Thursday, March 15, 2012

Special Day/Weather/Misc.

This picture was taken at Doddle's Special Person lunch. I ended up being a special person to the other two since they didn't have anyone there. I bet you can tell which one is my Doodle. I think I look like a turtle in this picture. The crazy janitor took the picture. He was telling me how I had to get in line and dance. So I did.....the girls thought that was funny. (None of these beauties are my grandchildren)
Computer is working. I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with our carrier. He took me to computer places that I didn't know existed. Check this, delete this, go here......crazy but something worked. I think it must not have been programed right. But I have had it for two months. Just glad it works.
We had terrible storms last night. I was sure at one point there was a tornado. (But there wasn't) We have all kinds of flooding going on and rescues underway. Makes me thankful I live on a hill. When I looked outside I couldn't figure out what the white stuff was......maybe hail. It was 75 degrees yesterday. Too warm too soon, I should have know we were going to have a storm.
The buzzards have not been around for a few days. They have some kind of migrating reunion in Hinkley, Ohio on the 16th. I guess they are headed there. Good bye and don't come back no more, no more.
Ohio has been in the news alot lately and not for good reasons. I think we need some prayers to end all this violence.
Poor Piper is off to get groomed. Poor guy, will have to be in a strange place all day. Being a pound puppy, I worry that he will think we have deserted him.
Okay, that's about it for today. It's almost the week-end......yippee.


Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

NO - not a turtle at all! And what great hair you have!

Looks like you had a lot of fun while be a blessing to others!

Junebug said...

I know all those "not grandchildren" really appreciated your love. In this day and age I think kids need all the hugs they can get. Turtle, no way, beautiful I call it! Jazi went to the groomer and they cut her way to short. She is still wearing a coat to keep warm. Enjoy!

Julia said...

I think that you are a special person every day. Just ask your grandkids.

You look beautiful with your nice white hair and I can tell that those cute girls think that you are very special too.

I'm glad that you got your computer going again. Have a great day. Hugs. JB

NanaDiana said...

You don't look like a turtle to me- you look like a happy lady surrounded by love! Your hair is wonderful, too!

I hope you have a great day and I am so glad that you got your computer fixed finally- xo Diana

Nan said...

Hi Debby No Turtle You look great with your big smile and I must say I love your beautiful white hair. Some women are lucky to have this happy go all white it's quite beautiful. All children take to you and I'm sure if we met I would see that personality come out they all love. Glad the pesky birds left for their convention lol!!
Yes Ohio has been in the news but we all know it's only a very small number of people and all the rest are great folks like you and your family. Nan

Kimberly said...

So nice you were picked as the special person! Your hair looks great!!!

Sue said...

Oh Deb, I can just imagine you trying to do things while talking on the phone with a tech! LOL We had issues on Blogger, alone! Glad you're all taken care of. Our buzzards haven't shown yet. They usually get here before the Hinkley migration and stay around for a few months. Maybe they got tired of our woods and finally made it up north with their friends! ha ha
xo sue

Anonymous said...

LOVE your hair, too! And those kiddies sure adore you!

Glad the computer is fixed....that's always a pain, isn't it?

I remember taking our Schnauzer to the groomer and she'd be soooo pathetic and crawl up into my neck, shivering. She was always happy to see me when I picked her up and looked so relieved!

Warm-ish here, too. About 65 and sunny. Makes you wonder about the shoe dropping next month.


Heather said...

I think you look great in the photo, Debby. And the smiles on those little girls certainly show how happy they are to have you there!

Gina said...

I think that's a sweet picture and it makes me so happy that you were a special person to the 2 girls who had no one. I see this alot at school and it breaks my heart. You are a special person, indeed!

Shirley said...

You are a very special person and the little ones in that picture thinks you are to with the expression on your face. All children need that extra special attention at times. I am glad your icky birds are gone. We got really warm today with the possible thunder storms which make me a little uneasy. We have been in the 80's the last couple of days. Have a great weekend. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend.

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Debby, You are beautiful, inside and out! love, Penny

Debbie said...

What a beautiful picture of a warm, loving, beautiful lady and some cute lil girl's. Your hair is so pretty. I so wish mine would have gone all white, instead of the here and there gray.
We didn't have any storms here last night, but did tonight, hail and all. Weird weather. So warm for this time of year.
Glad your birds have left. Those sound scary!!!

God Bless~

LBP said...

You do NOT look like a turtle!!! LOL!! Looks like you had a grand time with your "non grands". My Grandmother and Dad both had beautiful white hair, so why did I end of with wirey grey brillo hair????

Hope you have a great weekend and hope you get your package today!



Kelly said...

That's a nice picture of you and the kids. We've had strange weather lately too. One day, it's storming, the next day is hot and sunny, then wake up to a cooler day the next. It's hard to keep up! It makes me wonder what to expect this summer. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Genie said...

The children are precious, but the sots of you warm my heart. How I wish you were closer by. You are doing such a wonderful job with your is such a warm and fuzzy one. Check out my St. Patrick’s Day pictures of Eloise....they are too cute. She is the sitting image of my older sister who died 10 years ago. It is spooky the similarity. It is like she has come back in the form of Eloise. A 4 day this week. TWD on Friday. I am so tired of bad kids. I had one 8th grader for 10 is out of control. I really need to work next year if they give me back my job for the final year of our school, but physically I do not know. We will see what we find out on the 10th. I am hearing that people really get ill from mylograms. Do you know anything about them? I am getting REAL nervous. Lost another tooth...YUCK. This old age sucks. love you.....genie

Relyn said...

What a fun event!! Lucky you. Lucky girls to enjoy it with you.