Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buzzard/Vulture 101 (funny and gross)

Hopefully this will be my last post on these creatures. Unless something weird happens, that is.
I finally got some pictures. I was on the road alot yesterday. Taking my son to the dentist and taking one of the littles to school. I kept passing this area near my home where the buzzards were taking care of business with a road kill deer. So I thought to go home and get my camera. But the funny thing is....these don't look like turkey buzzards. We also have big big blackbirds that come around when the buzzards are gone. At first I thought maybe these were the black birds. But they aren't, but not sure what kind of buzzards/vultures they are. Maybe that is why they are staying longer here this year.....because it is a different roost. Anyway, enjoy these pictures, HAH.
These birds have a wingspan of 9 -12 feet. They can glide for up to two miles. When I see them high in the sky gliding like that, makes me a little envious as it looks so peaceful.
As I have said before they are migrating birds so you can't kill them. I called so many places asking for help on what to do. I would get another place to call. Finally I got ahold of the ODNR (Ohio dept. of natural resources). Okay here is what they wanted us to do. They wanted us to pay them $100 for them to come a put a dead buzzard in our trees hanging upside down. Strange, yes. And we were to pay them $100. Then now get this, we had to wait because they only had three in other areas and they would bring one of those to us. I asked if they didn't stink.....not sure what they said. Why have to wait when we have 200 they could have. Anyway they never got the dead one........I finally said can't we kill a couple and then we could have one and give you one. The answer......are you ready........YES........but we had to pay them $50 for a license to kill them. Are you kidding me. Finally they sent a rep. from ODNR to our house. They gave us a flare gun to shoot in their direction to scare them. We were allowed to use fireworks as well. Okay, that was about 4 years ago, obviously that didn't work. Oh, and when the rep. was there our tree hugging neighbor came out to say that he was against killing anything. Okay, fine, go back to your house......hah. So fast forward to this year. We have a new neighbor. He bought the house next door that belonged to Dave Longaberger's girlfriend (when he died.......baskets in case you didn't catch the name). So when the buzzards started coming around, we could hear him banging pie pans or something. We had to laugh, like that was going to work. My husband went over to talk to him........I don't think he thought we knew anything. My husband has been shooting at them with a pellet gun.......it hits their chest (he's a pretty good shot) and they sit there a little ticked off and then fly away. I can tell you that things will get serious if they don't leave here soon. I have heard shots from another neighbor. That neighbor was in the National Guard and sent to Middle East a few years ago......I doubt it is a BB gun, just saying.
Now someone (Jo from It's my Story) asked if we could cut down the trees. Yes, we could but there is a forest of them.......40 - 50 maybe on our property. That would be big bucks and alot of clean up.....way too expensive.
Another suggestion from the internet still makes me laugh. They suggested to shake the trees......I have shown you pictures in previous posts of what how tall our trees are. That's funny. I think the trees they are thinking of wouldn't even hold these birds.
So we are tired of our cars, home, sidewalk, everything covered in this white stuff.
Okay, this is all I have and truthfully it is making me a little sick talking about them so much.
Today I am headed to Doodle's school (not my granddaughter....the one I was a Nanny for for many years) She has a special lunch day that she only wanted me to come, not even her Mom. Her mom is like a daughter to me...she has never been upset over Doodle and I being so close. I had to give up my Friday off to switch with the girlies to go. Doddle's mom said she felt bad. My response was that Doodle was 8 1/2 and in a few years she wouldn't be asking me. But maybe she will.........I have visions of Doodle picking me up from the nursing home and taking me on car rides.
Have a good day. I hope you can read all this without it sticking in your brain forever. I am done on this subject........xo


LBP said...

What a mess! We have an old dead pear tree on our road and the turkey buzzards like to hang out there. I would love to me able to get a photo of it because it looks exactly like something from a horror movie! Thanks for all the information I will ever need on these vile creatures!! LOL!


Susie said...

Debby, We have a cardinal that does the same thing to our cars.:) not as big but still poo. Funny you called your g.daughter doodle. I used to call Lynzie, Doodlebug. She got to where she didn't like it anymore, so I told her a doodlebug was actually a bomb, that means she a bomb.LOL. Oh she is now 21. :):) Smiles to you, Susie(She Junks)

NanaDiana said...

Oh those things are so gross! I can't imagine having a whole host of them like you do! I can just see you out shaking those trees! lol

Have fun at your school lunch with the Doodle! Behave yourself so she WILL pick you up from the nursing home for an outing someday! xo Diana

At Home in English Valley said...

I feel bad for the mess these birds are leaving, but I know what you mean about seeing them in flight, it's awesome. Your doodle sounds like someone very special, and you must be too to have her want you to come to school! Hope you're feeling better! Love, Penny

Kimberly said...

Now I see what a Buzzard is - its a Vulture. They scare me. Thanks for all the information - I hope we never have them.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

OH MY Debby, they are gross. ICK and all other words I just can't say. hahaha Loved hearing your hilarious comments on how to get rid of them tho. hahaha

Grammy Goodwill said...

Can I just say eeeewwwwwwww?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I don't like killing any thing...either..however, if someone was pooping all over me and wouldn't go away...I would give it some serious thought! Just sayin'..as they say! :)
Birds, in bunches, can be horrible. Of course anything in "bunches" can be horrible, even us! :)
I should probably go now. Cut the tree's down?? Are they kidding??
As I said, I best go. I feel a bad word coming on! Hugs..and I hope to heavens it gets better for you.

Blondie's Journal said...

I don't know what these are! I guess you have birds that are native to your area that we don't have. We have falcons and they are multiplying. Yes, in the city!! We started to find dead squirrels in the yard and got a little worried about our little dog. Every spring there are more! I know you are frustrated but your post was funny! I wish you the best, Debby! :)


Julia said...

Poor Debby, I feel sorry for your buzzard problem. This is just awful. I hope that they hurry up and migrate to where they are going soon.
Could those big black birds be ravens? JB

Sue said...

Still no sightings in our woods, Deb. Thank goodness! I'll let you know when I see the first one. We used to think they were on the way to Hinkley, but they stayed on for months.
Do you keep your car garaged? Is this stuff all over your roof, as well? ICK...
Have fun w/the Doodle. LOL, you clarified who she is and someone still called her your grand-daughter!

Nan said...

I looked in my bird book and these look just like a black vulture. Do they have some white patches near the wing tips?
We have to look at it like this. God made them for a reason. I think they are pretty spooky looking myself but they do have their place in the scheme of things and the circle of life on the planet.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I so synpathize with your problem. Thankfully we do not have that problem out here but we do see a lot of them circling in the sky. Yesterday, I did see one on the ground with some roadkill but I don't see that very often even with all the dead deers on the side of the roads around here. I hate to see that! I can't believe those ODNR people wanting to charge you for putting a fake one in the tree! It's almost funny! Good luck Debby! On a side note, my temporary bridge broke the other night and I still have one month to go before the final permanent one. I had to go back yesterday and have a new one made....I guess if just don't eat I may make it through the next month with out breaking another one. Frustrating! ~Hugs, Patti


I will send you my biggest cat hunters to rid your problem. LOL

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

I have those ding dong buzzards
20 of them yesterday . Then today 22. Read your post. Showed it to hubby here. We call them Turkeys. Wild Turkeys.

We were wondering why they come. Of course to trot their stuff. Oh are they ugly. Only the ugly would love them. What a mess on the car. Do they scratch the car and sit or just fly over and share their droppings with you.