Monday, December 12, 2011

Outside looking in

We wish you a Merry Christmas inside and outside of our holiday home.

The wreath from the Boy Scout's fundrasier. I took off the bow, turned the pine cones around so you couldn't see the red bells, and added this garland (from Urban Farmhouse, last year) and it looks so much better.

The Santa was a gift as was the star lantern. The high chair is from this summer's Buckeye Blogger outing. We went to the neatest little antique store in Tipp City. Everyone walked out with goodies from that store. The chair was $5. I was going to refinish it and let the kids play with it. One of the Bloggers said to put a plant in it and set it outside. Well it's had a plant, then a pumpkin and now Santa. It has made it to the front door but never inside yet. Love this $5 chair
We all need angels in our lives.

Of course, Santa is the star of the season but we need to always remember the reason for the season.........

the birth of Baby Jesus. (Sorry Baby Jesus, I almost didn't get you in the picture)

Just pretend the white spots in this picture are snow flakes.

The bank cashed my check. There were some giggles about it but not to my face.

My cards are mailed as some little packages. My decorating is done. Several things still in the boxes but I am pleased as I don't like it to be all cluttered up. My presents are all wrapped. So now there is Peace in my house. I still have things to do but Christmas is under control. It amazes me, but it gets easier through the years.

I remember when I worked at a Montessori day care. They parents were so stressed the first couple weeks of December. The kids were a mess. It dawned on me that it was from all the pressure of getting the tree and the decorations, the presents, the cards, and the parties. Then things seemed to settle down the next couple of weeks. I have learned from seeing what it did to the parents and the children that things need to slow down for everyone's sanity. It all gets done somehow. So hoping that you are all taking time to enjoy and to rest. Happy Holidays my friends.


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Happy Holidays Debby! Everything looks so festive! I am glad you are calm and all is accomplished at your house. I finally got out this weekend and made a big dent in my shopping. Still have some baking, wrapping and cleaning before company comes this Friday. I even did a post today! ~Hugs, Patti

Heather said...

Your front door looks charming! Glad to hear that all your Christmas chores are done! I'm wrapping up things here as well! If it doesn't get done soon, it won't get done at all! I am not going to stress out this Christmas! :)

Ruby Jean said...

Hello Debby,
I just spoke with Post Road Vintage and they would like for you to email them so they can get all your info... If you could email me at and I will give you her email address!!! So excited and hope you do a post on your Prize.. :)

Sherri B. said...

Everything looks so nice..Good for you for having everything done, I'm working on my cards today! xo

Blondie's Journal said...

Your front door looks so cute! You did wonderful decorating your wreath...I can barely tie a bow on! lol! And that chair is adorable. You are getting a lot of use out of it!

Happy Holidays, Debby!


Susie Q said...

It all looks so festive and pretty Debby! I am pretty well done decorating...a few more tweaks here and there to go. Card are mailed and the shopping done. Wrapping will begin in earnest next week as will the baking! It is all so busy, busy but so much fun too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweet Debby for sharing your adorable decorations with us. You have made a lot of progress and sounds like you are all ready for the holidays. I only need to wrap gifts and I am all done. Your house looks wonderful! Hugs

Julia said...

Debby, you have your priorities straight and that's why you are so calm and at peace with the demands og the holidays.

Your country decorations are all great. I 'm still smiling at your dog loved check. I figured that they would cash the check for you.

have a great week. JB

Kimberly said...

Everything looks great, Debby! I love angels and have a few in my house.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Very welcoming! I love your little chair. That was such a buy! What a fun day we had and it is nice to see what you did with it. I too am taking it easier this year. Hugs, Pam

Julie Harward said...

You have been the cute little chair, just perfect for a tiny Santa! Have a wonderful week being all done and that is great, gives you time to let it all sink in! :D

Debbie said...

Everything looks so cute!!! I love all the primitive things!! The little chair and santa is darling!!
I still have all my wrapping to do, which is a hard job for me with my hand problems. I did buy some gift bags, as wrapping has to be done at a minimum. Thanks for sharing Debby, and have a great week!!!

God Bless~

blueviolet said...

It looks wonderfully welcoming at your place! I love it.

Sue said...

Debby, Your porch sure is festive~ love all your decorations. So you are all calm, too? I am finally done with the decorating, so I can relax and enjoy. The purple and lime green tree is sitting on the stairway landing is just pine tree green- no decorations on it! Guess I need to box it up and make it the first one I do next year! LOL Give me a ring when you can! Christmas hugs and kisses to you, my friend! Sue