Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sweet Baby Boy Has a Boo Boo

Our sweet little grandson had a bad fall at the babysitters yesterday. We just think he is the cutest thing. I think becuse the rest of his family has brown eyes and brown hair and he has his own look.
He fell into the bottom of the stove. On that little handle thingy that pulls out the pot and pan storage.
His Mom and Dad took him to the ER and the ER sent him to another hospital. That hospital sent him to Childrens. (Denver) He had to have surgery. He cute his upper lip very badly. The plastic surgeon said it would take about 20 minutes but it took an hour and 20 minutes. Part of the lip was missing. I am sure that it will look alot better than we can imagine right now. He had other marks and bruises on his face. I saw pictures. My daughter and I texted til 1:30 this a.m. I was trying to keep her mind busy. I am always there on Spring Break and this year I didn't go.
This little guy is also having tubes in his ears next week. He has had 15 ear infections. My daughter and the doctor tried hard to avoid surgery. He had his pre-op done on Monday.
So, if you would please, say a little prayer for him for his injury and his next surgery.
Another note.......I had the tummy virus that my Hubby had......but finally better. Geez, I'm over all this illness. Just got a call that our granddaughter has it.......I didn't get near her either.


Julie Harward said...

Oh my gosh...poor little guy! I hope it turns out ok and that he will be just as handsome as ever. He is such a cute little boy! Glad you are feeling better too! ;)

Sherri B. said...

The poor little guy. I will be praying and it is so amazing how wonderful the plastic surgeons are, I'm sure he will be as good as new. - Our little granddaughter will probably have to have tubes in her ears soon's so hard on the adults, watching them go through all of this, wishing that we could take their place. - Hugs to you my dear. xxoo

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Oh my Debbie,
He is so precious - I am sure he'll come out like a champ! My son had an accident when he was in his early teens. He was riding his bike and doing jumps. The handlebars broke off and he landed on his face - his lip split, lost some has a scar and false teeth - he's in his mid 20's and we call him Grandpa - she can probably expect some swelling - it will go away.
Hugs to you all and prayers

Kimberly said...

oh the sweet boy let us know how he is doing. I know you wish you were there!

NanaDiana said...

Oh- Debbie- I am soo soo sorry this happened to your little guy. Remember last Fall when our little Ria fell on the concrete at the playground and had surgery to repair it? You can hardly tell now. The worst part is that her teeth were damaged and they are her permanent ones.

God bless your little guy- sending up prayes for him. xo Diana

Jo said...

Poor sweet baby I hope he is doing better and on the road to a speedy recovery

Gina said...

Oh poor baby! Sending prayers his way!

E said...

Oh heavens ! I'd be a mess wanting to be there !! You sure have some cute kids in your family :) I'm sure he will do well and will send a prayer your way. Elaine

Heather said...

Poor little guy! Those blue eyes are just so precious. I hope he feels better soon.

Shirley said...

Debbie, grandma's always want to be there to console their little ones. We will say a pray for him. Mothers do seem to worry an awful lot. I always managed to do what was necessary then I would cry. That is just my nature. He sure is a cutie and I bet the girls will all flock around him when he gets older. Have a great day. Hugs Your Missouri Friend. -

Julia said...

I'm so sorry about your cute little grandson. I hope that he heals real quick with minimum scaring. I'll keep him in my prayers. Hugs. JB

Genie said...

Try not to worry, though I know you will anyway. young ones and surgeries are so frightening. He is so precious. That second shot is absolutely adorable. Tomorrow we leave for Richmond for E’s 7th birthday...and the party. Bud is running in the 1oK n Richmond before the party. If it rans the gathering will be postponed til Sunday and then Bud and I will be well on our way home before all the commotion begins. A week from Tuesday I go to UVA. Am starting to get nervous. genie

Susie Q said...

Oh Debby...bless his heart and yours too! I know it is scary but also know he will bounce back! He will I know!
They do amazing things so I bet there won't even be much (if any!) of a scar!
Hope the ear surgery goes well for th other little one. Bless them all!

Nezzy said...

Awwwww, poor little fella. I got lost in those beautiful blue eyes of his. I hate to hear he's hurtin'.

Know I'm sendin' some big old hugs and prayer his way both for hid boo~boo and surgery. I'm sure he'll heal up handsome as ever!

God bless ya and have a delightful day sweetie!!!

Nan said...

Oh that's too bad I hope the little guy is okay, he's so cute.
Now the tubes are next oh dear poor guy.
Hope you all recover well and soon.

At Home in English Valley said...

It's things like this that take years off a parents life, and the kids are so resilient and heal so quickly, they bounce back. My prayers are with your family! Love, Penny

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my goodness, poor little guy!! He is so totally adorable and I hope he feels better and that all goes well with his surgery too.

Julie said...

I will definitely include him in my prayers. Such a sweet face!

Hope he'll be better soon. And glad you're feeling better.

vicki said...

Debby- I will keep your sweet ( totally adorable) little grandson in my prayers. I'm sure his lip will heal just fine-- try not to worry too much--

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I so hated to read this about your cutie pie. Bless his heart. I know you nearly lost it when you found out. I will of course pray for him.
So sorry you all are going through this. I am sure the surgeons will work miracles for him along with our prayers.
Feel better honey. You guys need a break
Love ya

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Sorry for the little guy. So scary for the parents, too.

My son had tubes twice. It helped a lot with ear infections. We finally had to have his tonsils out to solve his problems. (Well, at least his ear infection problems. lol)