Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inside looking out

The opposite from my last post. This is Izzy checking outside for squirrels, deer, wild turkeys, or the lady that walks her dog with the motorized wheelchair. Oh those furry babies do not like her at all. The pillows are all nice and pretty until Piper tosses them around to make the sofa all comfy for him. Usually he is under one of the pillows when he is finished. Hubby's leg searching for another Christmas movie to watch. The TV used to fit in the cabinet.

I put the children's tree on the little chair and moved the other one that was there. You are wondering aren't you....why this is the children's tree when all the other trees look like trees for kids. Well this one has Charlie Brown ornaments and Crayola ornaments. The Crayola ornaments started with a gift from a friend. You see, I met our adopted son at a pre-school named Crayons. The mason jars are missing their lids because I can't remember where I put them. Two have candy in them, one has pictures and the other has a bottle tree. Don't you love all the things in jars for decorating this year. So cute, aren't they.

My house ornaments on the china cabinet, my Dad's antique chair. Had to move it from under the tree because I couldn't get to the outlet to plug in the tree.
A basket full of all the catalogs for Christmas. Geez, how many trees were used for those crazy things. The frame is many different years of my children on Santa's lap. There are ones with the first born only, of the original trio, the youngest alone and also with his birth sister. Very special pictures.

Piper, the check eater, looking out. He loves this spot. His toy is on display on the white coffee table, hah.

I want to paint this sideboard this summer. I am thinking of white. Speaking of white. Still nothing but those little flakes the other day. I heard last week that we might have a White Christmas, we will see. I know once it starts it will be snowing forever but I still love it.

So this is my house in it's Christmas glory.
Plain and simple but COZY.

(((((HUGS))))) to all.


Julia said...

Debby, thanks for the house tour of your Christmas decorations. Your house looks warm and inviting, a place where love is real. I wish you snow for Christmas. JB

Julie Harward said...

What a cozy place and the little animals just make it home don't they! ;D

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! You have a lovely home and the decorations are great. Love the pictures of Izzy and Piper the little check eater. lol Hugs

Nan said...

Debby I wouldn't paint that beautiful sideboard as it will diminish the value, I would just leave it alone it's beautiful like that.

Cozy Little House said...

Looks very festive, and the dogs look very comfy. I just had to drag Charlie in. A squirrel delights in running up and down the electrical line and taunting him.

Kimberly said...

A very cozy house! of course I love your dogs! :)

Genie said...

I got my little surprise today and was thrilled. It is so sweet. What a clever idea...an ice skate out of fe.t. Thanks cutie pie for thinking of me. I love it and it is on the mantel to remind me of you. genie

Debbie said...

I Love cozy homes. They are inviting and full of love and living!! Your Izzy and my Izzy could be twins!!
I am with nan, that sideboard is beautiful, just like it is! I think it's beautiful!
Thanks for the tour of your home. I love it!

God Bless~

Holly Lefevre said...

I looks cozy and inviting with all of your special touches. Merry Christmas!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just lovely honey. I had to laugh at the fur babies not liking the lady..
Does her chair bother them or do they know her. hahaha
Wish I could show pictures of my trees but if you saw my house right now you would say OMG.
Love ya

Angie said...

Aww, what a beautiful home! I just want to come and cozy up on that couch :)