Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Fun

On Friday I went to the French Hen Barn Sale. Look who I found there.....Sue of Sullivan and Murphy and Linda the host. Check out those cameras. Can you tell they are bloggers, hah. See that big white thing over the door. Someone bought that. Linda's husband had to get a big ole ladder to get it down. It was huge. How that lady ever got that in her car....... Lots of goodies there and such a beautiful day.

Pumpkins and parking.

It is hard to take pictures when so many people are shopping but I had to take pictures of the chandy's. Isn't this a beautiful barn.

After the sale, I met my Mom in Marysville for a little birthday celebration.

I bet you think I bought this at the sale........
A little random photo here. Remember when I said what I bought at the Country Living Fair was still in my trunk......not anymore. Mr. Cozy hung it for me. I love it above the door. Don't know why those walls look purple....they are the color of a Wendy's frosty and the name of the paint is COZY BLANKET.

On Saturday we met my son and his girlies for breakfast. Then the girlies went home with us while Mom and Dad ran an errand. I had taken out the car seats for the sale. I bought a cute little chair there. So when we put car seats back in the chair had to come out. My son put the chair in his car. Only so many people fit in a VW
Bug. While we were transfering, Goose sat down on the chair in the
Bob Evans Parking lot.

They played and played. Then had a little lunch. This picture is for "Nana Takes a Break". Does Goose look like your Sweet Cheeks here. She is saying, "Grammy why are you picturing us."

Then we had a little Gluten Free birthday cake that my Mom had made for me. It was yummy.

Then some quiet time. K. Bug rearranged the house. Goose took some time out to read. Love how her feet are in the basket.

And just a little bit to catch you up. Yes, I am still having headaches. I had a mini scan the other day and it was okay. Our insurance didn't approve the CAT scan with contrast, so they had the same test I already had done . I guess it still is a good thing that it was normal.

Now for Izzy.....another appointment change. Every time I go, I get another doctor and another plan. This doctor wants her to loose three pounds. I couldn't get it across to her (the vet) that it isn't the weight that has her belly all swollen. She said that her liver is still enlarged and she thinks there is alot of air in her belly since she has a hard time breathing. Some of the same meds given again. I will try to cut way back on her food and see how it goes but I am thinking we need to find someone else to take a look at her. She doesn't look very happy about being told she has to diet. She hid way back under my chair while we were at the vets today.......not a happy camper at all.

So that's it folks. Wanted to say thanks for all the birthday wishes. You are all so sweet.


Julie Harward said...

Poor little dog, doesn't look like a fat dog to me! Cute kids and fun times at your the arch over the door and how funny us bloggers are, taking the camera everywhere we go! LOL (ps..those shows..nothing but trash, just like most everything else, it's all about money!) ;D

Jo said...

Poor doggie, I don't blame you I might look for another vet too. Love the decor over your door -fits very nicely I hate when the colors are off!

Nan said...

Debby take her to another vet for a second opinion this one is not getting to the root of the problem. Symptoms of Cushings are a ravenous appetite and drinking lots of water and having a pot belly, also going potty in the house at times.

Sue said...

I gotta stop pushing my chin into my neck- it will make me look thinner! LOL I can't believe you couldn't get the CAT scan you needed. I sure hope they can find out why your head still hurts. And poor little Izzy- I say, find a new vet that you are much more comfortable with. Glad you had a nice time with family. How was your cake? See ya Friday. xo Sue

NanaDiana said...

OHMYGOSH! Goose looks like the blond version of Sweetcheeks- I think it is the eyes that turn down on the outside corners? Don't you think that's it?

Gotta love those bloggers with cameras. They look like they were having a good time. That is an unusual piece over the door- wonder where the gal put it?

Poor Izzy! I hope they can figure out what's wrong with her.

Kimberly said...

Izzy is adorable! Doesn't look heavy to me. Find another vet.

Julia said...

Yep, those two ladies look like blogger for sure.

Your two granddaughters are adorable and so is Izzy. Poor little dog, I hope that she gets to feel better soon.

That cake looks delicious. JB

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Izzy is so cute. She doesn't look over weight to me from what I can see. I hope you find someone to run more tests. Has anyone done blood work?

Sue said...

I looked at this picture again today- it looks like someone just goosed me and surprised the holy heck out of me. Thus the weird smile on my face! yikes- I gotta stay outa the Halloween candy....

Susie Q said...

Poor baby..see if another vet can help you. We had to do that years ago and I hate that you have this worry.

I missed the French Hen event too! My mind is so fuzzy anymore that I wind up missing all the fun! I know you had a great time!

Your sweet little ones are adorable!