Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Patch, blog does not have a virus......I followed someone that did. When she cleared up the virus my blog was okay. Very strange that it affected me that way.
Second.......change of plans......Rural Society
Antiques Show tomorrow on Saturday instead. Lousey weather today and I am watching the girly girls today. I usually have Friday off.
Okay, now for the Pumpkin Patch. My favortie part of fall is going to the PP. Even if there aren't other activities there. We have two close by. This one is the more low key one. The other has all kinds of animals and even more activities. It looks like a carnival. We went to Devine Farms on October 1. It was cold that day. Goose and K. Bug loved every minute. They kept saying so in the car afterwards. They could have stayed even longer but Grammy was getting cold.
Don't you love this VW Bug.

I know, I posted this before......but I love how Goose is looking at her sister's fingernails. Look on my shoulder. My arms look short. I have my big Minnie sweatshirt on under this coat. It was chilly. The older farmer guy took the picture. I could tell he had know idea who to use a point and shoot but he did well.

They had this whole barn full of riding toys. We were mostly in there alone. The girls had so much fun. Most of the toys were too little for K. Bug but she didn't care. Goose is showing you here John Deere sweatshirt and she is on a John Deere. What a sweet face.

Wish you could hear Piper and Izzy right now. We have had deer standing near our back door starring at us for a couple of days. The furry babies do not like this.

Okay, what do you do with this the rest of the year. Is this bus huge or what?

Now this would be easier to store.

Checking out the bees. The girls always love this. They are looking for the Queen.

The barrel ride. This is the favorite. Grampy got stuck in this ride last year, so I didn't attempt it.

I hope youa re enjoying cooler temps where you are.....sorry California......and lots of color.

Thanks for stopping by. I really am not contagious, hah.


Kimberly said...

Oh looks like a fun day at the pumpkin patch! Our pumpkins were so big this year. Were they by you?

Julia said...

What a great place to bring the kids for a whole lot of fun. Great photos. JB

just call me jo said...

Typhoid Mary? I'll bet you felt so ostracized. Bad feeling. Love the fun pictures. I'll follow you as long as you're not contaminated. ;o)

Heather said...

I had no idea about the virus thing. Thanks for letting us know.

Your pumpkin patch trip looks like fun! I especially love the VW bug! How cute!

Anonymous said...

What a fun, fun time. The girls are just adorable. The VW bug is cool and fits right in with the season and pumpkin patch. Hugs

Karen Mortensen said...

What a fun place. Wish it was closer to me. I could take my first graders there. I love the orange VW.

Jo said...

What fun - a memory maker for all of you! love the orange bug!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

What a great day with the little ones. I love the pumpkin patch with little ones. I am going to miss it with my lil ones this year. :o(