt.  I know how sad I was for everyone that searched for their loved ones hoping they would be found.  The hospitals waiting on survivors that didn't come.  It was just a perfect weather day here in Ohio.  I had my pre-school in my downstairs away from the TV.  One of my moms told me about what had happened.  My son stayed home from school that day.  He recorded the TV and brought it to me to see.  After my kids left, I was to meet a friend for lunch.  We decided to go ahead and meet.  The first time I saw what had happened on TV was there.  It was a sports bar/restaurant with giant TV's.  Oh my, that was just hard to take.  My friend and I still meet on that date if we can.  The day of 9-11 my friend was 8 months pregnant.  The next year the baby went with us.  I remember the lights going off and both of us jumped to our feet in fear.  We can't meet today but we texted "Thinking of you."
I remember being at church the following Sunday.  Both my husband and I broke down in tears sobbing.  Our son was in the military stationed in Hawaii.  We never thought our son would serve during a war.  He spent two years in the Middle East.  Two of the longest years ever.  Our emotions were always on edge.  Thanks to God that he returned to us.  I must say that his current government job is just as dangerous.  I am spending the night with his family tonight for that reason.
God bless all our soldiers and first responders.  They are the real heroes.

I wanted to make this a positive post since my last one was such a downer.  Sorry, but it was important to share.
I seem to be getting "signs" today that are meant for me.  Geez, I'm not one that can predict the future, believe me, but I feel like there are signs out there.  Not all of the time but just sometimes.

So, I turn on the new Meredith show for the first time today.  What's up first is a little boy that had H1N1.  It ravished his body and he had to have 77 surgeries including a kidney transplant from his mother.  He survived, thank goodness.  Remember back, my dear cousin died of H1N1.  I am taking this as a sign to remind you to get your flu shot.  I know, there are some of you that refuse to do that.....don't send me hate comments, please.  Just think of your families if you should get this horrible thing.

Okay, now there is a balloon artist on her show.  What the heck.......that's what makes me think that sign was for me.

A few thoughts about Hollywood........I can't believe Meredith is on the same time as the View.  Hmmmmm, bet that didn't go over well.  I can't believe they let Jennie and Sherry go at the same time.  I never liked Jennie before, but grew to really like her on the View.  It was just plain sad that Sherry was sent packing.  Now, about Joan Rivers.............I know she was an icon but I always thought of her as mean spirited.  As far as they endoscopy center being under fire about the procedure they did on her,  when you have an upper endoscopy they take biopsies.  I have had many of these tests including biopsies of my esophagus and stomach.  I think if the doctor saw something concerning,  the biopsy "probably" should have been done.  I said "should" have.  If Joan had cancer of the vocal cords, she would have a terrible time accepting that diagnosis.  Okay, just my thoughts.

Remember the last showing we had........that we were sure the people didn't come.  I don't know if our realtor is just trying to make us feel better...........BUT that person supposedly wants to make an offer on the contingency of their house selling.  What?  I have a hard time believing it, since she only looked once.....but it does boost the moral.  Sorry for all the ........  I think all of my communications in writing has left me.  Anyhoooooo, we have another showing Saturday.  Not the same person.  So, why am I sitting here doing this when I need to get things done if I want to go to the Fair.  You loose your "let's do this" after awhile, but this could be the one.  I want to just say, if they call for a second showing we will really shine things up.

I got new glasses.  Yeah, finally.  I was afraid to go to the cheapie places or those advertised on TV,  I think my eyes are important.  I did choose cheaper frames.  I mostly need the for close up but like the transition lenses.  Easier for my eyes to adjust to close up and far away.

I also had things down to my little BUG this week.  She has had a lot of new things lately.  I covered the dent with a magnetic flower that I had.  It looks cute instead of a boo boo.

Last but not least.  Tomorrow is our 44th anniversary.  How can I even be that old.  No big plans unfortunately.  So ready to take a trip.  Hopefully when this house thing is over we can.

Okay, off to clean.  The to transport our youngest to counseling.  He witnessed a domestic abuse at a store this week and it really set him off.  When you have been abused it doesn't take much to remind you.  Then off to a flag football game for M.  Then out to dinner with the grands and DIL.  And then a sleepover for Grammy.  And we know what tomorrow is..........yeah the Fair.
Have a great week-end.  I will share pictures with you the next time.


Anonymous said...

you have such a tender heart, your anniversary, congratulations!! Have a wonderful time at the Fair, I read about that Fair , it sounds wonderful, this is a sad day to remember, one we will never ever forget!

Julia said...

Debby, if the doctor saw something of concern, I agree he should have ordered a biopsy right away. Sometime you have to insist on it.
My mom died of stomach cancer and she was only skin and bones when she died. She had H.pilori bacteria that could have been treated if they would have checked for it when she had stomach pains. She still would be with us as she was very healthy otherwise.

I wish you all the best with the house showing this time and have fun at the fair.

I remember 9/11 as if it was yesterday.


Julia said...

Oh I almost forgot. Happy Anniversary.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Happy Anniversary my friend! I hope you have a wonderful day (and I hope you get to go to the Fair!) Hugs, Diane

Kelly said...

Oh......I know you will have such a great time at the fair. Please take your camera with you. I would love to see pics! You don't have to lecture me about the flu shot. I do that plenty around my own household. I get mine every year and it has worked every year so far. Happy Anniversary tomorrow! Gosh, was I really only 5 yrs old when you got married? Please don't hate me. LOL!

vivian said...

hey Deb! Im looking forward to seeing you at the fair!! I have your number... I'll keep my cell turned up!
see you saturday!


Have great FUN at the fair! Happy anniversary!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Continued Anniversary blessings! Enjoy the fair too! How fun that you and Viv will get to meet up! I'm jealous.

NanaDiana said...

Debby, You have sure had a lot going on! I am glad you had fun at the fair. I have never been to one of those but I hear they are wodnerful.

911 hangs heavy on my heart every year, too, Debby. It is sad to relive it.

I do hope you get an offer on your house. That would be such a blessing for you.

I do believe those were "signs" meant for you today. I think there is a greater being at work that sends us those signs, too.

Sorry about your youngest son. I know how hard it is on him and you a lot of the time. You are a good soul, Debby.

Blessings to you- Diana

ps Happy Anniversary!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I will never forget where I was on that tragic day in September 2001.....
Sorry about the abuse your youngest had so see. ((HUGS)) Have fun at the fair!

Edna B said...

The fair sounds really wonderful. You have a fabulous weekend there.

I for one do miss Joan Rivers. She was one of the greats as far as comedy was concerned. Plus, she did so much with her life -- wrote books, started a jewelry company that went nationwide, etc. I do believe though, to each his own thoughts.

Here's hoping you get a great offer for your home. You have a fabulous weekend. Hugs, Edna B.