Friday, January 24, 2014


I copied this picture off of Facebook at Christmas time .
I tried to make them.  Why aren't mine cute like the picture?
Maybe they need necks.  The ones in the picture are so cute.  I will keep trying.  I think maybe just two and one heart might be cuter.
It's sooo cold outside.  We had frozen pipes again today and no water.  The repairman (God Bless that man) showed up at the door.  He said he had been trying to call me and it just rang busy.  Thank goodness he just came out .  Our phone was dead, another problem we have been having.  He worked for over an hour.  You see, our hot water heater and pump (we have a well) are outside in a concrete hole in the ground.  It's not heated of course.  The ideal situation is to leave water running but then that could make us run out of water.  here is no outlet in the pit.  The repairman found two holes that could be letting the cold air in and he pugged them.  It is concerning because it is around 0 degrees right now.  Next week it could get double digits below zero.  Winds and snow are predicted as well.  Not sure our homes here are ready for these temps.  Our house is 46 years old. 
On Monday, I met a friend for lunch.  I went to Target first because I needed a few things.  I decided to get a few groceries so I wouldn't have to go to the grocery.  $125 later, I met my friend at TJ Max .  She loves shopping there.  I bought the dogs a new pad/bed to lay on the floor in the living room.  It had to be waterproof on the bottom for Izzy, the Yorkie since she is having incontinence  issues.  I thought the material was ugly.  I put their blanket on top of it.  They both love it.  Actually right now they are both on the pad.  I also had to put back their jackets.  Just too cold for them.  Izzy's hair is growing back from her groom but not Piper's. 
Oops, I got off track.  So after shopping we went to the restaurant next door.  This whole time, we saw hardly anyone out. When we were done I had to go watch my grandson and granddaughter.  They didn't have school and their mama needed to leave for work.  My grandson was shoveling the driveway (hill) for me.  When my son got home I tried to leave.  Well, we tried for about an hour.  We could not get my bug up their hill.  So I spent the night.  The groceries froze but all but the fruit survived.  The next morning Mabel (5) and I headed up the hill.  My son had salted and shoveled and it worked.  The whole way to my house Mabel sang songs.  After I picked both of them up from school later I went down that drive again.  This time I was able to get out and come home.  I didn't get to sleep much that night.  In the guest room the heat sounded like tennis shoes in a dryer.  So loud.  They have hot water know the kind with the radiators.  Although no radiators but baseboards.  They have had it serviced many times since they moved this fall.  It's hard to find someone to fix that kind of heat. 
Well, I keep hearing car doors.  There must be something going on at the Clubhouse across the street from us.  Those people must be crazy to be out tonight.
Well, all I can say is STAY COZY.

Updates......Deb is still in the hospital but doing okay.  She was able to talk to my husband on the phone this week,
My friend Brenda has started radiation and doing okay as well.  Her leg looks better she said.


Donna said...

I'm a target an T J Mx fan too. No water is the pits, I BET you are glad to see that repairman! Looking at your last post, I see our cute downtown, ...and your cute grand babies. Nice photo of you too!
Yes, stay cozy is right!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think your snowmen look cute. Gosh it is cold....burrr is right! I like the selection of food at my Target. Oh no, sorry about you not getting your bug up the hill and your stuff freezing. Stay warm....

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Debby, I went to target and I got charged 8 times for a bar of soap...didn't catch it till I was back in the car...the wind was terrible. I love winter but enough is enough. You are very brave going out in all this...please be careful my friend. As I'm telling everyone, spring will come! Love, Penny

Nan said...

The problem is in your climate you are just not set-up for cold weather. We never have frozen pipes or other cold issues as we expect that and can have defenses against it. But this kind of cold there is just not normal. We have very warm weather. No heat is on right this morning at all it will probably go up to 50 degrees here today and with sun coming in the big windows the house warms up. It's just like Spring here in fact I could start to garden if I didn't know better after all it's only January we have a lot of months to go before our real Spring.

Julia said...

You are probably not alone with frozen pipe as many homes are not equipped for these extreme temperatures we are having. I'm glad the repair man came to your door.

My goodness, you had some bad luck... sorry about the frozen grocery and the dead phone and not making the hill in the storm.

I hope that you sleep tight in your bed tonight.
By the way, your little snowmen are cute. I think the other one looks softer because of the lighting.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your snowmen are darling. As much as I love winter, this is getting ridiculous. We got over 12 inches of snow in the Friday night storm. Stay cozy. I hope your water pipes behave.

imsovintage said...

I think your little snowmen are very cute, Debby. This cold weather is crazy. We are having a brief, above freezing, warm up today so I am going to get out and get the groceries, as I am not leaving the house for the next three days. Stay warm , my friend. xo Laura

pogonip said...

Keep warm, Debby! Easier said than done. I sure hope your pipes behave themselves!

genie said...

Don’t feel bad...our old place is 110 years old and we CANNOT keep it warm in these continual frigid temps. They are to hit us again tomorrow. Heaven only knows what our heat bill will be. They came and filled up the huge propane tank a could of days ago. Bet our monthly payments go UP after this winter. Hope you are doing OK other than for having to cope with winter. I am sewing all the time. I really do mis work.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Hi Debby,
Such a winter you all are having this year! We are actually hoping for more snow here, or there won't be any wildflowers (again) and forest fires will be a problem this summer.
Love your little snowmen!
Stay warm & take care,

vivian said...

Brrr! this winter has definitely been a trying and tiring one for most of us I think. I would like to be done with it.. but there are still about 50 calender days til spring. and then.. you know it still snows in spring.. but at least it gets less and less likely and a little warmer and brighter... schools are closed around here again today with windchills at -30 this morning... wish I could stay home too.. but Ive got work to do!
stay warm Deb!

Traci Romero said...

I can relate with that experience. Your son was a genius to even try the baking soda and vinegar remedy. I have been sticking to traditional way of unclogging a stubborn sink - chucking hot water down the pipe in the hopes of getting majority of the stuff stuck down there with solidified cooking oils out. Thanks to you I now have the courage to tackle the issue more effectively.

Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing