Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grammy Gone Wild

This is a post that you weren't expecting, hah. The day started out with the following picture. It was my firend, Luanne's birthday so we went out for Mexican food. I gave her this gift in the car.

I gave her this "Into the Wild" lotion. In case you can't read the card it says, Looking forward to many more WILD adventures. This was because of the car accident we were in last year together.

We went to the Heritage
Antique Mall in Pickerington/Reynoldburg area. I loved this little yellow chair.

Loved these doors and this white chair. The chair was $120, seriously.

Loved this flamingo colored door with the cross on it. I didn't pull my camera out til we were leaving. I wish I had gotten pictures of Motley Junk, the space by Polly and Keeley. Loved the little kitchen set below. Looks like it came right out of a little diner.

When we walked out this big RV was sitting there. There is a bar next door to the antique mall. They had just pulled up. So Luanne and I decided to try out. They didn't pick us. We were so shocked. Okay, no we really didn't try out, but I bet you guessed that already.

So that's about as wild as my adventures get. Pretty boring, I know, I know.

Anabelle, the little China Girl, I watch told me she has on magic socks today. They are magic because they have pissy dust on them and her daddy bought the pissy dust in
New York. Kinda goes with my wild post, doesn't it.


Sherri B. said...

Looks like you girls had a fun day! $120 for the chair, I'm in the wrong line of work, haha! xo

Heather said...

It sounds as though you two are the original "girls gone wild" and the others have just copied you! lol! Sounds like a fun outing!:)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Fun day out for the "wild women of central Ohio"! I seen some beautiful chandy's in a couple of those photos!~Hugs, Patti

Jooles said...

sounds like the prefect girly day, must get some of that magic pissy dust!
thank you for your very sweet comments x
love jooles x

Nan said...

Fun girls day out. That price is not high at all to me from where I sit up here in the north.

Cindy said...

Girl you and I together we could write a book....lol

This looked ike a fun day. That chair would of been around 220 here.

And for the record..Wild thing is one of my favorite songs....lol

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

NanaDiana said...

Loved this post-Two wild women at the antique store! I really love that little yellow chair too...and $120 for a white wooden chair? Do you think they think folks just fell off the turnip boat?

Love thos Pissy socks- that's a SweetCheeks in the making there- xo Diana

La said...

Sounds like a fun birthday celebration.

Angie said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! So, you're not the Girls Gone Wild type, huh? Well you couldn't have planned it any better if you tried! SO funny!

Glad you had a great day celebrating your friend :)

Happy Wednesday to ya!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wild post is right! hahahaha
Of course this ole grandma in Tx loves it.
You two sound like a lot of fun together and that's exactly what we all need these days.
Wish we lived closer I know now I could get in trouble with you too
Love ya
Oh I love that yellow chair too

Julia said...

Hi Debby, what a nice couple you two make. Love is written all over your face. Congratulations on your Anniversary.

Thanks for your sweet comment about my story on Grandma Yellow Hair's Blogazine.

I love that nice shiny bird cage in the picture.

Like you, that's about as wild as I get too. I would like you to visit my blog if you have a minute. You may even have a good laugh like Maggie. Take care. It was fun visiting your blog. JB

retrorevival.biz said...

Hahahahha! You ARE wild:) Happy to hear you had such a nice day:)


Loretta said...

Hi Debby, I found you on google search and love your blog concept! I am now your new follower! Please stop by to visit and become our follower too! We'd love having you! Hugs! Loretta

Anonymous said...

Y'all *are* wild, it sounds like you're stumbling on lots of fun every week! I'm going to have to drive out there and keep you under control ... er, have fun with you :)

Mary @ Redo

Sue said...

Deb- I bet they would have selected us if I'd been with you! LOL I could have charmed the pants off of them... That is just too funny about the "pissy" dust instead of "pikie!" Or maybe she just has a lisp?! M is excited about going to Marysville this weekend. Wanna meet up with us in the am? We could do lunch.... Let me know. xo Sue