Monday, December 13, 2010

Decorating cookies

Doodle, Goose, and K. Bug came to decorate cookies yesterday. Doodle had spent the night.......she's my surrogate granddaughter and I am her
Nanny. These girls were in my care since they all were babies while their parents worked. They are always so excited to see each other(Doodle lives in another town). There are always lots of giggles and silliness when they are together.
I quickly threw on some chili for Hubby and my son and fixed Toy Story Macaroni for the girls.
Goose, K. Bug and their Daddy couldn't get up our big hill because of the snow and hoofed it to our house. I took them down the hill in my bug, when they were ready to leave. Went to turn around in a driveway near where they had parked and one wheel went in a ditch. I was lucky and got out ot that hole.

Baby, it's cold outside. School was closed today but we still have the before and after school program. Just let me tell you without getting into detail it, it wasn't pretty.
Having problems with online ordering this year. One order has taken way toooooo long and I can't get answers. Can't even call right now.......the recording says "network" problems.
Another order charged me once the total amount and now are charging each part of the order as it is shipping out in different boxes.
The other order charged my account and now the charge has vanished. I "think" that is a problem.
Pardon me, I think I will take a nap(under my cozy blanket). When I wake up all will be well, yeah right.


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

What a fun time with the kids! Cookie making is always fun when the youngsters are around! Be careful out there in this cold snow!~Hugs, Patti

La said...

What a fun day decorating cookies.

I've had problems with items being backordered. It makes me nervous!

Stay warm! La

Heather said...

What fun you must of had decorating cookies with those adorable girls! Hope your orders all work out.

Pamela said...

I think the "backorder people" must not have kids of their own. :-) Go take that nap...sometimes it's the only way. Ha!

Nan said...

Well the charge that vanished isn't so bad lol...hope all comes out well for you in the end it' getting closer to Christmas than we'd like to think. You probably have more snow that we do here, just about one or two inches covering the ice.

Kim said...

I think service gets worse everytime I call a place to find out what is going on with either a service or item I ordered, its such a nightmere, even just trying to speak with a human! lol I hope all is well when you wake up!
- Kim
Upcycle On Everyone!

bj said...

Cute cute girls.

Well, it sounds like you may need to buy other gifts to replace the ones not there. Sounds a little fishy, hu?
Hope it all works out good.
xo bj

Pam said...

Cute kids. Looks like they like your cookies! Sorry about the online ordering snafus. So far, so good on mine.

Cindy said...

Nothing is more fun for kids than decorationg cookies! It sure is great that the day care kids could get together.

Kimberly said...

The cookie making looks like a fun day for the girls!!! Love the picture.