Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Christmas Wrapup

Let's see......what has happened since the last post.  Well, for one thing, my daughter, granddaughter and son arrived from Colorado.  Actually at this moment they should be boarding the plane to head back to Colorado. They stayed with a friend that lives next to the airport pending weather conditions.  Praying for a safe flight in this frigid weather.
The first picture is of my youngest grandchild squeezing the heck out of our dog.  This continued the entire visit.  The poor little dog took the biggest hugs because as he says, "She is so cute."    Now the next picture is of Mr. Cozy at his birthday party.  All his grands and kids were present.  Only my SIL was missing.  It was wild, crazy and fun.
 When the six darlings are together we always try to get a group picture.  We try to recreate pictures from the past.  You can see that it isn't always a success.  The little guy had just fallen off a chair that he probably shouldn't have been standing on.....and hurt his eye.
Of course more pictures of opening presents.  We didn't have the Colorado Christmas til New Years Eve.  American Girl presents for E.
Okay, let's goof around in this picture.  We were holding cupcakes for a bribe.
Off to the mall for a movie (Frozen) and the game room and a train ride.  Of course, they all rode in the little red caboose (chug, chug, chug)
All kinds of looks in this picture.  The mamas and the papa that went with us said they could hear us from all over the mall.  I guess we were really noisey.
What do I mean "we", yes, this is me riding alone in a car so our children were not kidnapped.  Let me tell you it was uncomfortable and felt like a jail cell even though I have no idea what that feels like.
The Colorado kids and I went to see "our" Moms and their grandmas.  Mine was thrilled.  Wonder how she felt when they destroyed her condo.  Hubby's Mom was asleep so they left their Christmas card and blew her kisses.  My daughter said she would probably wake up and wonder who in the heck this picture was of.
The next stop was The American Girl Doll Store and the Lego store.The temps were soooo cold.  We ate at The Rusty Bucket before heading home. They have little chairs for the American Girl Dolls to sit in.  You do know that these dolls are made in China.  I think that's sad.  I do make this an exception because it is such a wonderful experience to pick out a doll that looks like you. Of course, Grammy bought all the dolls the granddaughters have.  When it comes to the accessories I don't buy unless it is on sale or I buy generic.
This little guy has a smile to light up any room.  He is a handful though.  He can destroy a room in no time.  I have yet to venture downstairs in the bedroom they stayed in and the playroom, oh that poor playroom.  it is more like a pre-school my DIL says and she thinks I need to thin it all out.  Oh, and he made us tickets to use for the airplane if we want to come play with him.
So here is the update.  I am still in the jammies that I was in yesterday when the Colorado crew left.  I have coffee spilled on them.  All the schools around here were cancelled due to the cold temps.  But do not fear, I am going to get a bath and head out in the cold.  I am watching my grands that I usually watch all day.  Kinda was hoping that my DIL's store wouldn't open just because I didn't want the kids to have to go out or me.  At the same time, I probably need to leave my nest for a little bit.
I did have a nice Christmas.  My Hubby and I exchanged stockings this year.  They were stuffed with little gifts, gift cards,money for certain items and candy.  It was fun.  I think we will continue doing that.  We don't get many gifts as far as gifts go from our children.  We get gift cards for dates out.  When it warms up we will be cashing those in for sure.
A Deb update.......I didn't update before because I was trying to keep my posts positive.  You wouldn't even believe what she has been through and still going through.  I started to list but deleted it.  Please continue to pray for her.
My other friend that I said I would tell you about is doing well.  She had cancer in her jaw.  They removed her entire jaw and used a bone from her leg to replace it.  She had a trach and over 55 stapes in her leg let alone the incision in her neck.  But, she is doing well.  So that is amazing.  Pray for her if you would, please.
My decorations are all still up as I knew they would be.  I am ready to start taking them down.
I haven't chosen a word for the year or set goals to accomplish, but I will. 
I hope you are all doing well and staying warm.  If you live where it is already warm that's okay too.  Happy New Year.


Lutka And Co. said...

Happy New Year! It's so wonderful to be surrounded by loved ones - Your little one is a doll as well as all the rest. Sending prayers out to your friends.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful family, you all had so much fun, I'm so sorry to hear of your friends problems, I will keep you all in my prayers,

Blondie's Journal said...

Debby...whoever said Christmas is for kids sure was right! These are great pictures, they wear me out looking at them. And a movie, the mall and a restaurant?? You rock!!

I love that you and hubby exchange stockings. I think I may borrow that idea next year. I can always think of big things hubby might like, but it's the little items that add up and surprise us.

I'm sending many prayers off to your friends. I have been MIA so I don't know much, but anyone suffering deserves as many prayers as they can get.


must love junk said...

What sweet pics!! Looks like you had wonderful family time! Happy 2014 :)

Junebug said...

What wonderful grand kid pictures!! It looks like you had so much fun even the jail train ride! I took last weekend to kick back and stay in jammies myself! Grand kids are the best!!!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

OH my goodness you've been busy too!
And look at all those cute grands you have!
We went into the American Girl store at the Mall of America.
I decided that maybe Addison will just have to get by with other dolly's for now.
Sorry about your friend,

Julia said...

It looks like you had loads of fun with those cute grandkids. I love the photos of the grandkids.
You sure are working hard to make wonderful memories for them to cherish for a long time.

All the best fpor 2014.

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Debby,

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!
What a wonderful time you all had, I love the pics of the grands. Their little faces are priceless.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Musings from Kim K. said...

Wishing you the best for 2014, Deb. Such a beautiful family! It looks like you all had such a wonderful time together. I love the pictures of your beautiful grands.

Edna B said...

Wow, it looks like Christmas was so fabulous at your house. You have a beautiful family. I'm sending prayers for your friends. Debby, I just love your new winter heading photo. What a great shot!! I am scrounging up the nerve to go out tomorrow to do some food shopping. I've put if off as long as I can. Gosh, this cold weather is just not for me. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Debby dear, if I had done all you did I would not be of this earth anymore! What a busy time of it. You must be about the age I was when all of my little grands were the age yours are now. Now they are all grown and having children of their own, completing college etc. 13 of them have got their degree's and the last one is nearly there. A year and a half to go. The greats are about the ages of your little grands which by the way are adorable!
I am afraid I missed out on your post about "Deb" so I have to back track and see what happened. Whatever it is it sounds like it has you stressed.
Your poor friend! What a terrible time she is going though. I am so sorry!
Of course they will be in my prayers. Such hard times we go through.
I wish you peace and happiness.
Remember...I'm here.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Happy New Year! It looks like they had so much fun and that they have grown a lot from the last photo you posted!

Perfectly Printed said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family! Love the pictures!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Happy New Year Debby! Looks like you had lots of fun holiday times over there. My son is at Adams State in Alamosa where the temps at night are always below zero. He loves Colorado but he does not like the cold. He is hoping at some point to move to another college in Colorado where it isn't so cold for so long. We'll see what happens. A friend will pick him up in Denver and then on Sunday they will drive back to college. Prayers and blessings to all, Tammy

pogonip said...

I so love the photos of the six grandkids! I suspect the hurt eye one and the silly one will become family classics.

I only got one good one of my two grand-daughters during their visit, but one really good one is a treasure!

Stay warm! Goodness, January is flying by--how many days till Spring??

vivian said...

wow! that was a busy post! lol!
how fun to have all 6 grandbabies at once! and i LOVE the picture of them all in the train caboose.
Its been a whirlwind janurary so far here.. Im hoping that this is a quiet relaxed week... well, so much for that thought.. I forgot I'm helping Jennifer pack and clean this week as they are moving on saturday.
oh the life of a momma!
wouldnt trade it for the world
have a great week!