Friday, September 16, 2011

A few reasons I haven't been posting as much lately.
Number one.....these three......aren't they a crew. I wondered how a three and four year old would get along with a 13 year old autistic boy. Well, to my surprise they are just crazy wild about each other. This was the first day. They were laughing like crazy. He even played ring around the rosey with them. He did say he was too old for that but he still did it. Tanner is only here a couple hours each night. The girls are here three days a week. I feel like a school bus driver going back and forth to their pre-school. They are adorable but I must say I am so glad that I have Fridays all for me. So far, I love it. Today I am headed to see a friend that I haven't seen in two years. A long story but she moved far away suddenly.Another reason is my Poor Baby Izzy. She so needs a real haircut. I have been whacking away at her hair and it is just not doing it. I have been waiting to get her a pro job when she was feeling better. Her breathing is better but her belly is so big it looks like it could pop. The vet is still hopeful and said last week that he was not too worried. He started another antibiotic and a couple other drugs.
Now up to 6 kinds a couple times a day. I was hoping for more improvement by now. Thank you all for your concerns and prayers. I guess I am hopeful that she isn't worse.

And I am missing these two. I haven't seen them much lately. I so miss them. The others in Colorado as well, of course.

My plans are changing like crazy for this week-end so I hope to get to spend time with them. I don't think I am going to the Country Living Fair. My partner in crime hurt her neck and can't drive. I am a little sad but I know some really good shows/sales are coming up. Maybe I will get Izzy's hair cut instead.

Well, I do have some other things I need to post that don't involve cute little kids, I promise. But for now have a wonderful week-end.

I do want to thank all of you for the wonderful wishes from my anniversary post. You are just the greatest.


Sherri B. said...

What a bunch of sweethearts you are hanging out with, I bet they keep you on your toes. Enjoy your day off! xo

Grammy Goodwill said...

I'm glad the kids are getting along. Enjoy your visit with your friend.

Cozy Little House said...

Oh, I'm sorry you're going to miss the CL show. And about your baby.

Blue Sky Farm said...

What great photos of the kiddie.s Aren't they adorable. I bet you were busy! Congratulations also on the Anniversary. Good for you!

Creative Breathing said...

Debby, I love that you "whack away" at your puppy's hair - I do, too! Happy Anniversary!!! I must tell you I have never ever met someone who photographs so beautifully every single time. It's your smile! And now I see your husband has exactly the same one - no wonder 41 years! Congratulations! Elizabeth

Heather said...

Somehow I missed it, so I'll say it now...congratulations on 41 years of marriage! And how cute you two look in your photo!

You must be relieved that the kids are getting along. I've worked with a few autistic kids, and they have all been very sweet.

Wish I was there so I could go with you to Country Living. I adore the magazine!

Anonymous said...

Hi, sweet Debby! I must say some of your reasons for not posting lately are adorable!! Bet you have been having a lot of fun with those little sweeties.

Izzy is looking very good so I would say you are doing a great job with her trimming. She is such a cutie. I sure hope she is all well and feeling better real soon. Poor baby.

What a treat to see that you came by and commented on my post. What was even funnier looking than us out in the dark was that I was in my gown. We must have been quite a sight to see. :)

I hope your weekend thus far has been wonderful and tomorrow and the new week will be also. Hugs for you and nose kisses for Izzy

Angie said...

Yay, a new post! I know I haven't been following for very long but I was starting to wonder if everything was ok! I completely understand about not posting...I'm right there with ya. Life just seems to keep rolling along whether I blog about it or not :)

Happy Saturday to ya!


Raven said...

well Debby I am so glad you started following my blog because now I can follow yours! You are SO cute, and those grandkids (?) of yours are just precious. I have two boys, 3 and 1, and they have been the only grandkids of my parents, HOWEVER, my younger sister (who happens to be a twin) is set to deliver TWINS of her own ANY day now! I cant wait. It will be so exciting.

However, I will have to share my parents with my sister now that she has kids of her own...not fair haha!!