Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do you have a best friend

I watched these two from the time they were 6 weeks old. Of course the one on the left is K. Bug my granddaughter) and the other Doodle. (just like a granddaughter) You have heard about her many times before. She was so tiny when she was born. I think she only weighed 6 lbs when I started watching her. These two have been the best of friends ever since. K. Bug and I went with Doodle's family to Breakfast with Santa.

This is how they stood in line to see Santa.

They have their lists ready. When they get this age you dread that they find out for real about Santa. I loved Mrs. CLaus. She was so sweet to all the children.

The girls are in their own world aren't they. That's Baby B. in the middle. He has no clue what is going on. He's only 18 months but a very tall little guy. Everytime anyone says anything about Christmas he says, "Happy Halloween." It is so funny.

K. Bug jumps out of the picture and Bew Baby B. sits down. He wasn't liking this at all. He's almost 3 months.

Mrs. Claus is going over K. Bug's list while Santa is in shock over Doodle's long list.

Later that evening Doodle's parents went to a Christmas party. I took care of all the little ones. I finally got the boys to sleep but those little girls chatted to the wee hours. I slept with the 18 month old. That was interesting. He'd reach over and pull my hair every so often. I think he wanted to make sure I was still there.

If you haven't talked to your best friend in awhile give them a call and say hi.


Anonymous said...

This is THE CUTEST and SWEETEST post. I hope these two are best friends forever!
And yes, I'm headed to see MY BFF in Oklahoma on Friday. I'll be sure to give her an extra big hug!

Nan said...

K. Bug looks just like you and I bet you looked like that as a kid!

Anonymous said...

What adorable pictures! That is the best looking Santa and Mrs. Claus I have ever seen. Best friends are wonderful. Hugs

Gina said...

That is just so sweet! My best friend lives about a 20 minute drive away and I don't see her nearly as often as I should.

koralee said...

Love this post today...best friends are such a blessing. Your photos are adorable...happy day to you.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

That was cute! I am still close with my best and oldest friend...have known her all my life and we started kindergarten together and have gone through all of lifes's ups and downs. She lives in St Louis but even with the miles between us we manage to check on each other almost everyday. YOur granddaughter looks so much like you!~Hugs, Patti

Heather said...

How cute they are! I hope that their friendship continues throughout their lives. Wouldn't that be special?

Relyn said...

Your life is so full of the sweetest little ones.

Sunny Vanilla said...

I love this post! You know I just spent the night at the house of my long time best friend. Her kids got to play with my little one and we had a great time!!! It had been a year since we'd seen each other so there was a lot of catching up to do :-)

Girlfriends are the best!

Cozy Little House said...

You have such a gift with children.

Terra said...

These girls are little cuties and I love their nicknames.
I am going to have lunch with my bestie soon.