Sunday, December 5, 2010

Barn Sale and Christmas Sale at the Lodge

My little purchases from the French Barn Sale (right) and the Cherry Valley Lodge Christmas Sale this week-end. I also bought a doll crib for one of the grands. I now will be redoing three doll cribs. I better get busy, right. The one pink doll by the snowman in the first picture is also a snow person. The blue thing in front are actually gloves with a snowman on it. The big snowman has a porcelian star on top of his head. I have been buying things from this vendor forever.

And that cute little primitive he not the cutest thing. I bought material to make some owls. Funny as I haven't sewn for probably 20 years. What was I thinking. The fabric is cute though. I have a thing lately for those cute owls I have been seeing everywhere.
Anyone have an easy pattern to share.

Next picture......a little pink house, two pinecone snowmen.....on on a star and the other on a block with the initial "H" for my Mom.
A little silver tree with a spool for it's holder.
A tin measuring cup that I am going to use for a swap with a little star inside. I think the dog is a chalk mold. They had several. Of course, I picked a spaniel.

This sale was so nice. I hope to borrow pictures to show you. Loved meeting other bloggers.....sorry, I said that before. Okay, it's off to bed.......tomorrow will be Monday.......oh, please can I have another Sunday. This week-end was so much fun that I want another day.


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Debby....I forgot about the Cherry Valley sale. I have never been to that before. You got some cute items! ~Hugs, Patti

Pam said...

I had seen those dogs. Very cute. I think last weekend was THE weekend for sales. A couple Churchs around here had some also. They need to spread these things out so we can spread our money around.

Florrie said...

It sounds like you had great fun at the sale, lovely purchases.
florrie x

Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

Thanks for stopping by.

You got some GREAT items at the sale! Lovely snowman & owl. . . . .

French Hen Farm said...

Hi Debby! very cute things from Cherry Valley Lodge!! I have never been there but I hear its good!
So glad you could make it to our sale. Wish I had more time to meet and talk to blogger friends!
Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

B said...

That owl is the cutest little thing. I bought an owl necklace recently. I have a new fondness for them but they have to be cute and not spooky! :)